Adventures in Cleavage

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Adventures in Cleavage

by Laura Amato

Well Girls you know what they say. A watched pot never boils. So maybe thats why my breasts aren't growing fast enough for me. So here I am having dreams of ravishing cleavage and Nada..... Zilch ...... Zip. My bra remains empty, or well almost empty. Then, today I received a package in the mail from Classic Curves and suddenly I'm voluptuous and spilling out all over.

Alas, it is but an illusion, but a convincing one. The product is called the "Diva" by Classic Curves. What it does is take the flesh from your chest and underarms and pushes it all up and out the top creating real cleavage. This is achieved with angled foam pads sewn in to a garment that looks similar to a bra minus the cups. You then wear your regular bra, insert your breast forms and Voila. I'm glad I ordered the water soluble Roll on adhesive. It keeps everything from slipping as you move. I will have to get smaller breast forms though as they push a bit too far out of the bra-cups. Oh well I guess I'll have to go SHOPPING. Chaaaarrrrggge it! Don't you just love plastic?

I really love the site. Its very well organized. I'm particularily intrested in the Veronica III But the price is just a little out of my price range for now since i want the one with the gel pads instead of the Foam. The garment is custom built to your measurements. It helps to balance your hips with your shoulders to keep you proportioned.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase. Meanwhile I'm impatiently awaiting the day that my own body catches up with my dreams. For now though the padding works just fine. Its really nice to see a company deliver as promised like Classic Curves. Especially with so many rip off products geared for the Transsexual Community. Hopefully this article will inspire others to write about their experiences with their specialty purchases.

OK who fogged up the mirror? How am I gonna watch these pots boil? Oooooo I think their starting to simmer. Stay Tuned.