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Angie Zapata

August 5, 1989 - July 17, 2008

Page Author's Foreword.

This file was created by Monica Jennifer as a memorial to Angie Zapata, with the cooperation of all of the sources whose materials were used with their permission. Any comments or complaints regarding content on this page should be forwarded directly to me. Some of the sources asked me why I wished to create this file. There are a few reasons. One of them is that when I first heard of Angie having been murdered, I said a prayer with a promise to Angie that if her killer was ever captured and brought to trial, that I would create the best page I could to her memory. The second reason it was created is as a record of what the trial of her killer did for the transgender community. At his trial he was the first case to ever be found guilty of trans bias hate crime in the murder of Angie .. thus establishing a legal precedent for any future cases that the killer of a trans person is caught and tried. The Colorado hate crimes law, in my opinion needs to be adopted in all the other states as well. Near the end of this file there is a video message from Judy Shepard asking for the federal hate crimes law to come into being. I personaly believe that this does need to come to become a legal reality. Judy lost her own son Matthew to a hate crime 10 years ago.

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About Angie Zapata's life.

Angie Zapata was an 18 year old vibrant and beautiful girl. As it happens, she was also transgendered. She was born and raised in the city of Fort Lupton, Colorado, as the second youngest of six children. Angie’s family knew early in her childhood that Angie was in fact Transgenderd. However, it was not until Angie was roughly 16 years old that she started actually living full time in the Female gender. She lived as a daughter to her mother and a sister to her siblings. She also was the Aunt to her sisters children. During her High School years Angie was harrassed often by other students. The school administration gave little help to Angie with this. As such, in 2008, during the earlier part of the year .. like many other transgendered folks who are harrassed in school .. Angie chose to drop out of school. Monica Zapata has stated about the harrassment Angie received at school that “One time she came home crying saying, ‘Why, Monica, why won’t people accept me?’” She was like any other teenager save for the one diference being that she was transgendered. Angie always told people she met, about her gender status. Her sister Monica made sure she drilled that into Angie to do this. It is believed tho, by Monica, that her constant watching over Angie may be what made Angie choose to move away from the family home to an apartment in Greeley, Colorado. Angie was given the job of babysitting her sisters children including four nieces and a nephew. This provided her sister the freedom to work her full time job at Wal Mart. Angie was well loved by her family and by most of the folks who knew her in her community. She was constantly meeting new people and making new friends. Her sisters state that she was the prettiest of all of the sisters of the family. Indeed, anyone could see that Angie was very pretty.

Angie Meets Allen Andrade.

In July of 2008 Angie was using Mocospace, an instant messaging and mobile social networking site which is accessible via both cell phone and via computer. Sometime in the beginning of July, Allen Ray Andrade and Angie began communications there. This soon moved to Angie deciding to invite Allen who lived in Thornton, Colorado to visit her in Greeley, Colorado. Angie had an appointment to appear in traffic court the next day, in regard to a past traffic bill she was making payments on. She decided to ask her sister for use of her vehicle to go to Thornton to pick up Allen and did just that. The clerks at the traffic court the next day were very surprised when Angie showed up with Allen in tow, as she had previously always had her sisters with her. But she was now showing up with a man. Angie's case was announced with her male name (as Angie had not yet changed her name legally). So it was announced with the name Justin Zapata. Had Angie not done as she had normally done in telling guys that she was born male, this alone would have given Allen the truth then and there. He had plenty of time to leave her right there and then but he chose to stay with Angie. This alone was proof that Allen indeed knew of her gender status at least 36 hours before he killed her.

About Allen Andrade.

Allen Andrade was a member of a gang that often harrassed gay or trans persons. It is believed that Allen may have been a closet gay himself which is partly supported by the evidence presented during the trial where a pink vibrator was discovered in Angie's apartment with only Allen's DNA on it. The DNA level was high enough that it could only have come from anal insertion. Not something in following what a straight male would normally do. Due to his affiliation with the gang it is believed by many that Allen may have decided to search Mocospace for a transgender person to meet and murder in order to cover up his own closeted gay lifestyle. This is supported by his use of Mocospace in the bisexual area exclusively. It is believed by many that Allen knew long before Angie picked him up to bring him to her Greely, Colorado apartment. It is believed by some that Allen may have actually chose to get to know Angie before killing her as well as biding his time to find the easiest way to do it. Furthermore, it is my personal belief that he was looking for the right time to commit the murder when Angie would be most vulnerable, while sleeping. This theory is supported by the fact that there was no DNA from Allen found under Angie's fingernails or on her hands. Proof that she had no chance to fight back or defend herself. If she had been awake it is my belief that she would have fought back or defended herself and that Allen knew this. The fire extinguisher he used, after the first blow to her head, would ensure she would be stunned into the inability to fight back. The second blow would incapacite or kill. This is supported by the fact that later after he thought her already deceased .. he heard her making gurgling noises and attempting to sit up. It is my belief she never knew what specifically was happening to her. Allen again hit her with the extinguisher and she fell back to not get up again. She was at this time dying. Allen had succeeded in his premeditated murder of Angie. It was during the late night hours of July 16, 2008 into the early morning hours of July 17, 2008 when Angie Zapata was murdered by Allen Ray Andrade.

Angie's Murder Discovered.

During the early AM hours of July 17, 2008, Monica, Angie's sister, came to Angie's apartment looking for her. Angie had missed her scheduled apointment to babysit Monica's children while Monica was to be at work. Also Angie was no longer answering her phone. Monica was understandably concerned. Upon arrival at Angie's apartment building, Monica noticed that her green PT Cruiser, which Angie had been using was not parked outside. It was in fact missing. After entering Angie's apartment with her copy of the key to the door, she found her sister Angie under a blanket on the floor. At first she believed Angie was just asleep. She quickly discovered to her utter horror .. that there was congealed pool of blood around Angie's head and that the blanket was stuck to Angies face.

Angie was only 18 when she was murdered. She was but two weeks away from when she would have turned nineteen. With her murder Angie's plans to move to Denver, Colorado in the future to pursue her interest in fashion and makeup as a cosmetologist, were all dashed. With her murder, Angie's family lost a beloved daughter, sister, and Aunt. Angie is survived by her mother, Maria and siblings Monica, Gonzalo, Stephanie, Ashley, and Nicole.

Details Pre Capture.

There are many other details that you will see as you read the trial details below. I provided above .. the background details to Angie's life before moving on to the showing of the details of her killers murder trial. I will take us now to coverage from KDVR Fox 31 television station. This news story aired on July 26, 2008 which is approximately a week after Angie was murdered. We were granted usage rights to use this story by the Fox 31 web producer. It needs be mentioned here that the video shows an outdated link to their website as they had a different station website in that part of 2008. Here is the link to the correct website which is part of Fox 31 KDVR TV To view the video click on the picture of Fox 31 Anchorman Ron Zappolo's face below. He introduces the story coverage by station reporter Christin Ayers. After you click on the image of his face, a second window will open with the video playing on it. It takes a few seconds to start after the page opens. I will let the murder trial text further on in the file paint the rest of the details of the story as you continue reading this file and viewing the video and news links as well.

Details After Capture and Pre Trial.

On August 2, 2008 Dan Frosch a reporter for the New York Times wrote the following article: Death of a Transgender Woman Is Called a Hate Crime.

Thanks to Mr. Randy Bangert, Editor of the Greeley Tribune of Colorado we have the following link to a video of the press conference held when Allen Ray Andrade was captured. This video begins with the Greeley Police Chief: Jerry Garner speaking. Then after speaking a bit, he introduces the Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck. After both speak on the case for a short while, Crystal Middlestadt of the Anti-Violence Project is shown speaking after the conference ends.

Saturday, August 09, 2008 - Vigil For Angie held by the Zapata Family.

Our thanks go to MS. Elizabeth Schneider for granting us the use of her video of the Vigil for Angie held by the Zapata family on Saturday, August 09, 2008 at UNC. There were over 200 persons in attendance. There are a few typos in the text used on the video specifically on the dates. The beginning text states the year as 20098 but was supposed to say 2008. Also the date of the murder of Angie shown in the video is off by a day. It was actually on The night of the 16th of July into the early morning hours of the 17th of July when Andrade murdered Angie.

The video features Monica Zapata (Angies Sister) flanked by the rest of the family .. reading the family statement at the vigil. After that, the video goes on to Mr. Kelly Costello of the Colorado Anti Violence Program reading a letter from the family of Gwen Araujo to the Zapata family. (Gwen was also murdered in hate crime.) This is followed by a statement by MS. Kim Downer of the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, who also granted us permission to use her part in the video. This is followed by a photo of some of the crowd of which was in attendance. Next, a photo of Maria Zapata (Mom), Monica Zapata (Sister), and Gonzalo Zapata (Brother). Then a photo of the crowd holding up candles during the vigil. This is followed by another photo of the Zapata family. Lastly an address is given for donations to the Zapata family via the:

Gender Identity Center of Colorado
C/O: Angie Zapata
3895 Upham Street, Suite 40
Wheat Ridge, CO. 80033
Phone: (303) 202-6466

Voices From The Angie Zapata Family Vigil April 14, 2009.

Ms. Autumn Sandeen on April 14, 2009 made the following video at Lincoln Park in Greeley, Colorado, across the street from the courthouse. If you wish to see the original link where Ms. Sandeen posted this on the pamshouseblend website Click Here or please feel free to view it below. This video was made to capture some of the voices or views of the folks attending the Angie Zapata vigil that night. Autumn starts by telling where the vigil will be at, then the scene cuts to her room after she had returned from the vigil. She speaks about Angie's sister having spoken at the vigil. Autumn then tells that she had asked people why they were at the vigil and how she captured their response on film. Then the video cuts to their answers. This video is used with permission of Ms. Sandeen. Clicking on the video image below will open a second page to play it.

April 16, 2009 New York Times.

New York Times reporter Dan Frosch wrote: Murder Trial Tests Colorado Hate-Crime Statute.

Beth Karas of TruTV Interviewed By Autumn Sandeen On The Trial.

On Sunday, April 19, 2009 Ms. Autumn Sandeen of the pamshouseblend website interviewed Ms. Beth Karas of TruTV In Session. The interview was about the Angie Zapata Hate Crime Murder case, and other cases that Ms. Karas had covered for TruTV In Session (formerly called CourtTV). They also talked about the coffee they were having at Café Woody's in downtown Greeley, Colorado. The original link to the video on the pamshouseblend website can be found by clicking here or you may view it by clicking on the video image below. When you click it another page will open and in a few seconds the video will begin to play.

At Opening Of Trial.

This next video features Prosecutor Brandi Nieto in her opening statement at the start of the trial of Allen Ray Andrade. I am told by Ms. Autumn Sandeen of that this video is not copyrighted as it was a pool effort to produce this "In Session" clip. This short video clip offers those who did not get to watch the case on CNN live the chance to see how well Ms. Nieto did her job. Not only is this prosecutor a beautiful woman but she did a beautiful job along with her co-prosecutor Rob Miller. In this file you will get to read the text detailing the words of both prosecutors. But here you get to see Ms. Nieto standing right in front of Andrade and his defense team during her opening statement. I am personally very proud of Ms. Nieto and Mr. Miller for how well they handled this case. This clip will open on a second page to play after you click on it. It will start playing about 20 seconds after the page loads.

Sources for Tweet Details on the Trial of Allen Ray Andrade.

In this section of this file the text is combined from two sources. It was recorded from both sources via and after seeking permission of the parties involved in reporting via Twitter tweets, this section of this file was created by me by combining both sources details so as to tell the fuller picture of the story as it happened in the courtroom. I had to first take and record the full feed from both sources, then re-arrange the text from both sources since Twitter sends newest text to top of file and oldest to bottom. So after taking each tweet from the bottom of file to top and arranging in order, I then had to combine from both sources into a singular file. Thus I created the combined text to use in this file. I will point out that the time slices do not match with Colorado's Mountain Time Zone, where the court case was at .. but rather match that of the Pacific Time Zone, where Twitter is located at in San Francisco, California. I chose to leave in the time slices and dates on each tweet so that it is easier to read. In the combined text from the tweets .. that part which is preceeded by the letters JFA comes from the twitterfeed tweets of Ms. Autumn Sandeen of who acted as a special reporter from within the courthouse tracking the blow by blow details. MS. Sandeen's tweets are used with her express permission. The text tweets preceeded by the letters GT comes from the twitterfeed tweets of MS. Sharon Dunn, Court Reporter, from the Greeley Tribune of Greeley, Colorado. I have included those which do not cause redundance, as per allowance granted by the Tribune. They are used with permission of the Managing Editor of the Greeley Tribune .. MS. Kelly Ann Tracer. The link to the online version of their newspaper is: You will note throughout the text that there will be many links back to their online paper included. I would recommend checking those out as they also tell details of the case.

The Trial of Allen Ray Andrade. --- Pre-Trial Details April 7, 2009.

JFA 12:33 PM Apr 7th: Autumn from Pam's House Blend here. Welcome to JusticeForAngie. We'll be liveblogging from Angie's Murder Trial Courtroom, beginning 4/14/09

Pre-Trial Details April 8, 2009

JFA 12:01 PM Apr 8th: Hear about Angie through the words of her family and friends

Pre-Trial Details April 9, 2009

JFA 09:14 AM Apr 9th: - Article: Light A Candle For Angie

JFA 12:53 PM Apr 9th: Great story about the "End Hate" campaign that started yesterday.

GT 12:13 AM Apr 9th: Ads highlight Angie Zapata's life, death: The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community.

GT 12:41 AM Apr 9th: Ads highlight Angie Zapata's life, death: The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community.

Pre-Trial Details April 10, 2009

JFA 06:17 AM Apr 10th: A TV story on Denver Channel 7 about Angie Zapata and the End Hate campaign.

Pre-Trial Details April 12, 2009

GT 12:41 AM Apr 12th: Andrade trial watchers want more than 'guilty'

Pre-Trial Details April 13, 2009

JFA 02:34 PM Apr 13th: Confirmed with Court point of contact today - tweeting arrangements from Greeley Courtroom are set. Pwr outlet available too.

Pre-Trial Details April 14, 2009

JFA 05:15 AM Apr 14th: Set up phone & computer for device updating from courtroom today and vigil tonite. Both ready for courtroom & beyond.

JFA 05:20 AM Apr 14th: All local news will be at trial, as well as some national news. Most surprising to me is TruTV is going to broadcast this trial.

JFA 05:22 AM Apr 14th: Day is expected to be low on reportable trial activity - jury selection planned for 2 to 2.5 days.

JFA 07:28 AM Apr 14th: At court. Court personel have informed me the mini opening statements will happen at earliest tomorrow at 1:30 PM MDT.

JFA 07:30 AM Apr 14th: Currently, the first group of 50 potential jurors are filing out questionairers.

JFA 02:29 PM Apr 14th: Candlelight vigil for Angie & family tonight at 6pm in Greeley at Lincoln Park, 10th Ave & 8th St. Please come show your support!

JFA 03:33 PM Apr 14th: Courtroom activity is really all jury related & out-of- public view, and likely will be until about 1:30 PM tomorrow -- at earliest.

JFA 03:38 PM Apr 14th: Groups of 50 filling out questioanaires, and then "later" potential jury mbrs will be in grps of 5 to be ques-ed b4 judge/attornies.

JFA 03:41 PM Apr 14th: Getting ready to go to vigil soon. Many news orgs will be there -- Even TruTV (formerly Court TV) - case rcv'ing national coverage.

JFA 09:09 PM Apr 14th: Just back from vigil and dinner with others from media. Editing a video tonight of asking attendees "Why were you at the vigil?"

Pre-Trial Details April 15, 2009

GT 12:41 AM Apr 15th: Angie Zapata honored with stories, smiles, tears.

JFA 05:35 AM Apr 15th: Video "Voices From The Angie Zapata Family Vigil" of 4/14/2009 processing on YouTube - waiting. Post will be up on PHB at 0715 MDT.

JFA 05:44 AM Apr 15th: Direct link to the Video "Voices From The Angie Zapata Vigil"

JFA 05:47 AM Apr 15th: Direct link to Pam's House Blend video post "Voices From The Angie Zapata Vigil"

Jury Selection: Trial Details April 15, 2009

JFA 09:58 AM Apr 15th: At courthouse - will check to see current schedule.

JFA 10:13 AM Apr 15th: Looks to be running 'late' w/ jury process - 1:30 start not likely.

JFA 10:47 AM Apr 15th: Hear even the mini-opening statements may not be today @ all.

GT 12:42 PM Apr 15th: Mini opening statements should start soon to help pare down jurors to the final 14.

GT 12:50 PM Apr 15th: Press from Denver discusses parking lot attendants, misperceptions of jury trials. This ain't no Perry Mason.

JFA 12:52 PM Apr 15th: Clarification: Mini openings later today, apparently after 2PM MDT. Just delayed, not at 1:30 PM though.

GT 12:52 PM Apr 15th: Allen Andrade enters the court, sheriff deputy in a suit close behind. More than 100 jurors left to question.

GT 12:56 PM Apr 15th: All attorneys present. Waiting on jury pool.

GT 01:03 PM Apr 15th: Jurors start filling the courtroom.

GT 01:10 PM Apr 15th: Jurors pack the courtroom. Judge Marcelo Kopcow thanks jurors for their patience. "Please continue to bear with us."

GT 01:13 PM Apr 15th: Judge: who read or listened to any news reports regarding this case, yesterday or this morning? About 20 people raise hands.

GT 01:15 PM Apr 15th: Jurors are being referred to by their numbers, no names.

GT 01:17 PM Apr 15th: One after one, jurors stand up to say they've read or discussed this case since yesterday.

GT 01:21 PM Apr 15th: Those jurors --- don't ---get to go home just yet. Judge issues stern warning not to read anything about case.

GT 01:29 PM Apr 15th: Jurors mumbling frustrations. "We're going to sit here until 4 o'clock and they're going to say come back in the morning."

GT 01:55 PM Apr 15th: Press consists of New York Times, Court TV, Westword, 9News, Denver Post. Court TV cameraman is telling lame jokes.:)

GT 01:57 PM Apr 15th: New York Times reporter wonders: Will there be a miniverdict after the mini opening statements?

GT 02:04 PM Apr 15th: Ah... air conditioning. It was HOT in here.

GT 02:04 PM Apr 15th: Here they come. Time for mini openings perhaps?

GT 02:08 PM Apr 15th: Nope. All hopes are dashed for something, anything to happen.

GT 02:10 PM Apr 15th: They're back. Court is back in session. Mini openings forthcoming.

GT 02:19 PM Apr 15th: Mini openings, judge explains, are not evidence.

GT 02:22 PM Apr 15th: Prosecution: The physical evidence, and the defendant's own words, are going to prove he's guilty.

GT 02:24 PM Apr 15th: Defense: He never knew he had that kind of rage. This is about a deception and an immediate reaction to that deception.

GT 02:25 PM Apr 15th: DA Rob Miller attempts a joke: How many of you got your jury summons in mail and got excited? No one raises hands.

JFA 02:27 PM Apr 15th: Not enough room for me in the courtroom in the media section. Didn't hear the three minute mini-openings.

GT 02:34 PM Apr 15th: DA questions: Anyone ever live in college dorms? Any trouble living with someone whose lifesestyle you didn't agree with?

GT 02:35 PM Apr 15th: Attorneys can't say "hate crime." Only "bias - motivated" crime.

GT 02:37 PM Apr 15th: DA: Reasonable doubt is different from shadow of a doubt, would you agree?

GT 02:40 PM Apr 15th: First potential members of the jury say they would have no problem convicting someone on first-degree murder.

GT 02:44 PM Apr 15th: Circumstantial evidence as strong as direct evidence? Some jurors buy it, others don't.

GT 02:54 PM Apr 15th: DA wonders about the "CSI effect." Hopes everyone understands it's not reality.

GT 02:57 PM Apr 15th: DA: Anyone on jury find it difficult to make very hard decisions? Sees no hands. Anyone who plain doesn't want to be here?

GT 02:59 PM Apr 15th: Juror: After soul searching last night, has no problem being on this jury. Other jurors say they'll do their duty.

GT 03:00 PM Apr 15th: DA passes the jury as is, but defense now has its turn for questioning. Each side can excuse 12 jurors.

GT 03:08 PM Apr 15th: Defense: We don't have to prove he's not guilty. They have to prove he's guilty. Jurors: he's innocent until proven guilty.

GT 03:09 PM Apr 15th: It's a good thing potential jurors have cushioned chairs in the jury box!

GT 03:14 PM Apr 15th: Defense: Could you tell the judge another juror had read media accounts of this trial

GT 03:16 PM Apr 15th: Anyone feel obligated to make a certain decision because of media? Juror responds: Media doesn't do my thinking.

GT 03:18 PM Apr 15th: Tweets to continue tomorrow.

JFA 07:53 PM Apr 15th: Court day end abt 5:15PM, Some jurors selected, & 5 w/o stated reason excluded - don't recall if it was pros.or def. that excluded 3.

JFA 07:59 PM Apr 15th: Jury selection scheduled to restart abt 8:30AM MDT Thurs morn. Expected to be completed in morning.

JFA 08:02 PM Apr 15th: Opening arguments expected to begin at either 11AM MDT or after 1PM 2morrow. Tweeting from courtroom expected start soon after 8AM.

JFA 08:05 PM Apr 15th: Community mbrs planning to be @ trial shouldn't arrive 2 court until 9AM MDT earliest to avoid ALL contact w/ potential jurors.

Trial Details: April 16, 2009

GT 12:40 AM Apr 16th: Key question: When did Andrade know?

JFA 06:48 AM Apr 16th: At court. Seeing if I'm going to be amoung press allowed in.

JFA 07:13 AM Apr 16th: Greeley Tribune: Defense: Andrade did kill transgender teenager.

GT 07:36 AM Apr 16th: 8:35 a.m., getting ready to bring the jury back in.

GT 07:47 AM Apr 16th: 8:45 a.m., finally starting. Three jurors down.

JFA 07:49 AM Apr 16th: It was defense that has used 3 of their w/o-reason- stated exclusions.

GT 07:49 AM Apr 16th: Autumn Sandeen from Pam's House Blend is here blogging today.

GT 07:50 AM Apr 16th: 'Nother juror down. Seat No. 7 now the hot seat. Third time a juror has been excused from there.

JFA 07:53 AM Apr 16th: These w/o-reason-stated exclusions are referred to as preemptory challenges/preemptory exclusions.

JFA 07:55 AM Apr 16th: Defense & prosecution are asking questions about reasonable doubt of the potential jurors.

GT 07:57 AM Apr 16th: Defense: Sometimes things may look a certain way, but not always as appears, like Dick Cheney shooting years ago.

JFA 07:58 AM Apr 16th: Defense asking potential juror about media -- about being criticized after the trial.

JFA 08:00 AM Apr 16th: Prosecution exercised their 4th preemptory challenge for a juror. So, 3 for defense, 4 for prosecution to this point.

JFA 08:02 AM Apr 16th: Sitting next to Greeley Tribune rprtr Sharon Dunn - she's tweeting at @greeleytribune on trial as well.

JFA 08:05 AM Apr 16th: The feed for this trial is at CNN's website - will find link today. I'm next to the camera tripod, being careful not to bump it.

JFA 08:06 AM Apr 16th: Both sides now up to 4 premptory challenges - 8 ttl jurors dismissed so far.

JFA 08:10 AM Apr 16th: The feed camera is from TruTV (formerly CourtTV) In Session. If opening arguments start at 11AM MDT, they will likely cover live.

JFA 08:14 AM Apr 16th: Repeat in questioning by defense of every potential juror is abt media & family pressure. Want to know if it will effect decisions.

JFA 08:16 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 5, defense 4.

JFA 08:18 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 5, defense 5.

JFA 08:20 AM Apr 16th: Perspective statement - Judge Marcello Kopcow seems to be running a very tight courtroom.

JFA 08:23 AM Apr 16th: Mispell: Judge Marcelo Kopcow spells his name with one l.

JFA 08:26 AM Apr 16th: @greeleytribune is doing a great job with getting further details out about the individual jurors.

JFA 08:28 AM Apr 16th: Currently one potential juror and judge are discussing understanding the law, and how judge will give thorough instructions on law.

JFA 08:29 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 6, defense 5.

JFA 08:31 AM Apr 16th: Judge explaining what reasonable doubt is to potential jurors at defense request.

JFA 08:37 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 6, defense 6.

JFA 08:39 AM Apr 16th: CNN Article on trial.

JFA 08:41 AM Apr 16th: Judge Kopcow reading reasons a juror can be dismissed for cause.

JFA 08:42 AM Apr 16th: A potential juror has explained that family issues may get in the way of being able serve.

GT 08:42 AM Apr 16th: She's not off the hook yet. More questions....

GT 08:44 AM Apr 16th: Juror has 4 kids. go to different schools; great hardship. Could be here by 9 a.m.

JFA 08:44 AM Apr 16th: Sharon Dunn & I mock humming the theme to Jepordy as attorneys and judge met in front of courtroom.

GT 08:45 AM Apr 16th: Defense asks if grandparents could pick up kids? No, they can't. They have a dog.

GT 08:46 AM Apr 16th: This juror wants off this jury. No two ways about it.

JFA 08:46 AM Apr 16th: Defense/Prosecution questioning a potential juror for hardship cause.

GT 08:47 AM Apr 16th: other jurors agree, "That would be a pain... 4 kids!" And she's outta here!

JFA 08:48 AM Apr 16th: Hardship story - potential juror dismissed for cause.

GT 08:48 AM Apr 16th: New juror. Can you listen? Can you make your own decisions? Juror. I'm scared. I don't want to be here.

GT 08:51 AM Apr 16th: Juror worried about being asked questions. I really don't want to b here. Judge: just be honest.

GT 08:51 AM Apr 16th: In all trials I've covered, I've never heard jurors one after another basically begging to get off a trial.

GT 08:53 AM Apr 16th: Judge intervenes on yet another explanation of proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt.

GT 08:55 AM Apr 16th: Attorneys are crossing ways on "doubt' yet again.

GT 08:56 AM Apr 16th: Defense: Can you promise us that if you have questions are you willing to ask for explanations? Yes.

GT 08:58 AM Apr 16th: Defense: As of now, Allen Andrade sits here not guilty. Do you understand that? Yes. If there's any confusion, let me know.

JFA 08:59 AM Apr 16th: Potential juror is getting questioned. She has really expressed a desire not to be here. Prosecution made preemptory challenge.

GT 08:59 AM Apr 16th: Prosecution lets her go. Another big smile. She thanks DA as she walks out.

GT 08:59 AM Apr 16th: That was No. 7, five more to go. Each side can excuse 12 jurors.

JFA 09:00 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 7, defense 6.

GT 09:03 AM Apr 16th: Reasonable doubt explanation -- again.

GT 09:03 AM Apr 16th: Defense: That's the highest standard, they have to PROVE it, that's very serious. Juror: Yes. 100 percent.

JFA 09:04 AM Apr 16th: Defense again: reasonable doubt again in line of questioning of potential juror.

JFA 09:04 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 7, defense 7.

GT 09:04 AM Apr 16th: Defense axes No. 7. She too thanks the DA, and the defense excuses here. Odd.

JFA 09:06 AM Apr 16th: Next count tweet will have the 1 for cause today added to the list.

GT 09:06 AM Apr 16th: DA to new juror: You're one of the lucky few we haven't talked to yet right? Juror: I feel a little left out.

GT 09:07 AM Apr 16th: This new juror is a teacher. Prosecution seems to like her.

JFA 09:08 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 7, defense 7, Hardship/cause 1.

JFA 09:09 AM Apr 16th: Autumn Sadeen (my) opinion - A bathroom break would be nice.:P

GT 09:11 AM Apr 16th: DA asks No. 8 to leave.

GT 09:12 AM Apr 16th: No. 8 wasn't the teacher. Attorneys reconvene at judge's bench for something.

JFA 09:12 AM Apr 16th: Interesting to hear repeated theme by defense - questions of reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence of many potential jurors.

GT 09:13 AM Apr 16th from web Trial: Oops, new juror was not the right juror to be called. It's break time. Back at 10:30.

JFA 09:16 AM Apr 16th: Starting a bathroom break from now until 10:30AM MDT. Judge reading rules abt not discussing case.

GT 09:24 AM Apr 16th: Court reporter comments on the sheriff deputy's matching boots. How cute, she says.

GT 09:26 AM Apr 16th: Jury starts coming back in. probably another hour to go.

GT 09:30 AM Apr 16th: Judge provides hearing device for juror in gallery.

JFA 09:30 AM Apr 16th: Court back in session.

GT 09:32 AM Apr 16th: New juror doesn't think he can be fair. If punishment involves capital punishment, I would not be able to serve.

GT 09:32 AM Apr 16th: Juror changes mind. He can be fair since no capital punishment involved.

GT 09:33 AM Apr 16th: Robb Miller, DA, that's right, Two B's in name.

JFA 09:34 AM Apr 16th: Judge Kopcow asking a juror abt how he felt about seriousness of case since death penalty is not involved in case.

JFA 09:36 AM Apr 16th: Again, defense questioning on potential jurors understanding of reasonable doubt.

JFA 09:36 AM Apr 16th: Reminder: Count: preemptory challenges / dismissed jurors: prosecution 7, defense 7, Hardship/cause 1.

JFA 09:39 AM Apr 16th: Interesting note: female defense atty questioning male potential jurrors, & male defense atty questioning female potential jurors.

JFA 09:41 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 8, defense 8, Hardship/cause 1.

GT 09:41 AM Apr 16th: Defense excuses No. 8. Another woman asked to leave without being questioned.

GT 09:42 AM Apr 16th: Ok, that's not fair. Men and women are being asked to leave.

GT 09:43 AM Apr 16th: New juror: I've never been around anyone who is transgender, so I have no opinion on the issue.

JFA 09:43 AM Apr 16th: Interesting note: Atty Robb Miller questions all potential jurors for prosecution.

GT 09:44 AM Apr 16th: Juror: I would do my civic duty. I wouldn't mind being here. Being on jury of this nature, we all have our fears.

GT 09:45 AM Apr 16th: Back at Judge's bench. Attorneys are so private.

GT 09:46 AM Apr 16th: They're taking her in judge's chambers. Something she said?????

JFA 09:46 AM Apr 16th: Prosecution questioning juror about her feelings abt transgender people. Shes said (paraphrase) that no - none in her life.

GT 09:54 AM Apr 16th: They're back. Sheriff deputy grunts.

JFA 09:55 AM Apr 16th: Was humming theme to Jepordy (sp?) again. Short stretching break now over.

GT 09:56 AM Apr 16th: People accept the jury as presented. No more challenges.

GT 09:57 AM Apr 16th: Defense asks No. 9 to leave. She, too, wasn't questioned today.

JFA 09:57 AM Apr 16th: Prosecution declined to use their 9th peemptory challenge. Would be satisfied with jury as currently constituted.

JFA 09:58 AM Apr 16th: Defense excersized their 9th preemptory chalenge.

JFA 09:58 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges/dismissed jurors: prosecution 8, defense 9, Hardship/cause 1

GT 09:58 AM Apr 16th: New juror is a man. Has an opinion already.

GT 09:58 AM Apr 16th: Back to chambers.

GT 09:59 AM Apr 16th: Jurors in gallery talk among themselves. Will this jury be sequestered? one asks.

JFA 10:00 AM Apr 16th: A juror stated that he believes he has for cause reason for dismisal. In chambers again.

GT 10:08 AM Apr 16th: Still waiting, still talking. Jurors seem to enjoy each other's company.

GT 10:11 AM Apr 16th: Sorry, Autumn. Still stuck on the jeopardy theme.

JFA 10:14 AM Apr 16th: Humming the theme to Jeopardy again.

GT 10:15 AM Apr 16th: Autumn is posting the theme music to Jeopardy on

GT 10:15 AM Apr 16th: The juror returns. Alone.

GT 10:17 AM Apr 16th: Wait, attorneys were here. Now they're gone.

GT 10:24 AM Apr 16th: Something big really must be going on here. Either that or attorneys and judge decided to have lunch early.

GT 10:27 AM Apr 16th: Jurors getting restless waiting for attorneys to come back from chambers.

GT 10:28 AM Apr 16th: They're baack! Surprisingly, they all look serious.

JFA 10:28 AM Apr 16th: Court beginning to resume.

JFA 10:28 AM Apr 16th: Back in session.

GT 10:29 AM Apr 16th: Judge, prosecution may exercise 9th challenge to the last juror who said he had an opinion. He's gone.

GT 10:29 AM Apr 16th: Juror 314 gets in the box. So far so good...

JFA 10:30 AM Apr 16th: Prosecution exercised 9th preemptory challenge on the last juror who thought he might not be able to serve for cause.

JFA 10:30 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges / dismissed jurors: prosecution 9, defense 9, Hardship/cause 1

GT 10:31 AM Apr 16th: Juror: "I've certainly felt the pressure." But he's fine with serving on jury.

GT 10:33 AM Apr 16th: Juror he was a military policeman 14 years ago.

GT 10:34 AM Apr 16th: Juror: I know there's good and bad in all people.

GT 10:34 AM Apr 16th: Defense: do you agree that sometimes even police make mistakes? Yes, he says.

JFA 10:35 AM Apr 16th: Potential juror was under stress b/c of job. Worried about taking time off - resolved, no prob now.

GT 10:36 AM Apr 16th: Defense, 10th challenge. They're thinking about it.

JFA 10:37 AM Apr 16th: Defense attys appear to be debating if they want to use a preemtory challenge. Now all attys meeting for sidebar.

GT 10:37 AM Apr 16th: Quick discussion at bench. Female juror leaves.

JFA 10:38 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges / dismissed jurors: prosecution 9, defense 10, Hardship/cause 1

GT 10:39 AM Apr 16th: Woman is replaced by younger-looking man. Yes, he'd like to be a juror.

JFA 10:40 AM Apr 16th: Comment - appears to me that like we're pretty close to seating a jury.

GT 10:41 AM Apr 16th: Defense passes him. People excuse the ex military cop.

JFA 10:42 AM Apr 16th: Again, questions regarding any media critism from defense of a potential juror.

JFA 10:42 AM Apr 16th: Count: preemptory challenges / dismissed jurors: prosecution 10, defense 10, Hardship/cause 1

GT 10:42 AM Apr 16th: Two more challenges left. Looks like opening statements could come after lunch. Bon appetite.

GT 10:45 AM Apr 16th: Back to the doubt discussion. Yikes!

JFA 10:45 AM Apr 16th: Interesting to me that repeat question by prosecution of potential jurors is about that Angie was a trans victim.

GT 10:46 AM Apr 16th: Defense keeps asking if people think police officers can make mistakes.

GT 10:47 AM Apr 16th: Jurors are so far saying yes...

GT 10:48 AM Apr 16th: This juror was city of Greeley employee, water department. Only one yet to call defense attorney, "ma'am."

GT 10:49 AM Apr 16th: Defense: Can you handle the troublesome photographs in this case? Yes ma'am, says juror.

GT 10:50 AM Apr 16th: Defense going for No. 11 dismissal now.

JFA 10:50 AM Apr 16th: Repitition of similar sounding questions is ... well, same thing over and over again.

JFA 10:52 AM Apr 16th: Defense asked last juror about possibility of "troublesome" pictures - 1st time this has come up, per the defense atty's comment.

JFA 10:52 AM Apr 16th: Defense states they would pass the jury as is.

JFA 10:53 AM Apr 16th: Prosecution states they would pass the jury as is.

GT 10:53 AM Apr 16th: We have a jury! Now go eat.

JFA 10:54 AM Apr 16th: Judge: "I believe we have a jury."

GT 10:55 AM Apr 16th: 10 men; 4 women. Two are alternates, but they won't know until the end of the trial.

GT 10:56 AM Apr 16th: Judge: I realize you have lives and other things. Without people like you the system falls apart.

GT 10:59 AM Apr 16th: Judge administers oath to jury panel.

GT 11:00 AM Apr 16th: Lunch break now. Court resumes around 1:40 p.m.

JFA 11:01 AM Apr 16th: Jury breakdown: Appears that there are 8 male & 4 female jurors, and 2 male alts. All appear to be caucasion - dblcheck that,

JFA 11:03 AM Apr 16th: Breaking for lunch soon - giving seated jury basic instructions.Looks like we're returning at 1:40 PM MDT

JFA 11:06 AM Apr 16th: Dblchecked w/ Sharon Dunn, and we don't know who are alts. So, call it 10 males & 4 females, all appear cauc.

GT 11:43 AM Apr 16th: Breaking News: Andrade trial live report: Allen Andrade's trial is underway.

GT 01:04 PM Apr 16th: Getting a late start.

GT 01:06 PM Apr 16th: Courtroom packed. LIke sardines. Friends, family, members of the GLBT community, and mucho media.

JFA 01:06 PM Apr 16th: trial is starting up again.

GT 01:07 PM Apr 16th: Openings will start soon. Stay tuned. Not much time to twitter during openings.

GT 01:08 PM Apr 16th: Judge explains the rules of the trial. Not much different from what you've seen on TV, but it will take days, not an hour.

JFA 01:08 PM Apr 16th: Judge Kopcow is reading instructions to jury.

GT 01:10 PM Apr 16th: Judge tells jury: Keep an open mind throughout the trial, and do not discuss this trial with ANYONE.

GT 01:12 PM Apr 16th: Judge: Jurors are allowed to take notes.

GT 01:14 PM Apr 16th: DA Brandi Nieto will deliver opening for prosecution.

JFA 01:14 PM Apr 16th: Judge Kopcow is explaining how jury notebooks are to be used. Admonitions completed.

JFA 01:16 PM Apr 16th: Procecuter has began opening arguments.

JFA 01:19 PM Apr 16th: DA Brandi Nieto described scene of crime. Describes Angie as a teenage young woman.

JFA 01:20 PM Apr 16th: Angie's family is behind me. I hear tears.

JFA 01:23 PM Apr 16th: DA Brandi Nieto stated that Allen Ray Andrade knew for 36 hours before he killed her that will show she is biologically male.

JFA 01:25 PM Apr 16th: The DA mentioned that Angie came to court each week with women, and that the day before she was killed she went to court with a man.

GT 01:26 PM Apr 16th: Nieto says Andrade tried to cover up murder, used Angie's sister's credit card before his arrest in possession of car.

GT 01:27 PM Apr 16th: Nieto: Upon his arrest told he did steal the car. He also confirmed use of debit card. Said he lied about knowing Angie.

JFA 01:27 PM Apr 16th: DA indicated the man seen with Angie was Andrade, heard her name was Jusin apparently at courthouse.

JFA 01:29 PM Apr 16th: DA described Angie as being bashed in the head with the fire extinguisher.

GT 01:29 PM Apr 16th: Nieto says Andrade stole items from Angie's apartment, gave purses to his girlfriend.

JFA 01:31 PM Apr 16th: DA describing Andrade phone calls to his girlfriend and exgirlfriend.

JFA 01:32 PM Apr 16th: Andrade: "Gay things must die."

JFA 01:33 PM Apr 16th: DA arguing that Andrade had 36 hours to walk away, but didn't.

JFA 01:34 PM Apr 16th: Andrade, per DA, killed her, knowing Angie was transgender.

GT 01:34 PM Apr 16th: Public defender Brad Martin to do openings now.

GT 01:35 PM Apr 16th: Martin: this case is not about a judgment of a lifestyle... About deception and reaction to that lifestyle.

GT 01:36 PM Apr 16th: Oops, reaction to that deception.

JFA 01:36 PM Apr 16th: DA - "No one deserves to die like this." DA statement complete.

JFA 01:37 PM Apr 16th: Defense openening statement begins with: "This case is about deception." Blame-the-victim strategy has begun.

JFA 01:39 PM Apr 16th: Defense calls Angie "Justin." There are two defense attys, one is a fairly hansome 30-ish looking man. With 10 male jurors, he seems to...

JFA 01:41 PM Apr 16th: ...he seems to be the one arguing this because he can appeal to the male "ick" factor of gay.

GT 01:41 PM Apr 16th: Martin continues to refer to Angie as "Justin.

JFA 01:44 PM Apr 16th: Defense playing up that Andrade saw "Justin" as a girl, but that Angie didn't disclose.

JFA 01:45 PM Apr 16th: Defense says that court clerks that saw Angie with a male, but can't point to Andrade and definitely say he was the man.

GT 01:45 PM Apr 16th: Martin asks jury to find him not guilty of pre meditated murder and bias-motivated crime.

JFA 01:46 PM Apr 16th: Defense again used the word "deceptive" when closing their opening statement.

JFA 01:47 PM Apr 16th: Defense opening statement done.

JFA 01:48 PM Apr 16th: First prosecution witness called.

GT 01:48 PM Apr 16th: Prosecution calls Miriam Morales. She used to be a neighbor of Angie.

GT 01:49 PM Apr 16th: Oops, Marian Morales. Me and Angie used to talk a lot.

GT 01:51 PM Apr 16th: She stops to turn off her phone.

JFA 01:51 PM Apr 16th: Witness is Marian Morales. Establishing that Angie lived in the same apartment building as Angie.

JFA 01:52 PM Apr 16th: correction - Marian in same building as Angie.

GT 01:55 PM Apr 16th: Morales said she heard someone banging on door. Saw young girls cyring, 'my sister's dead.' Then looked for herself.

JFA 01:55 PM Apr 16th: Marian talking about last time she saw Angie. On 7/16/08, had discussion with Angie abt getting job.

JFA 01:56 PM Apr 16th: Marian reported seeing Angie come home between 7 & 8 PM on the 16th, but not talking to her.

GT 01:56 PM Apr 16th: Morales: I was talking 911. Asked me to give her mouth to mouth. She was real stiff, couldn't move at all.

GT 01:56 PM Apr 16th: Morales: I didn't let them go on, It wasn't right for them to see it. I told sister and friend to stay away.

GT 01:57 PM Apr 16th: Morales: Knew Angie was a guy by watching her. Called her Angie.

JFA 02:00 PM Apr 16th: Marian on the 17th had people knocking on her door. Angies' sister was one of the women reported being taken to the apt and seeing Angie...

GT 02:02 PM Apr 16th: Cross exam of Morales: Only knew her two months. I knew he was a man.

JFA 02:03 PM Apr 16th: And saw Angie dead with the two women who came to her door. At rqst of 911 operator she had tried mouth-to-mouth, but Angie was cold.

GT 02:03 PM Apr 16th: Morales: When I first saw her, I thought she was a girl, then I saw her walking and knew he was a man.

GT 02:04 PM Apr 16th: Morales: I never seen her dress like a girl. Always wore shorts and T-shirts.

GT 02:05 PM Apr 16th: Morales: When he talked or she talked, it sounded normal to me. I never paid attention. With her, I couldn't tell.

JFA 02:06 PM Apr 16th: Now to defense - Marian "knew [Angie] was a man because of the way she walked.

GT 02:07 PM Apr 16th: Martin continues to call Angie 'him,' but keeps saying "Jason." Not Justin. Must be misspeaking.

JFA 02:08 PM Apr 16th: Note - Marian sometimes calls Angie "she," and sometimes calls Angie "he." Prosecution always calls Angie "she," defense only "he."

GT 02:09 PM Apr 16th: No more questions for Morales.

JFA 02:11 PM Apr 16th: Defense done with first witness - witness released.

GT 02:11 PM Apr 16th: Jennifer Hogestad, paramedic, testifies next. Was dipsatch to possible cardiac arrest.

JFA 02:12 PM Apr 16th: Witness 2: Jennifer Hogstead -- an EMT.

GT 02:12 PM Apr 16th: Hogestad: I entered the room. It was nice and tidy. Patient was lying face up. Patient was pulseless ... not breathing.

GT 02:13 PM Apr 16th: Hogestad: Dried pool of blood. It meant it had been several hours. Appeared to be some trauma to face. Some deformity.

JFA 02:13 PM Apr 16th: Describing coming to Angie's apartment, meeting "two distraught women", directed her and her partner to Angie's apartment.

GT 02:15 PM Apr 16th: Hogestad: On way out of apartment ... accidentally knocked stuff off table.

JFA 02:15 PM Apr 16th: In all of the descriptions Angie's physical condition, she described riger as having set in, and Angie being in a dry pool of blood.

GT 02:16 PM Apr 16th: Hogestad called for a field pronouncement that person is dead.

JFA 02:17 PM Apr 16th: EMT rec'd a "field pronouncement" from doctor that Angie was dead.

GT 02:17 PM Apr 16th: Cross exam of Hogestad: When went in it looked tidy? Yes. Just a mattress on floor.

JFA 02:19 PM Apr 16th: EMT has to describe conditions to doctor on duty, and then doctor, in a "field pronouncement,"

JFA 02:19 PM Apr 16th: Defense asked few ques on x-examination. Witness released.

GT 02:19 PM Apr 16th: Next witness: Jimmy Esquibel.

GT 02:19 PM Apr 16th: Esquibel was a police officer at time Angie died. Now he's retired.

GT 02:20 PM Apr 16th: Equibel: on arrival, approx 16 people outside of apartment.

GT 02:22 PM Apr 16th: Esquibel: Just identifying where the apartment is.

GT 02:22 PM Apr 16th: Transgender issue could confuse jury. Learn why prosecutors call her Angie, public defenders use "Justin"

GT 02:23 PM Apr 16th: Esquibel: Got upstairs. Did quick search of apartment. Secured scene and called supervisor.

GT 02:24 PM Apr 16th: Esquibel: Maintained log of people coming in and out of scene.

GT 02:24 PM Apr 16th: Prosecutors are just taking care of business now, establishing where crime occurred, etc.

JFA 02:25 PM Apr 16th: Witness 3: Police Officer Jimmy Esquibel. DA asking questions. Officer Esquibel was first Officer on scene.

GT 02:26 PM Apr 16th: He's actually going to cross examine him. All he did was show up at scene and take names.

JFA 02:27 PM Apr 16th: Found Angie on ground -- as apparently shown by EMT -- his function was check people in and out of scene (keep log) and talk to witnesses.

JFA 02:28 PM Apr 16th: Defense asked some x-examination questions, officer / witness dismissed.

GT 02:28 PM Apr 16th: Next witness: Romaldo Millan-Castaneda. Spanish speaking only. court Interpreter is translating. Looks like a neighbor.

JFA 02:30 PM Apr 16th: Prosecution witness 4: Romaldo Millan-Castaneda.

GT 02:31 PM Apr 16th: Romaldo is not remembering much.

JFA 02:32 PM Apr 16th: Establishing he talked to Officer Cash about observing the victim of a homicide walking in and out of her apartment.

GT 02:33 PM Apr 16th: Romaldo: When I got home from work that's when I saw that person. He saw Angie drive up in PT Cruiser.

GT 02:34 PM Apr 16th: Andrade is listening intently to witness, hands on chin, wearing a blue, striped button-up shirt.

GT 02:34 PM Apr 16th: Half the press took off after opening statements.

JFA 02:34 PM Apr 16th: Describing what he saw for jury - Saw Angie park her car on the 16th accross the street from Angie's apartment.

JFA 02:35 PM Apr 16th: Well, correction, not necessarily Angie's car, but a green PT Cruiser.

JFA 02:36 PM Apr 16th: She was alone when she got out of the car, and then she walked to her apartment, and then someone opened the door to her apt after knocking.

GT 02:36 PM Apr 16th: Romaldo saw this person enter an apartment.

GT 02:37 PM Apr 16th: No wonder TV cuts to the chase and gets to the nitty gritty quick.

GT 02:37 PM Apr 16th: This testimony is tedious, but necessary to establishing every element to a crime.

JFA 02:37 PM Apr 16th: Defense x-examination begins.

GT 02:38 PM Apr 16th: Cross exam: She knocked on door and someone let her in (to Angie's apartment). Uh-huh.

JFA 02:39 PM Apr 16th: As in case with last witness, Defense Atty Martain trying to establish that Angie presented as, and appeared as female.

JFA 02:39 PM Apr 16th: Martin (sp?)

JFA 02:39 PM Apr 16th: Will chk spelling of defense attorneys.

GT 02:39 PM Apr 16th: Well -dress sheriff deputy seems to be asleep. Oh, no. He poked his head up.

GT 02:39 PM Apr 16th: Andrade is discussing something with his attorney.

GT 02:40 PM Apr 16th: Time for afternoon break. Ahh. Thank goodness.

GT 02:41 PM Apr 16th: Wait. Snow plan discussion.

JFA 02:42 PM Apr 16th: Witness released.

GT 02:42 PM Apr 16th: If courts are closed because of snow storm Friday, go to court's Web site.

GT 02:43 PM Apr 16th: The Web site will let people know if court has been canceled or not.

JFA 02:43 PM Apr 16th: Snow day information passed out by court -- possible we could have a snow day tomorrow, with no court in session.

GT 02:44 PM Apr 16th: Annette: I would request when photos not be shown on screen, and likely to evoke emotional response. It's inappropriate.

GT 02:45 PM Apr 16th: Robb Miller: Court can advise people in court not to have emotional outbursts.

GT 02:45 PM Apr 16th: Judge: At this point, I don't see how jury is being tainted, because of those photos.

GT 02:46 PM Apr 16th: Break until 3:55 p.m., Andrade led away in handcuffs.

JFA 02:46 PM Apr 16th: Now abt to go on on break. Was a discussion abt media showing photos that are shown to jury on a big screen TV -- no chg in procedure.

GT 03:00 PM Apr 16th: Court's about to resume. Waiting on jury...

GT 03:01 PM Apr 16th: Court time is always a bit different from real time. Everything is at least 5 minutes off.

GT 03:02 PM Apr 16th: Next witness: Thomas Nicolas. Spanish speaking. Interpreter translates.

GT 03:03 PM Apr 16th: Prosecutors still establishing there was a crime scene. Nicolas lived in the house next door.

GT 03:05 PM Apr 16th: Nicholas: I saw person get there and park the car.

JFA 03:05 PM Apr 16th: Back from break. 5th Pros witness - Efrain Nicholas. Establishing that he lived in house next to apt building.

JFA 03:07 PM Apr 16th: Correction. Thomas Nicholas.

GT 03:08 PM Apr 16th: ZZZZZZZZ.

JFA 03:09 PM Apr 16th: I'm not sure, but I believe this witness is describing the night of July 16th.

JFA 03:10 PM Apr 16th: Witness saw two people enter apt.

GT 03:11 PM Apr 16th: Prosecutors has no more questions. Martin is going to cross this one too. What could he possibly contradict?

GT 03:12 PM Apr 16th: Martin: The person who parked the car, appeared to be female, right? Dark clothes and long hair. Yes.

JFA 03:12 PM Apr 16th: Saw the two people exit a black Chrysler (apparently the Green PT Cruiser) on way up to that apartment.

JFA 03:13 PM Apr 16th: Saw car gone next day.

GT 03:13 PM Apr 16th: OK. Martin is going to try to establish that everyone who saw Angie recognized her as a woman, not a man.

GT 03:14 PM Apr 16th: That goes along with his opening argument, in which he said Angie deceived Andrade by being convincingly female.

GT 03:15 PM Apr 16th: Next witness: Efrain Nicolas.

GT 03:18 PM Apr 16th: Just another eye witness to the car. Martin cross: Person appeared to you, a female, right? Yes, witness said.

JFA 03:18 PM Apr 16th: Witness released. 6th Witness, Efrain Nicolus, Thomas's brother.

JFA 03:19 PM Apr 16th: Established abt the same infor as brother.

JFA 03:20 PM Apr 16th: But, added that he came home at 12:30 AM on morning of 17th, and didn't see PT cruiser.

GT 03:20 PM Apr 16th: Next witness: Jared Baker, Greeley Police officer.

JFA 03:22 PM Apr 16th: Defense x-examination, Defense Atty referred to Angie as "supposedly female." Had witness agree that Angie appeared to be female.

GT 03:23 PM Apr 16th: He aired info for police to be on the lookout for possible murder suspect driving PT cruiser.

JFA 03:25 PM Apr 16th: witness released. 7th DA witness: Officer Jarred Baker, Greeley Police.

JFA 03:25 PM Apr 16th: He testified that he put out the call to be on the lookout for the PT Cruiser.

GT 03:25 PM Apr 16th: Kundelius cross exam of Baker. Why was this guy even on the stand?

GT 03:26 PM Apr 16th: Brian Phelps, next witness. Thornton police officer.

JFA 03:27 PM Apr 16th: 8th DA witness - Thorton Police Patrol Officer Brian Phelps. Now no longer works for Thorton Police.

JFA 03:28 PM Apr 16th: Received a call of trouble at a Thorton apt building.

JFA 03:31 PM Apr 16th: Officer witness repoting that the Green PT Cruiser was there at the apartment building, and this changes how the trble call was answered.

GT 03:31 PM Apr 16th: He IDs Andrade sitting at defense table. Arrived on scene, guns were already pointed at Andrade.

GT 03:32 PM Apr 16th: Phelps: He complied with commands and taken into custody. Stated he stole this car.

GT 03:32 PM Apr 16th: Phelps: He said he stole this vehicle, the keys were in it and he just took it.

GT 03:33 PM Apr 16th: Martin cross: You stated Mr. Andrade was cooperative. Yes, he was. No further questions.

JFA 03:33 PM Apr 16th: Other two officers that arrived at scene b4 Officer Baker were arresting him. Officer Baker walked Andrade to the vehicle to transport him.

JFA 03:34 PM Apr 16th: Off Baker identified Andrade as in the court as the defendent.

GT 03:34 PM Apr 16th: Next witness, Joe Thomas, Thornton police officer.

GT 03:35 PM Apr 16th: Point of information, Adrade was arrested July 30 in Thornton for running stereo loud in car

GT 03:37 PM Apr 16th: Officer identifies PT Cruiser.

GT 03:39 PM Apr 16th: Thomas IDs Andrade, who has no expression. Says Andrade was reaching for something under seat when approached.

GT 03:40 PM Apr 16th: Thomas said he ordered Andrade to show him his hands. Hands started to shake. Told him not to move.

GT 03:40 PM Apr 16th: Thomas: placed him into custody without incident. Booked him on a traffic warrant outstanding.

GT 03:41 PM Apr 16th: Thomas: I felt he was somewhat nervous. He was cooperative. he wanted to make a call. Then he declined after being booked.

GT 03:43 PM Apr 16th: Thomas: Collected Andrade's cell phone, wallet. DA shows cell phone to Thomas. People admit into evidence.

JFA 03:43 PM Apr 16th: RT: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Next witness, Joe Thomas, Thornton police officer.

GT 03:44 PM Apr 16th: DA admits defendants wallet. Thomas IDs wallet.

GT 03:45 PM Apr 16th: Cross exam: You said Andrade complied? Yes. Reaching toward bottom of seat? Yes.

JFA 03:45 PM Apr 16th: Sorry. I lost some testimony...connectivity issues.

JFA 03:46 PM Apr 16th: Officer Thomas reported that there was a hit on the PT Cruiser license for a felony, and as approaching Andrade heard on radio...

GT 03:46 PM Apr 16th: Martin: As far as you know, no weapon right? Thomas says not that he knew of.

GT 03:47 PM Apr 16th: next witness is going to be 2-3 hours long. So won't question him /her until tomorrow. Starting at 8:45 a.m.

GT 03:48 PM Apr 16th: Judge: Human nature is you're going to go home and family and friends will want to know what happened. Please don't.

JFA 03:48 PM Apr 16th: ...heard on police radio not that Andrade, but that vehicle was involved in homicide.

JFA 03:49 PM Apr 16th: Andrade was cooperative in arrest.

GT 03:49 PM Apr 16th: No research, etc. and don't form an opinion. Judge, I'd appreciate contact info on jurors. Will stay private.

JFA 03:50 PM Apr 16th: Witness dismissed. Nine witnesses ttl today for prosecution.

JFA 03:54 PM Apr 16th: Court dismissed for day. Tomorrow may be snow day. Sharon Dunn laughed as jurors were told to avoid news on "the tweeters."

GT 07:12 PM Apr 16th: Allen Andrade's murder trial tweet coverage continues tomorrow at 8:45 a.m., weather permitting.

Trial Details: April 17, 2009

GT 12:13 AM Apr 17th: Andrade: Stunned victim or homophobic killer?: Prosecutors on Thursday painted a picture. With commentery by public.

GT 12:40 AM Apr 17th: Andrade: Stunned victim or homophobic killer?: Prosecutors on Thursday painted a picture. No commentary by public.

GT 07:49 AM Apr 17th: Day 2 of Allen Andrade's trial for murder of transgender victim Angie Zapata begins shortly. Reporter Sharon Dunn to tweet updates.

JFA 07:53 AM Apr 17th: RT: @GreeleyTribune Day 2 of Allen Andrade's trial for murder of transgender victim Angie Zapata begins shortly...

GT 07:54 AM Apr 17th: Andrade is now uncuffed. Judge calls the case.

GT 07:55 AM Apr 17th: I've been asked to move to another part of courtroom so Court TV producer can sit next to her cameraman.

GT 07:57 AM Apr 17th: Happy to give reaction of the back of Andrade's head, as I'm sitting directly behind him now.

JFA 07:57 AM Apr 17th: Jury filed in.

GT 07:58 AM Apr 17th: People call Clay Buckingham, GPD investigator.

JFA 07:59 AM Apr 17th: DA's 10th witness: Crime Scene investigator / Officer Clay Buckingham.

JFA 08:00 AM Apr 17th: W/ Greeley Police Department.

JFA 08:02 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing how his office document ctime scenes - video, still photagraphy, gathering and preserving evidence.

JFA 08:04 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describes how he and two other CSI's arrived at sene on 7/17/2008, and describing crime scene at first brush.

JFA 08:04 AM Apr 17th: "First walk through"

GT 08:04 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Observed a matress on floor of apartment, person deceased on floor. "He was deceased."

GT 08:05 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Blood spatter on carpet around victim's head.

JFA 08:06 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing scene of knocked over glass tbl - the tbl the EMT yesterday stated that she knocked over.

GT 08:07 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: In bedroom. Another mattress on floor. No sheets. Just on floor.

GT 08:08 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Apartment was 400 square feet.

JFA 08:08 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham was describing scene of Angie Zapata's one-bdrm apt. Described splatter around Angie's head.

GT 08:09 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Victim's head must have been low to ground when being struck.

GT 08:10 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Lights are off to see video

JFA 08:10 AM Apr 17th: Bdroom 150 sq feet, living room abt 140 sq feet, and the rest of small apartment added up to abt 110 sq feet -- so ttl of 400 sq ft apt.

JFA 08:11 AM Apr 17th: Reviewing csi crime scene vid.

GT 08:11 AM Apr 17th: We're looking at a slow-moving video of crime scene. No sound.

GT 08:12 AM Apr 17th: So far, video only shows the outside of Angie's apartment, in a circle. About three revolutions so far.

GT 08:13 AM Apr 17th: Now video is showing stairs, back alley.

GT 08:13 AM Apr 17th: Court TV has a camera on Andrade, and the monitor is next to me. He keeps rubbing his chin as he watches.

GT 08:14 AM Apr 17th: Video now shows apartment entrance. Now view from the inside out. Body on floor next to mattress.

GT 08:15 AM Apr 17th: Video of pictures on the wall. Blanekt on the floor next to mattress. Ceiling fan. Body on the floor again.

JFA 08:15 AM Apr 17th: (Deputy DA Brandi Lynn Neito posing questions this morning to pros witness #10)

JFA 08:18 AM Apr 17th: Personal comment - crime scene vid a difficult watch for me.

GT 08:19 AM Apr 17th: A few more angles of Angie's body on floor. Andrade keeps his mouth covered as he watches.

GT 08:20 AM Apr 17th: Close up of a qtip on the ground outside.

JFA 08:22 AM Apr 17th: Noting -- a group of photos of what appears to be family and friends on her wall. Nothing to do with crime scene so to speak, but...

JFA 08:23 AM Apr 17th: ...but it as a reminder to me that Angie was very loved in her life.

GT 08:23 AM Apr 17th: Video now shows detail shots of everything on the floor next to Angie's body.

GT 08:24 AM Apr 17th: Video shots of alcohol on kitchen counter. Stains on the floors.

GT 08:25 AM Apr 17th: Video shows cell phone on floor, atop a pink case, other items that look like they'd go in a purse.

GT 08:25 AM Apr 17th: Lights back on. video is over. Jury members blinking their eyes in the light.

JFA 08:27 AM Apr 17th: Defendant Andrade, when I watched him looking at the video, appeared calm and stowid to me.

JFA 08:27 AM Apr 17th: Defense has witness now.

JFA 08:29 AM Apr 17th: Talking about diagram of crime scene -- establishing it is not to scale. Back to DA questioning after admitting of crime scene diagram.

JFA 08:30 AM Apr 17th: Many crime scene photos admitted into evidence.

GT 08:30 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Starts identifying photos from crime scene.

JFA 08:32 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing the photos entered into evidence. Some of Angie herself, some of scenes from small apt.

JFA 08:34 AM Apr 17th: Discussion of photos 14-16 peaked my interest as to significance of item labeled #51. Will wait to see how these play into case.

GT 08:34 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Describes one photo with 4 40oz bottles of popular brand of beer. Plus close-ups of cigarette butts.

GT 08:35 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Evidence 6-25 admitted.

JFA 08:35 AM Apr 17th: These photos 6-25 are now the People's 6-25.

GT 08:36 AM Apr 17th: DA Niete pulls sealed evidence from big box.

JFA 08:36 AM Apr 17th: Or photos and diagrams, more accurately.

JFA 08:37 AM Apr 17th: Or photos and crime scene diagrams, more accurately.

GT 08:37 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham holds up the evidence to the jury.

GT 08:38 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham not taking out evidence, just showing the packages encased in plastic.

GT 08:39 AM Apr 17th: Andrade stops rubbing chin to fiddle with his tie, he suppresses a yawn, fiddles with tie again. Tattoos all over his hand.

JFA 08:39 AM Apr 17th: That item and it's collection envelope is a physical evidence item, That item is people's 78.

JFA 08:40 AM Apr 17th: Item 78, marked with the number 51 in the crime scene photos, is a pink vibrator.

GT 08:40 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham uses pointer to show jury where items in photograph (on screen) are in the apartment.

GT 08:41 AM Apr 17th: More pictures of body, Andrade keeps rubbing chin. No reaction.

JFA 08:44 AM Apr 17th: Personal note - hard for me to look at photos of blood stains, much like the crime scene videos.

JFA 08:45 AM Apr 17th: Using diagram and pointer, describing what's in the photos.

GT 08:45 AM Apr 17th: Courtroom not so packed today. Just family and friends of both victim and suspect it seems. Some media, GLBT advocates.

GT 08:46 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham says beer bottles had dried water marks on them, like they'd been washed off.

GT 08:47 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham said other bottles of alcohol also had been wiped down.

JFA 08:48 AM Apr 17th: Showing 4 items - four beer bottles - that were in the sink, and had dried water spots as if been washed off. No fingerprints.

JFA 08:49 AM Apr 17th: Gray blanket and 2 cigerette butts being described.

GT 08:49 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham shows package which holds a cigarette butt.

GT 08:51 AM Apr 17th: Court is slow moving, never as exciting as they show on TV.

JFA 08:51 AM Apr 17th: Personal comment -- more blood spots shown. Hard again to view for me.

GT 08:53 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Couldn't initially tell if injuries to her head was from knife or blunt object.

GT 08:54 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Processed apartment for fingerprints. Big explanation of what fingerprints are.

GT 08:54 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham explains how fingerprints are collected.

JFA 08:54 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing condition of Angie's head. He couldn't tell if it was damaged with a blunt inst or a knife due to amount of blood.

JFA 08:55 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing finding latent fingerprints.

GT 08:55 AM Apr 17th: buckingham, police processed two cell phones and table next to wall. Found prints on cell phones.

GT 08:56 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: also collected hairs from scene, clump between victim's head and bathroom door.

GT 08:56 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Attended autopsy July 18.

JFA 08:56 AM Apr 17th: Found latent fingerprints on two cellphones.

JFA 08:56 AM Apr 17th: Describing finding hair at crime scenes.

GT 08:57 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Job is to document autopsy.

GT 08:58 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham About to show photos of autopsy.

JFA 08:58 AM Apr 17th: On 7/18/08, Off. Buckingham attended autopsy. Describing his evidence documentation at autopsy.

GT 08:59 AM Apr 17th: Defense doesn't want photos shown to gallery. Big discussion at the bench.

GT 09:01 AM Apr 17th: PHotos will only appear for jury. No one else gets to see them.

JFA 09:01 AM Apr 17th: Discussing entry into evidence - attys/judge in sidebar mtg - of autopsy photos. Defense doesn't want these published on big screen.

JFA 09:02 AM Apr 17th: Ww in the gallery, it's been decided by court, won't be able to see People's 41-44 - only jury.

GT 09:02 AM Apr 17th: Defense yesterday objected to photos being shown because of emotional outbursts from family.

GT 09:03 AM Apr 17th: From the description, I don't think anyone would want to see them.

GT 09:04 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Doc ran alternate light source on body, to see if trace evidence was on body. Two fibers found in her hair.

JFA 09:04 AM Apr 17th: Photos 43 and 44 being described as interior skull and brain photos. I'm personally glad I didn't see those.

JFA 09:05 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing using alternate light over body -- found two different pieces of fiber in Angie's hair.

GT 09:05 AM Apr 17th: Don't know what those fibers were, though.

GT 09:06 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Went back to apt. after autopsy. Cut out the carpet her body was laying on to examine for evidence.

JFA 09:07 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describes how he and 2 other officers went back to crime scene and collected evidence after the autopsy.

GT 09:08 AM Apr 17th: Court breaking for morning. Back at 10:20 a.m.

GT 09:10 AM Apr 17th: Cuffs go back on Andrade, he smiles at his family, friends, before being led out.

JFA 09:10 AM Apr 17th: Getting ready to take morning break. Court reconviening at 10:20 AM MDT aftr brk.

GT 09:22 AM Apr 17th: Andrade led back in uncuffed and sits down.

GT 09:25 AM Apr 17th: Buckhingham says he took a photo Angie's forehead which was concave and hit been pushed in.

GT 09:26 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Contacted after midnight July 30, by supervisor, told me the pt cruiser had been located.

JFA 09:26 AM Apr 17th: Court back in session.

JFA 09:27 AM Apr 17th: RT: GreeleyTribuneTrial: Buckhingham says he took a photo Angie's forehead which was concave and hit been pushed in.

GT 09:27 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham processed car for evidence.

GT 09:29 AM Apr 17th: DA shows photos of car and where it was processed in Thornton.

JFA 09:29 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describes how he was notified PT Cruiser was found in Thorton, and he was called near midnight on eve car found.

JFA 09:30 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing documentation of evidence in/at PT Cruiser in Thorton.

JFA 09:31 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham: Keys found to vehicle abt 15 feet from PT Cruiser in dirt.

GT 09:31 AM Apr 17th: Photo of keys found on ground by car.

JFA 09:32 AM Apr 17th: Keys shown in photo and found at scene being introcuced into evidence.

GT 09:33 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham searched Thorton apt. Found box of personal belongings of Andrade there.

JFA 09:34 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing how he collected evidence from Allen Andrade personally to "create standards."

JFA 09:36 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham: Collected cheek cells on cotton swabs (b/c good source of potential DNA). Packaged together, became evidence.

GT 09:36 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham took cheek swabs from Andrade, as well as other DNA samples.

JFA 09:37 AM Apr 17th: Collected pulled pubic hairs -- we abt 1/4" long - indicated had been shaved pubic area at one time.

JFA 09:38 AM Apr 17th: Collected fingerprints for comparisson.

JFA 09:39 AM Apr 17th: DA showing cell phone and wallet to Off. Buckingham, entered into evidence.

GT 09:39 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Shows Andrade's blue cell phone and leather wallet.Receipt inside wallet, too.

JFA 09:41 AM Apr 17th: Personal note: Defendant Andrade and I share habit of keeing one hand by mouth in thoughtful appearing manner.

GT 09:42 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham said he went back to collect mattresses in Angie's apartment.

GT 09:42 AM Apr 17th: Sorry, doesn't seem to be much of a logical flow of information here.

GT 09:42 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham describes photos of PT cruiser.

JFA 09:42 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham describing evidence at PT cruiser. Processing vehicle on July 31st of 2008.

JFA 09:43 AM Apr 17th: Off. Buckingham went back to Angie's apt on 7/30/2008 to collect 2 mattresses from apartment.

GT 09:43 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham describes cigarettes in car and a credit card in car.

GT 09:44 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham also found a hand-written note in car.

JFA 09:44 AM Apr 17th: Cigerettes packages, butts, and cigerettes being mentioned w/ witness.

JFA 09:46 AM Apr 17th: Visa card and visa rcpts attemping to be entered into evidence,as well as another piece. Defense objection to one of the items.

GT 09:46 AM Apr 17th: One juror seems to be keeping his eye on Andrade.

JFA 09:47 AM Apr 17th: Judge reviewing pice of evidence in question, now atty and judge conferring at sidebar.

JFA 09:50 AM Apr 17th: Court sustains defense objection to item being entered into evidence.

GT 09:50 AM Apr 17th: Judge rules hand-written note can't be introduced.

JFA 09:51 AM Apr 17th: Visa debit card entered into evidence was in PT Cruiser.

GT 09:52 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham was called near Greeley Mall on Sept. 9 where fire extinguisher had been found.

JFA 09:53 AM Apr 17th: Fire extinguisher found Spet. 30 in median of Hwy 34 in Greeley, DA/Off. Buckingham indicating fire extinguisher important to case.

JFA 09:54 AM Apr 17th: Fire extinguisher found in median in the 200 block of Hwy 34.

JFA 09:55 AM Apr 17th: defense objecting to photos of the scene on Hwy 34 being entered into evidence.

GT 09:56 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: Fire extinguisher found in median of U.S. 34 in 2000 block. Defense objects to photos for relevance.

GT 09:57 AM Apr 17th: Another big discussion at bench.

GT 09:58 AM Apr 17th: Jury seems tired of the waiting.

GT 10:00 AM Apr 17th: They're back. Court will defer ruling on admission photos. DA picks up bag with a fire extingusher in it.

JFA 10:00 AM Apr 17th: Play the theme to Jeopardy

JFA 10:01 AM Apr 17th: Court delayed ruling on entry of crime scene photos of fire extinguisher.

GT 10:01 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham: this was the FE that was found in median.

GT 10:02 AM Apr 17th: Fire extinguisher is a smaller one, probably one that would fit beneath the kitchen cabinet.

GT 10:02 AM Apr 17th: DA: Fire extinguisher was exposed to the elements.

GT 10:03 AM Apr 17th: DA No further questions.

JFA 10:04 AM Apr 17th: Fire extinguisher entered into evidence.

JFA 10:05 AM Apr 17th: Defense Atty Annette Kudelius x-examination of Off. Buckingham begins.

GT 10:05 AM Apr 17th: Defense cross: Seems to infer crime scene was tainted before Buckingham arrived. "You don't know how things were prior."

GT 10:05 AM Apr 17th: Moving on to how Buckingham collected and placed things in evidence.

GT 10:07 AM Apr 17th: Defense: Blood spatter on entryway door. "Suspected" blood spatter, correct?

JFA 10:07 AM Apr 17th: Talking about Angie's (male named by defense) clothing collected by coroner. These included camisole, bra, and breast gels (forms).

GT 10:08 AM Apr 17th: Defense: Why is there tape above the door? B: There was suspected blood above the door.

GT 10:09 AM Apr 17th: Defense: Processing car. You didn't find any types of weapons, that correct? B: That's correct.

GT 10:09 AM Apr 17th: Defense: Clarify, processing around entry doors and fingerprints? B: There were NOT wipe marks.

JFA 10:09 AM Apr 17th: Comment - My guess would be that the silicone breast forms are going to be used to indicate "deception" - trans panic strategy tool.

JFA 10:10 AM Apr 17th: RT: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: Defense: Clarify, processing around entry doors and fingerprints? B: There were NOT wipe marks.

GT 10:11 AM Apr 17th: Buckingham to step down. Next witness.

GT 10:12 AM Apr 17th: Next witness is: Duff Knott.

GT 10:12 AM Apr 17th: DK is homicide detective for city of Greeley.

JFA 10:12 AM Apr 17th: RT: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Defense: Processing car. You didn't find any types of weapons, that correct? B: That's correct.

JFA 10:14 AM Apr 17th: Pros witness 10 dismissed. Witness number 11: Greeley Homicide Detective Duff Knott.

GT 10:14 AM Apr 17th: DK: Tried to see who lived in apartment first.

GT 10:15 AM Apr 17th: DK: The person who was on the lease was deceased inside.

JFA 10:15 AM Apr 17th: Pros questioning by Chief Deputy District Atty Robb Miller.

GT 10:16 AM Apr 17th: DK: Got info that victim had been to municipal court with a man. No video of that, however.

JFA 10:17 AM Apr 17th: RT: @GreeleyTribune Trial: DK: The person who was on the lease was deceased inside.

JFA 10:18 AM Apr 17th: Talking about Angie's apt.

GT 10:18 AM Apr 17th: DK: We were looking for DNA to ID suspect.

JFA 10:19 AM Apr 17th: Talking about witnesses detective talked to in regards to case.

GT 10:20 AM Apr 17th: Spent July 17-30 interviewing witnesses. We didn't have a suspect at time.

GT 10:20 AM Apr 17th: DK was out of town when Andrade was contacted in case.

GT 10:20 AM Apr 17th: Nothing further.

JFA 10:22 AM Apr 17th: Detective Knott started a case, but due to another homicide case and a planned vacation, he handed off case to another detective.

JFA 10:22 AM Apr 17th: Defense cross by Defense Atty Kundelius.

GT 10:23 AM Apr 17th: Cross exam: He's just explaining who he talked to and interviewed in the case.

GT 10:24 AM Apr 17th: Defense has nothing further. Time for more private time at the bench.

JFA 10:24 AM Apr 17th: Clarified which witnesses Det. Knott talked to (with some when's on talking to Monica Zapata), and evidentuary numbering.

GT 10:26 AM Apr 17th: Judge. We need to do some scheduling to see if another available witness, rather than ending of morning session..

GT 10:27 AM Apr 17th: Court is in recess to see if they can get another witness to replace the one that was scheduled but not here.

JFA 10:29 AM Apr 17th: Det Knott released from box, but still on supena.

JFA 10:30 AM Apr 17th: Queue Theme to Jeopardy while we wait for next witness.

GT 10:33 AM Apr 17th from web Trial: Next witness: Miranda Martinez.

GT 10:35 AM Apr 17th from web Trial: MM: I was Angie's sister in law. I'm in relationship with Angie's sister. Known Angie since 3rd grade.

JFA 10:35 AM Apr 17th: DA Witness #12 is Miranda Martinez. Questioning by DA Nieto.

JFA 10:36 AM Apr 17th: Miranda is related to Angie as sis-in-law. Miranda is in relationship w/ Angie's sister Stephanie Zapata.

GT 10:36 AM Apr 17th: MM: Angie dressed like a girl, wore make up and carried a purse. Was close. Talked with Angie every day.

GT 10:38 AM Apr 17th: MM: Angie came by house in Brighton to get money for gas to pick up friend in Thornton.

JFA 10:38 AM Apr 17th: Established she's known Angie b4 & after transition - she knew Angie as male when first met, but stated Angie transitioned btwn age 14 & 16.

GT 10:39 AM Apr 17th: MM: Don't think she saw Angie again after that. No further questions.

GT 10:39 AM Apr 17th: Defense Cross: Last seen Justin on July 14? No, I don't remember.

GT 10:40 AM Apr 17th: MM: Starts to cry under cross examination.

JFA 10:40 AM Apr 17th: Established that Angie borrowed gas money from Angie before trip to meet unnamed man in Thorton, CO.

JFA 10:41 AM Apr 17th: Defense cross by Defense Atty Kundelius.

GT 10:41 AM Apr 17th: Not much of a cross; not quite sure what defense is trying to evoke. DA redirects.

GT 10:42 AM Apr 17th: DA: Last time you spoke to Angie. July 14, that's a Monday. Told officer it was Tuesday. Do you remember? MM: Monday.

GT 10:43 AM Apr 17th: Cross: You never called officers and told them you were wrong did you? MM: No. She leaves in tears.

GT 10:44 AM Apr 17th: About time for lunch break. Next witness expected to take a long time.

JFA 10:44 AM Apr 17th: Asked clarifying questions of when she last saw Angie (defense refers by male name). Between cross, recross, and re-re cross...

GT 10:45 AM Apr 17th: Judge: We're going to break for lunch. Next witness will be an hour long. Want witnesses without breaks.

GT 10:46 AM Apr 17th: Back at 1:30 p.m.

JFA 10:46 AM Apr 17th: ...established that she last saw Angie on Monday, 7/14/2008, when Angie asked for gas money from her.

JFA 10:49 AM Apr 17th: Comment - Miranda broke down crying when she left the stand.

JFA 10:49 AM Apr 17th: Cont. comment - Could see that Angie really was someone mattered to her -- that she deeply cared abt angie.

JFA 10:50 AM Apr 17th: Broke for lunch. Court is going to resume at 1:30 PM MDT.

JFA 11:27 AM Apr 17th: rt: @justiceforangieArticle: Light A Candle For Angie

GT 12:23 PM Apr 17th: Court should return in a few minutes.

GT 12:28 PM Apr 17th: Prosecution returns to court, so things should start happening here .. But then again, court time, 10 more minutes at least.

JFA 12:33 PM Apr 17th: Back in court. Waiting for court to begin.

GT 12:34 PM Apr 17th: All here except jury. Andrade being walked in now.

JFA 12:35 PM Apr 17th: RT: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Morning overview story, photo.

GT 12:36 PM Apr 17th: 1:35 p.m., did I say 10 minutes, or what? Starting up.

GT 12:38 PM Apr 17th: Trial is ending at 4 p.m. today, so trying to plow through until then.

GT 12:38 PM Apr 17th: Prosecution calls Jill Mitchell.

JFA 12:39 PM Apr 17th: "Back on the record." We're going to break early this afternoon at 4PM.

JFA 12:40 PM Apr 17th: Jill Mitchell is witness #12 for Pros. DA Mitchell questioning.

GT 12:41 PM Apr 17th: Jill is testifying to bank records at Academy Bank for customer Monica Murguia (Angie's sister).

JFA 12:42 PM Apr 17th: People's 75 entered into record - bank transaction document from Acadamy Bank, for Monica Murguia.

JFA 12:43 PM Apr 17th: Monica Murguia is now going by the name Monica Zapata. Her relationship to Angie: Older sister.

GT 12:43 PM Apr 17th: Bank records will show the kinds of purchases against the card when Andrade was using it.

JFA 12:44 PM Apr 17th: Discussing how to read the bank statement.

GT 12:45 PM Apr 17th: Technical problem in court. Juror's computer screens aren't working. Will have to move big screen closer.

GT 12:46 PM Apr 17th: Where's Autumn and her jeopardy music?

JFA 12:46 PM Apr 17th: In the juror box, two of the juror's dispay screens are not working. In open court, there is a large screen for us to see...

JFA 12:47 PM Apr 17th: ...large screen for us to see in the gallery, but juror box has cscreens in front of the jurors for closer view.

JFA 12:47 PM Apr 17th: The court had the large screen moved closer to the jurors.

GT 12:48 PM Apr 17th: No more DA questions of witness. No cross examination.

GT 12:49 PM Apr 17th: DA calls Ashley Zapata.

JFA 12:49 PM Apr 17th: She has validated how the bank statement is to be read. No cross.

GT 12:51 PM Apr 17th: Ashley was here. Now she disappeared? Conference with the judge.

GT 12:51 PM Apr 17th: Ok, here she comes.

GT 12:52 PM Apr 17th: Ashley was Angie's sister.

JFA 12:54 PM Apr 17th: Pros witness number 13: Ashley Zapata. Ashley identified herself as Angie's older sister.

GT 12:55 PM Apr 17th: Ashley: Angie was one of five siblings. Sister? But biologically male, right? Yes. Justin.

GT 12:55 PM Apr 17th: AZ: Referred to as my sister. She did look like a woman. She acted like a woman, she dressed like a woman.

GT 12:57 PM Apr 17th: Jury seems engrossed. Many are leaning forward to hear Ashley.

JFA 12:58 PM Apr 17th: Angie lived as a woman, according to Ashley. Ashley understood her sister was born male, be said she knew the sibling born (male name) ...

JFA 12:59 PM Apr 17th: a woman, as her sister.

JFA 01:00 PM Apr 17th: With DA's questions, Ashley describing her actions on 7/17/2008.

GT 01:01 PM Apr 17th: I ran up the stairs, started knocking on the door. Nobody answered. Knocked on the window and nobody answered.

GT 01:02 PM Apr 17th: AZ: Searching for Angie. Took key and went to her house.

GT 01:03 PM Apr 17th: I found my sister under a blanket. I thought she was sleeping.

JFA 01:03 PM Apr 17th: A series of events lead her to go to Angie's apt, knock, and not get an answer. Ended up going to sister Monica's house.

JFA 01:04 PM Apr 17th: Monica and Ashley then went back to Angie's apt with key Ashley had.

JFA 01:05 PM Apr 17th: Tearfully, Ashley describing what she found in apartment.

JFA 01:06 PM Apr 17th: Both saw Angie under blanket. Ashley was holding her young child to not see Angie on floor.

GT 01:06 PM Apr 17th: AZ: Sister pulled blanket off and started screaming. I didn't think she was dead. Thought she needed help.

JFA 01:08 PM Apr 17th: Per Ashley, Monica pulled back blanket, and both saw pool of blood around Angie's head. Both began screaming.

JFA 01:08 PM Apr 17th: Neighbor called 911 after responding to screams.

GT 01:09 PM Apr 17th: AZ: Told police that Angie was going to pick up a guy in Westminster or Thornton.

GT 01:10 PM Apr 17th: Cross -exam of Ashley.

JFA 01:10 PM Apr 17th: Still be questioned by DA Nieto, she described days b4 they found body.

JFA 01:11 PM Apr 17th: Spoke about how Angie told her she was going to traffic court with a friend.

JFA 01:12 PM Apr 17th: Begin defense cross by Atty Brad Martin.

GT 01:12 PM Apr 17th: Brad Martin, Justin has always been biologically male. AZ: Yes.

GT 01:12 PM Apr 17th: BM: Just also talked like a girl, and lived life as Angie. AZ Yes.

JFA 01:13 PM Apr 17th: Defense referring to Angie by her male name, and "clarifying" male attributes and history.

JFA 01:13 PM Apr 17th: Defense referring to Angie by male pronouns.

GT 01:14 PM Apr 17th: BM: Justin told you he was going to court with a guy he used to kick it with in Greelely? AZ yes.

GT 01:15 PM Apr 17th: BM, you thought the person she was referring to was JJ Alejandro, a former roommate. AZ, yes.

GT 01:15 PM Apr 17th: Angie came to Ashley's house after that court appearance. Showed up to house alone.

JFA 01:15 PM Apr 17th: Going back to June, Defense Atty talks abt Angie previously rooming with J.J. Alejandro (sp?).

JFA 01:17 PM Apr 17th: Drew out that Ashley believe man Angie was going to court on the 14th of July with a guy, but the "guy" Ashley thot was going...

GT 01:17 PM Apr 17th: No more questions.

GT 01:18 PM Apr 17th: Next witness: Maria Zapata, Angie's mother.

JFA 01:20 PM Apr 17th: court with was J.J.

JFA 01:21 PM Apr 17th: Witnessed released, but supena (sp?) still in effect.

JFA 01:22 PM Apr 17th: 14h Pros witness - Maria Zapata, Angie's mother.

GT 01:22 PM Apr 17th: MZ: She carried herself as a woman, she was beautiful, she was beautiful.

GT 01:23 PM Apr 17th: Mother said Angie dressed better than her.

JFA 01:23 PM Apr 17th: Introduced relationship of mother and daughter.

JFA 01:24 PM Apr 17th: DA Nieto questioning Maria Zapata. Establishing that Angie borrowed car to pick up a friend & go to traffic court.

GT 01:25 PM Apr 17th: Angie was supposed to move back home with her mother.

GT 01:26 PM Apr 17th: DA has no more questions.

JFA 01:26 PM Apr 17th: Talking abt how daughter Angie returned car - she didn't see the friend.

JFA 01:27 PM Apr 17th: She talked to Angie at sister Monica's house about how Angie was going to move back in with her, her Mom.

GT 01:27 PM Apr 17th: Brad Martin cross: Would it be true for me to say you weren't familiar with Justin's day to day activities. MZ: No.

GT 01:28 PM Apr 17th: BM: Do you remember telling police Justin wouldn't tell her things because he knew it would upset you?

GT 01:29 PM Apr 17th: People call Stephanie Villalobos.

JFA 01:30 PM Apr 17th: Defense cross by defense atty Martin. Again, male pronoun and her male name.

GT 01:31 PM Apr 17th: SV: Angie is my younger sister.

GT 01:32 PM Apr 17th: SV: Since Angie could talk, she acted like a little girl.

JFA 01:32 PM Apr 17th: Witnessed released, but supena (sp?) still in effect.

JFA 01:33 PM Apr 17th: 15th Pros Witness: Stephanie Zapata. Established that Stephanie is Angie's older sister - Angie 4th of 5, Stephanie 2nd of five..

GT 01:33 PM Apr 17th: SV: I always wanted her to play with cars, but she wouldn't.

GT 01:35 PM Apr 17th: SV says Angie was afraid of going to court alone cause she was afraid she would go to jail.

JFA 01:35 PM Apr 17th: DA Miller questioning - establishing how long Angie lived as Angie (since age 16 or 17), and how she "always" had acted as a girl.

JFA 01:36 PM Apr 17th: Stephanie gave Angie money for gas and traffic court date. Gave money on the 13th.

GT 01:36 PM Apr 17th: Angie had municipal court appearance on July 15. Brought her friend; prosecution says it was Andrade.

JFA 01:37 PM Apr 17th: On 14th, Angie and Stephaie communicated via text on July 14th.

JFA 01:39 PM Apr 17th: Text on 7/15 about traffic court date - Angie told Stephanie she was in court ... then later how Angie texted that she had "good" TC date.

GT 01:39 PM Apr 17th: Defense Cross exam of Stephanie Villalobos.

JFA 01:40 PM Apr 17th: Stephanie rc'd last email -- a fwd of a funny emessage -- on the morning on the 16th. Later said she gave that msg.

JFA 01:41 PM Apr 17th: Gave that msg to Off. Barber.

JFA 01:41 PM Apr 17th: Defense cross begun by Defense atty Kundelius.

GT 01:41 PM Apr 17th: Defnese keeps calling her Justine. Sister corrects and says 'my sister.'

GT 01:41 PM Apr 17th: Justin, I mean.

GT 01:42 PM Apr 17th: Again, Stephanie corrects defense on calling Angie Justin. "My sister."

JFA 01:43 PM Apr 17th: Stephanie is correcting defense atty abt refering to Angie by male name. Correcting by saying 'My Sister"

GT 01:44 PM Apr 17th: Defense continues to refer to Angie as Justin.

GT 01:44 PM Apr 17th: Defense has no further questions.

JFA 01:45 PM Apr 17th: Comment -- To me, Stephanie appears very protective of Angie's memory as her sister, and not her brother.

JFA 01:46 PM Apr 17th: Witness released, but supena (sp?) still in effect.

GT 01:47 PM Apr 17th: People call Felecia Lune, Angie's best friend of 12 years.

JFA 01:49 PM Apr 17th: 16th Pros Witness: Felecia Lune, Angie's best friend of 12 years.

JFA 01:50 PM Apr 17th: Establishing how close they were. Angie came out to her as female at abt age 12.

GT 01:51 PM Apr 17th: Saw Angie that week. Angie told her she loved her.

JFA 01:52 PM Apr 17th: Establishing that they weren't as close since Angie moved to Greeley, but two weeks before killed Felecia styd the night in her apt.

GT 01:53 PM Apr 17th: FL: Identifies Angie's purse.

GT 01:54 PM Apr 17th: No more prosecution questions. Cross exam.

JFA 01:54 PM Apr 17th: Established how talked tuesday b4 death.

JFA 01:55 PM Apr 17th: Felecia establishing that 2 purses were Angies. Peoples 82 & 83.

JFA 01:56 PM Apr 17th: Defense cross begins by defense atty Kundelius.

JFA 01:56 PM Apr 17th: Again, male pronouns, male name.

JFA 01:57 PM Apr 17th: Established that at one point Angie was planning on moving in with a guy referred to as "Luney."

GT 01:57 PM Apr 17th: She's excused from stand.

GT 01:58 PM Apr 17th: People call Maricella Meza, Angie's friend.

JFA 01:59 PM Apr 17th: 17th Pros Witness: _____ Meza,

JFA 02:01 PM Apr 17th: Ms. Meza first name Maricella.

GT 02:01 PM Apr 17th: Maricella: last saw Angie the night before she was killed.

GT 02:02 PM Apr 17th: Maricella keeps looking at Andrade. Glaring, more like it, from the stand.

JFA 02:02 PM Apr 17th: Establishing Maricella was a close friend. Established that she outed herself as "biologically male" close to when 1st mtg.

GT 02:03 PM Apr 17th: Maricella says she saw Angie the night before she was murdered. Had supper together.

GT 02:04 PM Apr 17th: Maricella said she needed to make sure the guy needed anything cause she had no food.

GT 02:05 PM Apr 17th: Maricella: Thought it was awkward, cause she didn't tell me who the guy was.

GT 02:05 PM Apr 17th: Maricella wanted Angie to stay at her house that night, and to call the guy at her house.

JFA 02:05 PM Apr 17th: Establishing that Angie said she had a older guy staying at her apt. Maricella talked to her on evening of 16th.

GT 02:06 PM Apr 17th: Cross exam: Justin ate dinner at your house? Yes.

JFA 02:07 PM Apr 17th: Establishing that talked to Angie between 8 and 8:30 PM. Established that Angie and Maricella ate dinner between 6PM and 8PM.

GT 02:08 PM Apr 17th: She, too corrects, defense that Angie was a she.

JFA 02:09 PM Apr 17th: Defense cross begun between. Defense atty Kundelius. Again, male pronouns, male name. Maricella corrected at least one on "she".

JFA 02:10 PM Apr 17th: Redirect - Phone Angie had was passworded, and Maricella had had the password for abt 1.5 months.

GT 02:10 PM Apr 17th: Maricella is excused.

GT 02:10 PM Apr 17th: Maricella leaves, glaring at Andrade. He looks the other way.

GT 02:11 PM Apr 17th: People call Monica Murguia, Angie's sister.

JFA 02:11 PM Apr 17th: She's excused from stand.

GT 02:12 PM Apr 17th: Monica is oldest sibling of the Zapata clan.

GT 02:13 PM Apr 17th: Angie moved out of Monica's house three months prior to death.

JFA 02:13 PM Apr 17th: 17th Pros Witness: Monica Murguia, also known by last name of Zapata.

JFA 02:14 PM Apr 17th: Established that Angie lived with her in Gilcrest until Angie moved to Greeley 3-months b4 her murder.

GT 02:15 PM Apr 17th: Angie babysat for Monica 5 days a week. Always borrowed her car.

GT 02:16 PM Apr 17th: Angie borrowed Monica's car.

JFA 02:17 PM Apr 17th: DA Miller questioning Monica. Establishing that Monica was management at a Walmart, and Angie babysat Monica's neices and nephews.

GT 02:18 PM Apr 17th: Angie was supposed to babysit the day of her death.

GT 02:18 PM Apr 17th: Angie also had her sister's car.

JFA 02:19 PM Apr 17th: Recounting how on 17th how Angie hadn't come to babysit, so went calling around to Monica's sisters and Angie's friends.

GT 02:20 PM Apr 17th: Monica: I had this gut feeling.

GT 02:21 PM Apr 17th: Monica had Angie's house key. Let's go, she told her sister Ashley. I know she's at her house.

JFA 02:21 PM Apr 17th: Monica, after getting off phone with Ashley (recall Ashley on knocking on door w/ no answer), got "gutty" feeling...

JFA 02:23 PM Apr 17th: ...remembered she had key to Angie's apt, so when Ashley arrived at Angie's apt building, went around back to check for grn PT Cruiser.

JFA 02:24 PM Apr 17th: Pt Cruiser not in front or back of apt. Entered apt, thought Angie was sleeping.

GT 02:24 PM Apr 17th: I went inside Angie's apartment. Saw a spot on blanket. Spot of blood by her head. Blanket stuck to her face..

GT 02:25 PM Apr 17th: Sister breaks down in tears on stand. Andrade watches.

JFA 02:26 PM Apr 17th: Went to check Angie, and blanket covering body and face had blood stain on face.

JFA 02:26 PM Apr 17th: Tried to pull blanket from face -- initially stuck to face.

JFA 02:27 PM Apr 17th: Face swollen, looked bashed in.

JFA 02:27 PM Apr 17th: Angie "hard" (riger).

JFA 02:27 PM Apr 17th: Screamed. Called 911.

GT 02:27 PM Apr 17th: Monica describes neighbor preventing her from getting her sister. Said police wouldn't listen to her.

GT 02:28 PM Apr 17th: Monica says she kept telling police the person who killed her sister had her car. "They wouldn't listen."

JFA 02:28 PM Apr 17th: Police "wouldn't listen". She went and banged on neighbor door, and had neighbor talk to police.

JFA 02:29 PM Apr 17th: EMTs came, police came.

GT 02:29 PM Apr 17th: Monica IDs the car.

JFA 02:30 PM Apr 17th: She talked to police and said that whoever killed her had her greenish-brown 2003 PT Cruiser.

JFA 02:31 PM Apr 17th: said again "Police wouldn't listen" - Per Monica, didn't have them begin looking for PT Cruiser until 18th.

JFA 02:33 PM Apr 17th: Established that Angie usually drove the PT Cruiser to her apartment after baby sitting.

JFA 02:35 PM Apr 17th: Angie talked to Monica on the 14th to borrow car on 15th for that traffic court appearance. Not able to loan it.

GT 02:35 PM Apr 17th: Courtroom is silent as they listen to Angie's sister.

GT 02:35 PM Apr 17th: Monica gave her credit card to Angie to put gas in the car.

JFA 02:36 PM Apr 17th: Angie told Monica that she needed car for picking up friend from Thorton to go to court with Angie.

JFA 02:38 PM Apr 17th: Monica did loan Angie the car on the 16th, and she gave Angie her Debit card - left debit card in well by emergency brake.

GT 02:38 PM Apr 17th: Monica was keeping an eye on her credit card for any suspicious activity. It was in car when car was taken.

JFA 02:40 PM Apr 17th: Angie had pin number - she often made purchaces on behalf of Monica.

JFA 02:42 PM Apr 17th: The bank statement peviously entered into evidence shown to Monica -- she indicated which purchases weren't made by her.

GT 02:42 PM Apr 17th: Monica ID's Angie's purses.

JFA 02:43 PM Apr 17th: Verified keys and other items found by officer near PT Cruiser in Thorton were her car keys, and that there was an extra key on the ring...

GT 02:44 PM Apr 17th: Monica says she tried to always keep track of Angie."I think that's why she moved out."

JFA 02:44 PM Apr 17th: ...on the key ring that wasn't her's.

JFA 02:44 PM Apr 17th: Verified purses entered into evidence were Angie's.

GT 02:46 PM Apr 17th: Monica said Angie always crossed her legs when she slept. That's why the she thought Angie was sleeping.

JFA 02:46 PM Apr 17th: Monica related how she was always telling her sister to be "safe". Thinks because Monica was always tracking her, she moved out.

GT 02:47 PM Apr 17th: Monica said there wasn't a day that Angie didn't meet someone new.

JFA 02:49 PM Apr 17th: Monica relating how Angie used many ways to meet people. Angie used Mocospace as one means to meet people.

GT 02:50 PM Apr 17th: time for cross exam. Court is ending in 10 minutes.

JFA 02:51 PM Apr 17th: Cross begins. Defense Atty Kundelius questioning.

JFA 02:52 PM Apr 17th: Again, male pronouns, male name by defense attys.

GT 02:52 PM Apr 17th: Defense: You told police you never knew where Justin went cause he never told you?

GT 02:52 PM Apr 17th: Monica also corrects her, Angie.

GT 02:54 PM Apr 17th: Monica said you could tell Angie was a male.

JFA 02:54 PM Apr 17th: Defense atty established mother often called Angie by male name. Same with Monica's brother.

GT 02:55 PM Apr 17th: Defense: Justin was your prettiest sister, right? Monica: Yes.

JFA 02:56 PM Apr 17th: Comment - appears defense atty is trying to highlight how straight men would be attracted to him b/c she was "prettiest sister."

JFA 02:57 PM Apr 17th: Establishing that Monica was always warning Angie to out herself.

GT 02:57 PM Apr 17th: Monica warned Angie to keep a knife to stay safe. Guys were always after her.

GT 02:58 PM Apr 17th: Monica: Angie did tell everybody who she was.

JFA 02:58 PM Apr 17th: Monica states Angie always outed herself.

GT 03:00 PM Apr 17th: Monica thought the guy Angie was picking up would be a roommate. Assumed it was an old roommate.

GT 03:01 PM Apr 17th: Defense is done questioning her.

GT 03:01 PM Apr 17th: DA talking about asking her more questions.

JFA 03:01 PM Apr 17th: Defense atty always using male pronouns and male name; Monica only using female pronouns and "Angie."

JFA 03:01 PM Apr 17th: DA redirect by DA Robb Miller begins.

GT 03:03 PM Apr 17th from web Trial: Monica. My sister could tell me everything.

GT 03:04 PM Apr 17th from web Trial: People would figure out (that she was male) because she would tell them.

GT 03:05 PM Apr 17th from web Trial: Monica said last comment.

GT 03:05 PM Apr 17th from web Trial: Monica said Angie would often bring by her boyfriends.

JFA 03:06 PM Apr 17th: Monica explaining how Angie would be careful. Monica stated Angie would out herself in front of herself in front of males.

GT 03:06 PM Apr 17th: DA: Did most people know Angie also was Justin? Monica: yes.

GT 03:06 PM Apr 17th: Monica says mom would call her Angie around family.

GT 03:07 PM Apr 17th: That's it for today. Back on Monday. Court resumes at 8:30 a.m.

JFA 03:07 PM Apr 17th: In other words, Monica saw Angie frequently out herself as trans to men she met.

JFA 03:08 PM Apr 17th: No recross.

JFA 03:09 PM Apr 17th: Witness released.

JFA 03:10 PM Apr 17th: Case closed for day. Tweeting from courthouse will begin again at 8:30AM MDT on Monday morning.

JFA 03:12 PM Apr 17th:I will be posting commentary on the trial at Pam's House Blend tonight and this weekend.

GT 03:15 PM Apr 17th: New live blog photos from the transgender murder trial.

GT 06:13 PM Apr 17th: Live court blog: Transgender murder trial: Court reporter Sharon Dunn blogs live from the..

GT 06:13 PM Apr 17th:Full coverage: Transgender murder trial.

GT 06:13 PM Apr 17th: Prosecutors display crime scene photos: Gruesome photos of Angie Zapata's beaten body..

GT 06:43 PM Apr 17th: Prosecutors display crime scene photos: Gruesome photos of Angie Zapata's beaten body..

Weekend Details: April 18, 2009

GT 12:13 AM Apr 18th: Angie Zapata's friends, family take the stand: The first few times, it almost seemed like..

GT 12:39 AM Apr 18th: Angie Zapata's friends, family take the stand: The first few times, it almost seemed like..

JFA 09:09 AM Apr 18th: Rt: @GreeleyTribune - New live blog photos from the transgender murder trial.

JFA 07:04 PM Apr 18th: Pam's House Blend Commentary: What Does "Justice For Angie" Mean?

Trial Details: April 20, 2009

GT 07:26 AM Apr 20th: Allen Andrade's murder trial is about to resume this morning. Andrade is not yet here.

GT 07:33 AM Apr 20th: Judge opens court. Jury's not in yet.

GT 07:34 AM Apr 20th: Judge: Court this morning received letter from a juror expressing some concern. They're going to talk in private.

GT 07:35 AM Apr 20th: Defense trying to argue that phone calls between Andrade and his girlfriend while he was in jail are inappropriate.

JFA 07:35 AM Apr 20th: We're online.

JFA 07:36 AM Apr 20th: RT: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: Judge: Court this morning received letter from a juror expressing some concern. They're going to talk in private.

JFA 07:37 AM Apr 20th: Now discussing whether some jailhouse phone call audio will be entered into evidence.

GT 07:38 AM Apr 20th: DA Miller argues that phone calls are relevant. Judge agrees. Calls dealt with mention of death penalty.

GT 07:39 AM Apr 20th: Everyone is going in chambers to see if juror needs to be excused. She said she left something off the jury questionairre.

JFA 07:39 AM Apr 20th: Court rules jailhouse phone audio will be admitted - probative value outways other concerns.

JFA 07:40 AM Apr 20th: Now talking to juror in chambers about questionaire issues.

JFA 07:41 AM Apr 20th: Cue theme to Jeopardy while we wait.

GT 07:53 AM Apr 20th: Everyone is coming back.

GT 07:57 AM Apr 20th: Jury is back. They always seem to dress better as trial goes on. Apparently juror is not asked to leave the jury.

GT 07:58 AM Apr 20th: Next witness: Dr. James Wilkerson. Forensic pathologist. Performed the autopsy.

JFA 08:01 AM Apr 20th: Rt: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: Next witness: Dr. James Wilkerson. Forensic pathologist. Performed the autopsy. (Pros. Witness No.19)

JFA 08:02 AM Apr 20th: Stated qualifications. Performed over 2400 autopsies. No(w) ruled expert witness.

JFA 08:02 AM Apr 20th: Correction: ruled expert witness.

GT 08:03 AM Apr 20th: They're going to show autopsy photos, but preventing the gallery from seeing them.

JFA 08:04 AM Apr 20th: Deputy DA Nieto is Pros. Questioning.

JFA 08:05 AM Apr 20th: Discussing Autopsy photos - last 2 photos are photos of skulls. We in gallery can't see the photos.

GT 08:05 AM Apr 20th: Wilkerson describes autopsy photos. Hard to tell what reaction the jury is having.

GT 08:06 AM Apr 20th: Diagram on screen depicts the blunt force injuries. Notes are written all over the facial diagram.

JFA 08:06 AM Apr 20th: Admitting people's 62 - autopsy diagram.

JFA 08:06 AM Apr 20th: Diagram "published" on big TV screen.

JFA 08:07 AM Apr 20th: Discussing the blunt force injuries on Angie's skull.

GT 08:08 AM Apr 20th: Wilkerson describes bruises and scrapes and cuts. Both eyes were marred.

JFA 08:08 AM Apr 20th: Abbrassion on front of forehead, rt side.

JFA 08:08 AM Apr 20th: Damage to eye area - blunt force and cuts.

JFA 08:09 AM Apr 20th: Damage to right eye itself. All visible on people's 41.

JFA 08:09 AM Apr 20th: Which we can's see.

JFA 08:10 AM Apr 20th: Blunt force to nose and behind right ear.

JFA 08:10 AM Apr 20th: Most damage to upper 1/2 of face.

GT 08:10 AM Apr 20th: Wilkerson: Large contusion behind ear. Most injuries were in facial area.

GT 08:11 AM Apr 20th: Wilkerson: Most important picture shows multiple skull fractures.

JFA 08:11 AM Apr 20th: People's 42 (which we can' see) shows bruising to the top of the head.

JFA 08:11 AM Apr 20th: When opened up skull, showed fracture.

JFA 08:12 AM Apr 20th: Pathologist say most important photo was people's 43, showing multiple skull fractures and bruising to the brain.

JFA 08:13 AM Apr 20th: He took swabs. I'm sure DNA expert will tell us what was done on swabs.

GT 08:13 AM Apr 20th: Wilkerson agreed that a fire extinguisher could cause those injuries.

GT 08:15 AM Apr 20th: Wilkerson also describes big bruise on left side of neck.

JFA 08:15 AM Apr 20th: States there were mulitple blows - that's what killed her, ruled as homicide, could be done by a fire extingisuser (sp?)

GT 08:16 AM Apr 20th: Kundelius cross: Cause of death was multiple blows to head? You can only say that Justin had been hit more than once, right?

GT 08:16 AM Apr 20th: Kundelius: Any blunt object could have caused this right? Wilkerson, yes.

GT 08:17 AM Apr 20th: Annette Kundelius: So you can't say a fire extinguisher specifically caused this, right? Wilkerson agrees.

JFA 08:17 AM Apr 20th: Explaining differences between cause of death (medical reason of death) and kind of death (homicide, natural causes, etc.)

JFA 08:18 AM Apr 20th: Again, defense - male name, male pronouns during cross. (X-examination begins).

JFA 08:19 AM Apr 20th: Defense pointing out that (male name) Zapata was biologically male, and male name was on report despite preferred Alias of Angie.

GT 08:19 AM Apr 20th: Kundelius has Wilkerson confirm that Zapata was biologically male.

JFA 08:21 AM Apr 20th: Defense again metions breast gels (silicone breast forms).

JFA 08:21 AM Apr 20th: Comment - this is going to be used later to say Angie was deceptive.

JFA 08:22 AM Apr 20th: (defense atty Kundelius did cross)

GT 08:22 AM Apr 20th: Next witness: Jerry Kimmel, maintenance supervisor for Zapata's apartment building.

GT 08:23 AM Apr 20th: Kimmel identifies photo showing a fire extinguisher holder in Zapata's apartment.

JFA 08:23 AM Apr 20th: 20th Pros witness - Jerry Kimmel. Apt manager talking about each apartment having estinguisher.

JFA 08:24 AM Apr 20th: Pros atty Nieto doing questioning.

JFA 08:24 AM Apr 20th: Said fire extinguisher was in each apt, and one in Angie's apartment was missing.

GT 08:24 AM Apr 20th: Kimmel identifies sample fire extinguisher that he puts in all apartments.

JFA 08:25 AM Apr 20th: Entered a fire extinguisher in to evidence, along with box and bracket.

JFA 08:26 AM Apr 20th: Comment -- jury is VERY engaged.

GT 08:26 AM Apr 20th: DA Brandi Nieto pulls out fire extinguisher found in median near Greeley Mall in September.

GT 08:27 AM Apr 20th: Defense objects to admitting fire extinguisher, they all go into chambers to discuss it.. Jury stays here.

JFA 08:28 AM Apr 20th: Over admission of what appears to be the fire extinguisher Pros said is alledging was the blunt force instrument,...

JFA 08:29 AM Apr 20th: ...defense objects. Attys & judge meeting in chambers.

JFA 08:29 AM Apr 20th: Cue theme to Jeopardy.

GT 08:31 AM Apr 20th: Jury members chat amongst themselves. Another checks out the people in gallery. Others just read.

GT 08:38 AM Apr 20th: Long discussion. They're back.

GT 08:39 AM Apr 20th: Judge overrules objection.

GT 08:40 AM Apr 20th: DA Nieto shows pictures of where fire extinguisher was found.

GT 08:41 AM Apr 20th: Jury members pass around both sample extinguisher and one found in median.

JFA 08:41 AM Apr 20th: Defense objection overruled - exhibit comes in, and are "published" to jury. Item getting passed around the jury/jury box.

JFA 08:42 AM Apr 20th: They are looking at fire extinguisher that Pros is going to say is the murder weapon, along with a "new" fire extinguisher of the ...

GT 08:42 AM Apr 20th: Andrade just looks at table. He's wearing a gray button-up shirt and a tie.

JFA 08:44 AM Apr 20th: ...same type, that the apt manager stated was the type used in the apts. Same brand, apparently -- pros will likely be arguing this.

JFA 08:45 AM Apr 20th: Apt magr reporting that keep same brand of fire extinguisher in stock.

JFA 08:46 AM Apr 20th: Mentioned that some fire extinguishers come "out of date" - not charged, or neededto be checked.

JFA 08:47 AM Apr 20th: Defense atty Kunelius beginning cross.

GT 08:48 AM Apr 20th: Defense cross: You don't go into an apartment daily to make sure there is a fire extinguisher, correct? Kimmel said no.

JFA 08:48 AM Apr 20th: Spell correction: Kundelius

JFA 08:49 AM Apr 20th: Reviewing the new, "example" fire extinguisher (people's 84)

GT 08:50 AM Apr 20th: Kundelius has Kimmel compare weights of the extinguishers, noting they're not exactly the same. Have different weights.

GT 08:51 AM Apr 20th: Next witness: Scott Barber, Greeley police.

JFA 08:51 AM Apr 20th: Noting that "weapon" fire extinguisher isn't exactly like the sample fire exinguisher in box - diff fill weights.

JFA 08:52 AM Apr 20th: Next witness - Pros witness 21 - Det. Scott Barber of Greeley PD.

JFA 08:52 AM Apr 20th: Talking about witnesses Det. talked to.

JFA 08:53 AM Apr 20th: Mentioning that Stephanie Zapata had cell phone message from Angie Zapata on July 16th.

GT 08:53 AM Apr 20th: Barber discusses last text message from Angie, but doesn't say what it was

GT 08:54 AM Apr 20th: Last text was from Angie to sister at 9:40 p.m. July 16, night before she died.

JFA 08:55 AM Apr 20th: Defense cross, defense atty Kundelious.

JFA 08:56 AM Apr 20th: Obj. about Maria Zapata being mentioneds by det.

JFA 08:57 AM Apr 20th: Letting him testify.

JFA 08:58 AM Apr 20th: Maden Guaten is now 22nd Pros witness.

JFA 08:58 AM Apr 20th: DA Miller questioning.

GT 08:58 AM Apr 20th: Next witness: Madan Gautan, clerk at liquor store.

GT 08:59 AM Apr 20th: Gautan knew Angie, regular customer.

JFA 08:59 AM Apr 20th: Works at liquer store, where Angie frequently visited. Says he knew her car. Also, says he ran surveilence.

JFA 09:01 AM Apr 20th: Pros seek to enter surveilence camera video . No objection. 3 minutes long -- going to view.

GT 09:01 AM Apr 20th: DA runs surveillance video from liquor store. Lights to go down. No audio.

GT 09:02 AM Apr 20th: Video has four different views. Hard to see anything.

JFA 09:02 AM Apr 20th: Store is Harrhy's Discount Liquer store.

JFA 09:03 AM Apr 20th: Video apparently showing Allen Ray Andrade coming into store from Angie's car.

GT 09:03 AM Apr 20th: Now just one angle of front door.

JFA 09:04 AM Apr 20th: Shows he entered second time.

JFA 09:05 AM Apr 20th: Shows vehicle leaving - passenger visible on the front seat, right side.

GT 09:05 AM Apr 20th: Video shows customer that looked like Andrade come in, then leave in what at looked like a PT cruiser.

GT 09:06 AM Apr 20th: Gauten said Angie would come in to buy cigarettes

JFA 09:06 AM Apr 20th: Pros clarrifying that only two people came to store w/ green pt cruiser.

JFA 09:07 AM Apr 20th: Clarrifying Angie sometimes bought cigerettes, but others she brought to store bought liquour.

JFA 09:08 AM Apr 20th: No cross

GT 09:08 AM Apr 20th: Next witness Trevor Anderson, Greeley police detective

GT 09:09 AM Apr 20th: Anderson is computer crime investigator. Also analyzes cell phones.

JFA 09:09 AM Apr 20th: 23rd Pros Witness. Det. Trevor Anderson, computer and electronics specialist. Stating how he collect evidence from computers & cells

JFA 09:11 AM Apr 20th: Been qualified as an expert as computer florensics & electronic data recovery. Court certifies him as an expert.

JFA 09:11 AM Apr 20th: Det. was one who took crime scene videos, and he set measuring tape.

GT 09:12 AM Apr 20th: Anderson testifies to two cell phones found in Zapata's apartment.

GT 09:13 AM Apr 20th: One cell phone was too old. Re-charged second phone. Screen damaged.

JFA 09:13 AM Apr 20th: two cell phones discovered at crime scene in backpack. Both cells not charged at all.

JFA 09:14 AM Apr 20th: Established that these phones appeared to be no longer used -- one broken screen, one not used since 04/02/08.

GT 09:15 AM Apr 20th: On July 29-30 visited several convenience stores to pull video systems to possibly ID defendant.

JFA 09:16 AM Apr 20th: Establishing that he collected data from various stores, including Western Convenience. Includes video and register tape.

JFA 09:18 AM Apr 20th: Transaction on register tape had transaction from 4/19/08 at 7:19 PM - matched transaction he was looking for.

GT 09:18 AM Apr 20th: Anderson discusses transaction from Angie's sister's debit card from store in Lakewood on July 27.

GT 09:19 AM Apr 20th: Now jury is looking at the register tape from that transaction.

JFA 09:19 AM Apr 20th: Transaction was a preapproval for a $100 transaction.

JFA 09:19 AM Apr 20th: Register tape booked into evidence.

JFA 09:20 AM Apr 20th: (I need a break! Eep!)

JFA 09:21 AM Apr 20th: Cue theme to Jeopardy.

JFA 09:23 AM Apr 20th: Not sure what delay is for.

JFA 09:24 AM Apr 20th: Noting: Abt 25 or 30 people in gallery.

GT 09:24 AM Apr 20th: Now, DA asks Anderson to discuss examination of Andrade's cell phone.

JFA 09:25 AM Apr 20th: Was given phone identified of Angie's. Could only save photos and contact list.

JFA 09:26 AM Apr 20th: Had to photograph the text messges on computer screens.

GT 09:26 AM Apr 20th: Anderson discusses captured photos from phone, and Web site called MocoSpace, which was in cell phone's memory.

GT 09:27 AM Apr 20th: Anderson IDs five photos taken from cell phone. Defense objects to two of them.

JFA 09:27 AM Apr 20th: Identified that cell phone was used to visit a social networking site entitled Mocospace.

GT 09:28 AM Apr 20th: Bench discussion.

JFA 09:29 AM Apr 20th: Pros want to enter 5 external photoshots of screen visits to Mocospace found in Angie's cell cache. Defense obj's to 2.

JFA 09:32 AM Apr 20th: Cue theme to Jeopardy:

GT 09:34 AM Apr 20th: That took a while. Back now.

GT 09:35 AM Apr 20th: Judge: court overrules objection. All photos will be allowed.

GT 09:35 AM Apr 20th: So what are the photos of? We may get there.

JFA 09:35 AM Apr 20th: Obj. overuled.

JFA 09:36 AM Apr 20th: Photos are then put on a CD, and different file name for each photo.

GT 09:36 AM Apr 20th: Photo one of Andrade.

GT 09:37 AM Apr 20th: Photo 2-5 Photos of Andrade, a woman and the last is of a Budweiser beer can. Not sure if woman was Angie or not.

JFA 09:37 AM Apr 20th: Shown people's photos 51, 52, 53, &54.

JFA 09:39 AM Apr 20th: Correction - 50 - 54.

GT 09:39 AM Apr 20th: Photo of Andrade was taken June 25, 2008.

GT 09:39 AM Apr 20th: Photo Andrade taking a picture of self in bathroom. in July.

GT 09:40 AM Apr 20th: July 16 at 9 a.m., Andrade with woman in bathroom, posing before a mirror.

GT 09:40 AM Apr 20th: Photo of beer can was taken July 3.

JFA 09:40 AM Apr 20th: rt: GreeleyTribuneTrial: Photo Andrade taking a picture of self in bathroom. in July.

JFA 09:41 AM Apr 20th: All photos from July, some as late as July 27th. That photo is of a female, not Angie, with Andrade.

GT 09:41 AM Apr 20th: Not sure where they're going with these photos. Don't think they're of Angie. Girl in photo was heavier-set.

GT 09:42 AM Apr 20th: Ah... they're identifying cell phone in photo as one taken from crime scene perhaps?

JFA 09:42 AM Apr 20th: Cross by defense atty by Kundelius.

JFA 09:45 AM Apr 20th: Photo 52 was of Andrade taking a pic of himself with a phone that was the sme make and model as one id'ed as Angie's phone. Kundelius

GT 09:44 AM Apr 20th: Oops. Apparently the phone appeared to be Angies? Bit of confusion, sorry.

JFA 09:45 AM Apr 20th: Photo 52 was of Andrade taking a pic of himself with a phone that was the sme make and model as one id'ed as Angie's phone.

JFA 09:46 AM Apr 20th: cross done.

GT 09:46 AM Apr 20th: Ok, morning break. Judge delivers the umpteenth warning not to read, discuss or research case. BAck at 11 a.m.

JFA 09:47 AM Apr 20th: Morning break until 11:00 AM MDT.

JFA 09:47 AM Apr 20th: Cue theme to Jeopardy:

GT 10:02 AM Apr 20th: OK. We cleared it up. That cell phone with the photos was Andrade's phone, which he gave up when he was arrested.

GT 10:03 AM Apr 20th: Next witness: Shannon Tollefson, court clerk at Greeley Municipal Court.

JFA 10:03 AM Apr 20th: We are discussing cell phones. We are really confused as a reporter pool which phone photos 50-54. Determined w/ Crt Community ...

JFA 10:04 AM Apr 20th: Communications director that photos were from Andrade's phone.

GT 10:04 AM Apr 20th: Recall's Justin Zapata appearing in court. She went by Angie. Court records have her as Justin.

GT 10:05 AM Apr 20th: Tollefson said Angie came to court with a man. He was in court with her.

JFA 10:06 AM Apr 20th: rt: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: Next witness: Shannon Tollefson, court clerk at Greeley Municipal Court.

JFA 10:07 AM Apr 20th: This is 23rd Pros witness.

GT 10:08 AM Apr 20th: Audio of Zapata's court hearing is played.

GT 10:09 AM Apr 20th: Quick audio. Some in gallery seem shaken by hearing Angie's voice.

JFA 10:09 AM Apr 20th: Clerk verifies audio of court hearing where Angie, referred by her male name, is in court. Clerk remembers her coming to court male...

JFA 10:10 AM Apr 20th: correct...coming to court WITH a male, when the couple of times she previously attended traffic court hearings she came w/ females.

GT 10:10 AM Apr 20th: DA makes note that the tape mentions: Greeley vs. Justin Zapata. Yes, eveyone in court could hear that.

JFA 10:11 AM Apr 20th: Cross. Defense Atty Kundelius.

JFA 10:12 AM Apr 20th: Male name, male pronouns, "male dressed as a female" from defense atty.

JFA 10:12 AM Apr 20th: Defense atty: "Mr. Zapata."

GT 10:12 AM Apr 20th: Defense cross: You couldn't give description of man in court with Angie. Tollefson yes.

GT 10:13 AM Apr 20th: Defense seems to make note that clerk had seen media reports about the case.

GT 10:14 AM Apr 20th: Next witness: Mark Stumpf, Greeley police.

JFA 10:15 AM Apr 20th: Comment - Defense atty Kundelius really played up that Angie [male name referred] was known as male. Also, 1st time I've heard...

JFA 10:16 AM Apr 20th: ...Angie's female voice. Chills down spine.

JFA 10:17 AM Apr 20th: rt: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: Next witness: Mark Stumpf, Greeley police. (Autumn: Pros. Witness #24)

GT 10:18 AM Apr 20th: Stumpf, on July 28, asked to investigate debit card use of victim's sister's card.

JFA 10:19 AM Apr 20th: Det. Stumf discussing case, relating to debit card purchaces.

JFA 10:20 AM Apr 20th: Bank account statement rec'd from Monica Zapata with highlights (from Fri) brought back up into discussion.

JFA 10:21 AM Apr 20th: Also bank proper.

JFA 10:23 AM Apr 20th: Talking abt purchaces from Philips 66 on store rpts that match bank purchases that Monica didn't make.

JFA 10:24 AM Apr 20th: Talking abt purchaces from Western Convieniece store on store rpts that match bank purchases that Monica didn't make.

JFA 10:25 AM Apr 20th: Purchaces that were on Monica's debit card were from card that was with the PT Cruiser that went missing at time of Angie's death.

GT 10:26 AM Apr 20th: Lots of new people in courtroom today. Andrade's family again in attendance. Zapata's family still under subpoena.

GT 10:28 AM Apr 20th: Stumpf details some transactions on debit card at different stores.

GT 10:28 AM Apr 20th: Angie's mother is in courtroom, but not rest of family.

JFA 10:28 AM Apr 20th: Talking abt how amounts on receipts from the Western Convenience/other stores matched documentation from bank.

GT 10:30 AM Apr 20th: Transactions all correlate with dates after Murguia's car was stolen..

JFA 10:31 AM Apr 20th: Comment: this is the tedious stuff related to documenting how Monica Zapata's debit card correlate to after debit card was stolen.

JFA 10:32 AM Apr 20th: correction: *Monica Zapata's debit card correlate to purchaces...

JFA 10:33 AM Apr 20th: Most of the purchases were "pay at the pump." Det. related how there were 7 different purchase sites w/ camera's on inside,...

GT 10:33 AM Apr 20th: Stumpf: Collected 7 sources of video surveillance on debit card transactions.

GT 10:35 AM Apr 20th: Defense Cross: Those videos had no relevance to this case, true? Yes, that's true.

JFA 10:35 AM Apr 20th: on the outside. Cross begins by Defense atty Martin: no usable surveilance video from sites? yes.

GT 10:37 AM Apr 20th: Next witness: Angie Tyree, lived with Andrade. He was just staying with me.

JFA 10:38 AM Apr 20th: Pros witness 25 - Angie Tyree. Questioning by DA Miller. Lived in same apt as Allen Andrade, for about 3 mo. in July.

JFA 10:39 AM Apr 20th: Establishing that Andrade didn't stay in the apt on Jul/15/08 (night b4 Angie killed).

GT 10:39 AM Apr 20th: Tyree: He stayed there. He'd come in late. Wasn't there on the 15th of July.

GT 10:39 AM Apr 20th: DA Miller: did you remember telling police Andrade stayed there 3-4 nights a week/ No.

GT 10:40 AM Apr 20th: Tyree: he was gone July 15, and he was there on July 16. Still has contact with Andrade.

GT 10:41 AM Apr 20th: DA: Do you still have feelings for Mr. Andrade? tyree: I love him.

JFA 10:41 AM Apr 20th: He stayed nights in at 5 or 6 days nights a week.

JFA 10:41 AM Apr 20th: Indicates she loved him on July 30 of 2008, and still does.

GT 10:42 AM Apr 20th: Tyree: Was not aware he was seeing other people last July.

GT 10:43 AM Apr 20th: tyree said Andrade had PT cruiser for a week or two. Not too sure., but told police something different.

JFA 10:44 AM Apr 20th: Mentioning that Andrade had the PT Cruiser in mid July. She told Det. Thorp that Andrade bought PT Cruiser for $3100, but she actually...

JFA 10:45 AM Apr 20th: ...didn't know price. Also, he never paid rent.

JFA 10:47 AM Apr 20th: Told Det. Tharp (that is correct spelling) Abt how he felt scared of police & "edgy" like he said "[he] was going to kill himself."

GT 10:47 AM Apr 20th: Tyree said Andrade said he was going to kill himself.

GT 10:49 AM Apr 20th: Tyree spoke with Andrade while he was in jail. They'll play tape in a second.

GT 10:50 AM Apr 20th: Tyree IDs letter to Andrade, about how she was hurt he was messing with another girl.

GT 10:50 AM Apr 20th: Tyree: I'm not mad at him (now).

JFA 10:50 AM Apr 20th: DA Miller entering jailhouse letter between witness and defendant Andrade.

JFA 10:52 AM Apr 20th: Witness Tyree wrote letter in July, upset that Andrade was seeing someone named Felicia. Letter itself attempted to be entered...

GT 10:52 AM Apr 20th: Tyree talked with Andrade while he was in jail. Discussing audio tape at bench now.

GT 10:53 AM Apr 20th: Going to break for lunch, logical spot to stop. Judge: "You'll understand why when you get back form lunch."

GT 10:53 AM Apr 20th: Court will resume at 1:30.

JFA 10:53 AM Apr 20th: ... into evidence, but was not allowed.

JFA 10:57 AM Apr 20th: Court is going to break until 1:30. Defense raising an issue relating to Mocospace documentation. On two pages.

JFA 10:59 AM Apr 20th: Pages related to "anonomous hearsay" objection.

JFA 11:00 AM Apr 20th: Defense citing case.

JFA 11:02 AM Apr 20th: Saying the record in question is not a business record per the cited case.

JFA 11:07 AM Apr 20th: Ruling after meal break. Begin the approximate 1.5 hour break.

GT 12:24 PM Apr 20th: Andrade trial to resume in about 5 minutes.

GT 12:26 PM Apr 20th: Court's about to heat up with airing of jail telephone calls from Andrade to his girlfriend, Angie Tyree.

GT 12:30 PM Apr 20th: Ahhh, court time again. Probably another 10 minutes away.

GT 12:37 PM Apr 20th: Judge calls court back in at 1:38 p.m.

JFA 12:38 PM Apr 20th: Back in session.

GT 12:40 PM Apr 20th: Attorneys are arguing a defense objection to including info from Mocospace, the social networking site.

GT 12:40 PM Apr 20th: Andrade and Zapata met through MocoSpace.

JFA 12:44 PM Apr 20th: Attnys arguing Mocospace files still. Defense & Pros. arguing whether saved acct back & forth is a business record.

GT 12:47 PM Apr 20th: here comes the jury.

JFA 12:48 PM Apr 20th: Mocospace comments and pictures were not allowed.

JFA 12:49 PM Apr 20th: Court rules for the defense.

JFA 12:50 PM Apr 20th: Now listening to collect call from witness Angie Tyree to Defendant Allen Ray Andrade.

JFA 12:53 PM Apr 20th: reverse - from defendant to witness.

JFA 12:54 PM Apr 20th: Defendant eyes are looking down at table & puting pen to paper.

JFA 01:00 PM Apr 20th: "Not like I killed a school teacher." "hate crime's not going to fly."

JFA 01:00 PM Apr 20th: connectivity issues.:(

GT 01:02 PM Apr 20th: Andrade says in call it wasn't like he shot a school teacher or a law-abiding citizen

JFA 01:03 PM Apr 20th: comment - Yes, us transgender people are not significant people when we are killed by people.

JFA 01:04 PM Apr 20th: She didn't hear the comment we all heard in court about Andrade's comment that everyone is afraid of the "fire extinguisher wielder.

JFA 01:04 PM Apr 20th: "fire extinguisher wielder."

JFA 01:06 PM Apr 20th: "Not like I went up to a school teacher and shot her in the head, or killed a straight, law abiding citizen." - Andrade

JFA 01:07 PM Apr 20th: comment - I feel ... overwhelmed by hearing Andrade's statement.

GT 01:07 PM Apr 20th: Tyree said she didn't hear that commnet, even though it was just on the speaker and played through court.

GT 01:08 PM Apr 20th: Tyree said she's hard of hearing on her left side, and doesn't remember specific things on phone call.

JFA 01:09 PM Apr 20th: comment - I think hearing that statement by Andrade is going to stick in my head for quite awhile.

JFA 01:10 PM Apr 20th: Cross begins by defense atty Kundelius.

JFA 01:11 PM Apr 20th: comment - I'm holding back sobs.

JFA 01:13 PM Apr 20th: Couldn't follow cross. Next witness is coming to stand.

GT 01:14 PM Apr 20th: Defense cross: You testified you didn't remember making certain statements? You know why? tyree: It was early in morning.

GT 01:14 PM Apr 20th: Next witness: Yvonne Woods, Colorado Bureau of Investigation. To testify on DNA and prints, etc.

GT 01:15 PM Apr 20th: Woods actually will testify on hair analysis.

JFA 01:15 PM Apr 20th: Witness Yvonne Woods. Pros. Witness 16. Agent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. She is being ...

JFA 01:17 PM Apr 20th: ...brought as an expert on hair and fiber analysis. Ruled an expert on hair anaysis for this trial.

GT 01:17 PM Apr 20th: Evidence Friday was that some hair samples were taken from Andrade.

JFA 01:18 PM Apr 20th: Describing process of macroscopic (visual check w/ naked eye) and microscopic (using microscope) analysis.

JFA 01:19 PM Apr 20th: Describing how hair was collected by CBI Agent Sarah Lewis and Greeley PD.

JFA 01:22 PM Apr 20th: Fibers (hairs) collected from Angie Zapata.

JFA 01:23 PM Apr 20th: Found hair in Angie's mouth, and determined it was her own hair, and hair from another part of her body wasn't hair at all.

JFA 01:25 PM Apr 20th: DA Miller: Often head hairs too short to get get sample? Witness: yes.

GT 01:26 PM Apr 20th: Woods testifies that hair samples showed no relationship between Andrade and victim.

GT 01:26 PM Apr 20th: Defense wants her to admit her report is from that of Justin Zapata. She answers, only Zapata.

GT 01:28 PM Apr 20th: Next witness: Sarah Lewis

JFA 01:28 PM Apr 20th: Cross by Defense Martin. Martin is trying to have the CBI say that Angies's name was male name...

JFA 01:28 PM Apr 20th: ...she stated that her report only referred to "Zapata." Her report did identify Angie as "male."

GT 01:30 PM Apr 20th: She's in biological sciences at CBI

GT 01:31 PM Apr 20th: Defense apparently has a problem with her, intends to cross on her expertise.

GT 01:33 PM Apr 20th: Lewis gives jury Forensic science 101 lesson.

JFA 01:35 PM Apr 20th: Sarah Lewis - Another CBI agent - Serology Expert. Pros Witness 26.

JFA 01:36 PM Apr 20th: Certified as expert. Describing process of obtaining DNA to jury.

JFA 01:38 PM Apr 20th: Describing why the same 13 regions of DNA are checked in all agencies -- basically, this is standard developed by the FBI.

GT 01:39 PM Apr 20th: Lewis: Definition: a mixture means more than one strain of DNA is found.

JFA 01:40 PM Apr 20th: Describing how swab samples can have more than one DNA source on the swab. Discussed that on proficiency exams she's made 0 mistkes.

JFA 01:41 PM Apr 20th: Describing process of marking envelopes / evidence.

JFA 01:42 PM Apr 20th: Reporting that she received item for testing - a cigerette butt.

GT 01:42 PM Apr 20th: Lewis: First piece examined was cigarette butt.

GT 01:43 PM Apr 20th: Lewis found a mixture of DNA on cigarette butt, both Zapata and Andrade could not be excluded.

JFA 01:43 PM Apr 20th: Results - mixture of DNA. DNA profile to which Andrade's & Angie's DNA both on cigerette.

JFA 01:44 PM Apr 20th: 99.9997% of Population could be excuded from having the same mix of DNA on this cigerette butt.

GT 01:45 PM Apr 20th: Cigarette butt was taken from the crime scene.

GT 01:45 PM Apr 20th: Next item is a purse; examined to see who may have held that purse.

JFA 01:46 PM Apr 20th: Next item for analysis: Purse. (Assuming Angie's purse.) Zipper and handle tested for DNA.

GT 01:47 PM Apr 20th: Lewis found DNA on purse from, a mixture. Did not find Zapata's DNA or Andrade's DNA there.

GT 01:48 PM Apr 20th: Ashleigh Banfield from Court TV sits next to me, using the heck out of her blackberry

GT 01:48 PM Apr 20th: Lewis said Zapata and Andrade could not be excluded from second purse.

JFA 01:48 PM Apr 20th: Results: Andrade, Angie, and two others excluded. In other words, these people's DNA not on the tested areas.

JFA 01:49 PM Apr 20th: Another purse, same area's tested. Andrade's and Angie's DNA on purse.

GT 01:50 PM Apr 20th: Next piece: Lewis found DNA, but no semen on this item. DNA on vibrator matched Andrade.

JFA 01:51 PM Apr 20th: Next item, The Pink Vibrator. DNA - no semen, but DNA of Andrade's is on vibrator. Large amount of DNA.

JFA 01:52 PM Apr 20th: 1 in 300,000 chance it's not Andrade's.

GT 01:52 PM Apr 20th: Apparently a LOT of DNA from Andrade found on vibrator. Not just touch DNA, says Lewis.

JFA 01:53 PM Apr 20th: This is not DNA. Came from a DNA rich source. (Comment - the inference being made here is anal source.)

JFA 01:54 PM Apr 20th: correction - not TOUCH (casual contact) DNA.

JFA 01:55 PM Apr 20th: Angie's DNA not on pink vibrator.

JFA 01:56 PM Apr 20th: Semen from pink underwear from Angie's under wear her, umm, bodily fluid.

JFA 01:57 PM Apr 20th: DNA from Angie's fingernails is only Angie's DNA (Inference being there was not any fight back.)

GT 01:57 PM Apr 20th: Found no blood on fire extinguisher, but wouldn't expect to find anything if exposed to elements.

JFA 01:58 PM Apr 20th: Fire extinguisher tested - no blood on it -- expert testified that wouldn't expect it on piece left out in the median.

JFA 01:59 PM Apr 20th: Cross by defense attorney Martin.

GT 01:59 PM Apr 20th: Defense cross: Starts to talk about vibrator.

GT 01:59 PM Apr 20th: Defense: Would sweat be one of those things that contain large DNA? Lewis: Not normally.

GT 02:00 PM Apr 20th: Sweat could leave DNA, but based on my experience, not probable.

GT 02:00 PM Apr 20th: Lewis admits she can't be 100 percent positive on where that DNA came from.

GT 02:01 PM Apr 20th: Defense: Questions about cigarette DNA origin.

JFA 02:01 PM Apr 20th: Back to DNA on Pink Vibrator. Defense asking if it could just be a lot of touch DNA, and CBI agt said not probable, but not possible.

JFA 02:03 PM Apr 20th: Cigerette butts brought up. One butt had mixture of Andrade and Angie's DNA, one only Angie's.

GT 02:03 PM Apr 20th: Defense: Fire extinguisher. No blood and no DNA test? Correct.

GT 02:04 PM Apr 20th: Defense: You tested mattress right? Lewis: yes. Found semen on one mattress, but not the other.

JFA 02:04 PM Apr 20th: Fire extinguisher no DNA. Repeat.

GT 02:05 PM Apr 20th: DNA profile on mattress semen didn't match either Zapata or Andrade.

GT 02:07 PM Apr 20th: Redirect from DA: Amount of DNA on vibrator. Compare the purse and vibrator, and explain the different amounts of DNA.

GT 02:08 PM Apr 20th: Lewis describes 19.62 nanograms per microliter on vibrator and .36 nanograms on purse.

GT 02:08 PM Apr 20th: Lewis said 3.61 nanograms from cigarette.

JFA 02:08 PM Apr 20th: Again, defense atty only says Angies name as "[male name] Zapata," never even just as "Zapata." Pt is to keep repeating male name.

JFA 02:09 PM Apr 20th: 3.61 is how much DNA is founds in Saliva, while over 19-point something was what was on Pink Vibrator.

JFA 02:12 PM Apr 20th: Comment - Not in evidence yet, but quoted statement of Andrade previously in news was "gay things must die." Soooo...

GT 02:12 PM Apr 20th: Sweaty palms cause amount of DNA on vibrator? Possible but not probable? Correct.

GT 02:14 PM Apr 20th: Afternoon break until 3:35 p.m, give or take 10 minutes.

JFA 02:14 PM Apr 20th: CSI agent just testified that anal secretions could be a "DNA rich source." (inference is that it is the source).

JFA 02:18 PM Apr 20th: Possible that Pros wants this to be the inferenced - Andrade is gay. This is sheer speculation on my part.

GT 02:25 PM Apr 20th: Beth Karas of Court TV is sitting next to me. You can tell this reporter doesn't have cable!

GT 02:33 PM Apr 20th: Andrade gets to snack on Almond Joy candy bars during breaks.

GT 02:41 PM Apr 20th: Christian Rubio, with

JFA 02:41 PM Apr 20th: Cue theme to Jeopardy.

JFA 02:41 PM Apr 20th: We just had a 20-minute break.

GT 02:42 PM Apr 20th: Rubio describes Moco as a site for mobile phones.

JFA 02:43 PM Apr 20th: Pros Witness 27: Cristian Rubio. Mocospace executive.

GT 02:44 PM Apr 20th: Rubio says no user found for Allen Andrade, meaning he deleted his account.

JFA 02:45 PM Apr 20th: Freezing accounts -- deleting accounts, process described.

JFA 02:47 PM Apr 20th: Allen Andrade's account - when DA asked to retain Angie's account, could do. Allen Andrade's account not there.

GT 02:47 PM Apr 20th: Defense cross: If someone had a site and erased it, but there would be a time period it would still be on database? Yes.

GT 02:47 PM Apr 20th: But once deleted, completely goes away in 24 hours. Yes.

JFA 02:48 PM Apr 20th: Mocospace completely deletes all information about an account within 24-hours of request of deletion.

JFA 02:50 PM Apr 20th: Discussing terms of service (TOS). There is no transgender option for gender on Mocospace. Defense mentioning TOS says no ...

GT 02:50 PM Apr 20th: DA: Can Mocospace be accessed through phone or computer? Yes. Cancellation can be done either way. Yes.

GT 02:51 PM Apr 20th: Judges, attorneys going away for a bit. Feel free to stretch.

GT 02:53 PM Apr 20th: So far, today, 11 witnesses. 30 total, according to Karas' account of the trial.

GT 02:55 PM Apr 20th: DA calls Felicia Mendoza

GT 02:56 PM Apr 20th: Felicia is Andrade's ex.

JFA 02:56 PM Apr 20th: .. misreprentation in Cross of this witness (ques done by defense atty Kundelius).

GT 02:57 PM Apr 20th: Felicia said she met Andrade through Internet dating service, and said he had Mocospace account.

JFA 02:58 PM Apr 20th: Comment - the defense will likely argue later that signing up as female by Angie will be a misrepresentation.

JFA 02:59 PM Apr 20th: Pros witness 29 - Felicia Mendoza. Ex girlfriend.

GT 02:59 PM Apr 20th: Felicia said Andrade was quick to get angry.

GT 03:00 PM Apr 20th: Andrade watches her intently.

JFA 03:00 PM Apr 20th: Showed Andrade how to sign up for Mocospace.

JFA 03:00 PM Apr 20th: So, point is that it's believed he had a mocospace account and deleted it.

JFA 03:01 PM Apr 20th: she descibed him as "napcat" - someone who was quick to anger.

GT 03:01 PM Apr 20th: Felicia still writes him.

GT 03:02 PM Apr 20th: Felicia went to a BBQ with Andrade the Sunday before this happened.

JFA 03:02 PM Apr 20th: correction: "snapcat" (or "snap cat")

JFA 03:03 PM Apr 20th: Talking about relationship history.

JFA 03:04 PM Apr 20th: Talking about dates -- I'm not following this. She talks about going to a party on a Saturday night, and mentions he thought she...

GT 03:04 PM Apr 20th: No. wait, saw him that Saturday after she went out. She said he was different.

GT 03:04 PM Apr 20th: Felicia says he came to her house in PT cruiser.

GT 03:05 PM Apr 20th: She saw him again July 19. Hung out all day and got a hotel.

JFA 03:05 PM Apr 20th: ...was shining her on.

JFA 03:06 PM Apr 20th: On 8/17/08 (day afterAngie's killing) picked her up for dinner in Monica Zapata's PT Cruiser.

JFA 03:07 PM Apr 20th: On 19th, Andrade and witness went to hotel & had sex. describes him as being more affectionate.

GT 03:07 PM Apr 20th: Felicia thought he was being more affectionate.

GT 03:07 PM Apr 20th: Felicia is the woman in the photos introduced earlier.

GT 03:08 PM Apr 20th: Felicia keeps looking at Andrade as she testifies.

JFA 03:09 PM Apr 20th: Describing two weeks after murder, being together in PT Cruiser.

JFA 03:10 PM Apr 20th: Missed a comment from earlier - she said he got mad and hit himself on occassion.

GT 03:10 PM Apr 20th: About to play jail phone calls between Felicia and Andrade.

GT 03:12 PM Apr 20th: Felicia smiles at Andrade while attorneys talk with judge

JFA 03:12 PM Apr 20th: Note - Andrade is staring at his ex-girlfriend - she is looking back. Eye contact going on.

JFA 03:14 PM Apr 20th: She just smiled at him. Sarah Dunn of Greeley Tribune noted the smile.

GT 03:15 PM Apr 20th: Felicia says Andrade gave her purses as a gift. The purses were Zapata's

JFA 03:16 PM Apr 20th: Ex-girlfriend said she was given 2 used purses during two week time frame after murder.

GT 03:17 PM Apr 20th: Jail phone call is about to play.

JFA 03:18 PM Apr 20th: She slightly hid purses from her mom, because her mom sometimes questioned her about where she get's items.

JFA 03:20 PM Apr 20th: Now playing phonecon between ex and Andrade.

GT 03:21 PM Apr 20th: In call, he mentioned he snapped. "Someone died."

GT 03:21 PM Apr 20th: Next call.

JFA 03:22 PM Apr 20th: Admits he is in jail for a charge of killing someone who he thought was female. Says he can't say on the phone whether killed or her or not.

JFA 03:23 PM Apr 20th: second call between two now playing.

JFA 03:24 PM Apr 20th: Ex on phone says she'd have given him money to leave stat, but he said he didn't want to involve ex.

JFA 03:26 PM Apr 20th: Andrade talks about wanting to spend time with her, and was "going to tell her everything" - Ex talking about death penalty.

JFA 03:27 PM Apr 20th: Note: hard. Andrade has similar voice inflections as my son.

JFA 03:30 PM Apr 20th: Andrade telling ex he loved her.

JFA 03:31 PM Apr 20th: Ex saying "I know you're going to be gone forever" and he responds "I know."

JFA 03:32 PM Apr 20th: Andrade: "It happened so fast..."

JFA 03:33 PM Apr 20th: Andrade says he loves ex in call.

JFA 03:34 PM Apr 20th: Andrade: "So sorry, I love you."

GT 03:34 PM Apr 20th: In the call, Felicia spends a lot of time yelling at him about lying to her.

JFA 03:35 PM Apr 20th: Phonecon over.

JFA 03:37 PM Apr 20th: 3rd call abt to begin.

GT 03:37 PM Apr 20th: One more call to play between Felicia and Andrade.

JFA 03:41 PM Apr 20th: Andrade: "I wanted you happy, before the end and all" -- girlfriend: "You wanted to get caught"

JFA 03:42 PM Apr 20th: Andrade: "I messed up."

JFA 03:44 PM Apr 20th: Andrade - "It is what it is."

JFA 03:44 PM Apr 20th: Ex-GF is looking at Andrade.

JFA 03:45 PM Apr 20th: "I was scared of your reaction, but I wanted to tell you." - Andrade

JFA 03:46 PM Apr 20th: Ex-GF- "They're fucked up on Mocospace."

JFA 03:49 PM Apr 20th: That one moment was so bad ... I don't know why I reacted that way. " That one thing, I was not acting like a coherent person" ...

JFA 03:50 PM Apr 20th: ...It just happened -- I just can't explain it."

JFA 03:51 PM Apr 20th: "Did you see that thing with make-up?"

JFA 03:52 PM Apr 20th: Comment...I'm having a hard time concentrating on statements here. I'm feeling like his GF and him were deminishing trans folk like me.

GT 03:52 PM Apr 20th: Andrade describes how he snapped. Both call Angie "It."

JFA 03:53 PM Apr 20th: Ex-GF, now in pros questioning again (call over)

JFA 03:55 PM Apr 20th: Pros pointing out, in questioning, that Andrade was on bisexual side of Mocospace. Ex-GF agreed.

JFA 03:57 PM Apr 20th: Andrade said he never had sex with "that fucker", and never got to the point of finding out if the breast were "real" or not.

GT 03:58 PM Apr 20th: Two more phone calls which will be aired tomorrow. done for the day. Court resumes 8:30 am Tuesday.

JFA 03:59 PM Apr 20th: We have two more phone calls for tomorrow. Taking a break here, and recess for the day.

JFA 04:01 PM Apr 20th: The "Did you see that thing with make-up?" line was from Andrade.

JFA 04:03 PM Apr 20th: Throughout calls, both called Angie "it." Comment - "it" and "that thing" are considered demeaning pejoritives by many trans peeps.

JFA 04:05 PM Apr 20th: Breaking for day. Night all.

JFA 04:09 PM Apr 20th: Oh -- last thing today... Pros said expect to close by noon tomorrow, Defense starts at 1 - 1:30 PM MST. Expect summations by Thurs.

GT 06:13 PM Apr 20th: Live blog: Transgender murder trial, day 3: Court reporter Sharon Dunn blogs live from the courthouse.

Trial Details: April 21, 2009

GT 12:13 AM Apr 21st: Andrade's calls from jail offer insight: Phone calls from jail to two women helped reveal..

GT 12:41 AM Apr 21st: Andrade's calls from jail offer insight: Phone calls from jail to two women helped reveal..

GT 07:25 AM Apr 21st: Andrade murder trial to resume soon.

JFA 07:26 AM Apr 21st: In court. Waiting for court to begin.

GT 07:33 AM Apr 21st: Again, 5 minutes late.

GT 07:34 AM Apr 21st: Prosectuion notifies court they could end their case today.

GT 07:38 AM Apr 21st: There's a 5-10 minute hold up because someone is running late. Not sure who.

GT 07:42 AM Apr 21st: Judge: Judge orders media to stop recording all formats for prosecution's third witness today. Her job is too sensitive.

GT 07:42 AM Apr 21st: Trial is being held up becasue witness Felicia Mendoza is late. Still 5 minutes out.

GT 07:44 AM Apr 21st: Judge can be seen pacing in his office. Andrade sits at defense table, bag of Almond Joy candy in front of him.

GT 07:46 AM Apr 21st: Please forgive typos today. Fingers are getting a tad fatigued.

GT 07:52 AM Apr 21st: Mendoza arrives. Brandi Nieto appraoches. Mendoza smiles at Andrade.

GT 07:52 AM Apr 21st: another phone call.

JFA 07:53 AM Apr 21st: Witness arrived slightly late. Now we are beginning.

JFA 07:54 AM Apr 21st: 4th phone call audio begins/starts.

JFA 07:55 AM Apr 21st: Andrade and ex-GF is saying that it's Angie's fault she was transgender.

JFA 07:56 AM Apr 21st: Andrade saying he didn't know what he'd do if met someone like Angie, that he didn't know "I had that kind of rage."

GT 07:58 AM Apr 21st: Andrade in call says "someone who does that kind of thing needs to be accountable also."

JFA 07:58 AM Apr 21st: Admitting in phonecon that he hit's himslelf, but not over "her." So, I'm noting he didn't call her "it" in that statement.

JFA 07:58 AM Apr 21st: correction: ...he's hit...

JFA 07:59 AM Apr 21st: ex-GF telling him that "You know this is forever, y'know?"

JFA 08:01 AM Apr 21st: Andrade asking for ex-GF to send pic, and write letters. ex-GF responding happiness is gone now. Not committing to letters & pic.

GT 08:01 AM Apr 21st: Call: Andrade asks Felicia to send him a picture. She cries. All her happiness is gone now.

JFA 08:03 AM Apr 21st: Andrade is essentially asking for support from ex. he wants her to "care."

JFA 08:04 AM Apr 21st: comment -- he didn't care about "it"..."that thing." Hard for me, as trans woman, to forget that.

JFA 08:05 AM Apr 21st: ex-gf of Andrade, talked to GF who lived in apt with Andrade.

GT 08:05 AM Apr 21st: DA Nieto: You talk to defendant about speaking to "that girl " again. She says it's Angie Tyree.

GT 08:05 AM Apr 21st: Nieto asks Felicia to confirm Andrade was lying to her about other woman.

GT 08:06 AM Apr 21st: Nieto now questions whether Andrade hits himself. Felicia said he'd hit himself when they'd argue.

JFA 08:07 AM Apr 21st: Deputy DA Nieto questioning.

JFA 08:08 AM Apr 21st: Comment - I'm having a hard time here with the clarifications.

JFA 08:09 AM Apr 21st: Call # 5 starts.

GT 08:09 AM Apr 21st: Felicia says Andrade sends her letters at a friend's address. Here comes another call.

GT 08:10 AM Apr 21st: Felicia is giggling a lot in this call and he seems to be teasing her.

JFA 08:10 AM Apr 21st: rt: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: Felicia says Andrade sends her letters at a friend's address. Here comes another call.

JFA 08:11 AM Apr 21st: rt: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: Nieto now questions whether Andrade hits himself. Felicia said he'd hit himself when they'd argue.

JFA 08:13 AM Apr 21st: In phonecon, ex-GF talking about her hitting Andrade for not talking into the phone mouthpiece, & Andrade stating he wishes she could.

JFA 08:14 AM Apr 21st: ex-GF Feliecia Mendoza - "Talk in the phone!"

GT 08:15 AM Apr 21st: Lots of cussing in this phone call. Just small talk right now.

GT 08:15 AM Apr 21st: Andrade brags about being a super celebrity.

GT 08:16 AM Apr 21st: Andrade says he'd sell his story for $55,000, joking around.

JFA 08:16 AM Apr 21st: Ex-gf talking about talking about being on talk shows, about how he may sell his story for $50K. Laughing about how will share money.

JFA 08:17 AM Apr 21st: Comment: Wow.

JFA 08:18 AM Apr 21st: Talking about going to Las Vegas show and seeing white tigers.

JFA 08:18 AM Apr 21st: Witness keeps looking at Andrade. Andrade looking down -- writing or doodling.

GT 08:18 AM Apr 21st: They discuss Felicia's trip to Vegas. Andrade advises her to get her friend drunk and make her buy her stuff.

GT 08:19 AM Apr 21st: Andrade says "Gay things need to die."

GT 08:19 AM Apr 21st: Felicia says, are you there? Andrade: Yeah, for the next 55 years...

JFA 08:19 AM Apr 21st: Andrade laughingly just said on tape: "Gay things must die." Talking about being in jail for 55 years.

GT 08:20 AM Apr 21st: Andrade talks about upcoming court: You're going to see me on the news. It's going to be a circus.

JFA 08:21 AM Apr 21st: Andrade talking about how "they" are going to put him on the news, laughing about it.

JFA 08:22 AM Apr 21st: Both ex-GF and Andrade say "love you" to each others.

GT 08:22 AM Apr 21st: Call's over.

JFA 08:23 AM Apr 21st: DA now questioning about 4th phone call. About Andrade acting somewhat differently.

JFA 08:25 AM Apr 21st: Asking now what ex-gf meant when saying he was going to be a "super celebrity." She said it meant is going to be in the news.

JFA 08:26 AM Apr 21st: Talking abt purses that ex-gf was given -- ex-gf thought these might be involved in crime.

JFA 08:27 AM Apr 21st: Ex-gf was told by defendent that defendant Andrade met Angie thru Mocosspace (social networking site.)

GT 08:27 AM Apr 21st: Nieto: Do you still have feelings for defendant? "I"ll always have feelings for him as a friend."

JFA 08:28 AM Apr 21st: rt: GreeleyTribune Trial: Nieto: Do you still have feelings for defendant? "I'll always have feelings for him as a friend."

GT 08:29 AM Apr 21st: Annette Kundelius Cross exam.

GT 08:30 AM Apr 21st: Kundelius. All calls were from July 30-Aug. 3. Yes.

JFA 08:30 AM Apr 21st: Andrade had described a mutual aquaintence of a "pink shirted mother fucker."

JFA 08:30 AM Apr 21st: Asked why signif, and ex-gf said tried to get Andrade to wear pink.

JFA 08:31 AM Apr 21st: Defense cross by defene atty Kundelius.

GT 08:31 AM Apr 21st: Kundelius cross: Asks for clarifications of conversations.

GT 08:33 AM Apr 21st: Kundelius: Andrade's family has never asked you to lie for him? No. Andrade asked you to lie? No.

GT 08:33 AM Apr 21st: Prior to arrest, Felicia says she had never heard Andrade say bad things about homosexuals.

JFA 08:33 AM Apr 21st: Questioning about what "somewhat normal" meant with his behavior in 2 wks after trial. Ex-gf mentioning how he didn't sleep well.

JFA 08:34 AM Apr 21st: Asking GF if ex-gf ever heard him make anti-gay comments, she said no. Ex-gf also states she didn't think Andrade was bisexual.

GT 08:34 AM Apr 21st: You have no reason to believe Andrade was bisexual? No, says Felicia.

GT 08:35 AM Apr 21st: Kundelius: No more questions. DA back for more.

JFA 08:35 AM Apr 21st: Redirect

JFA 08:36 AM Apr 21st: Rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Prior to arrest, Felicia says she had never heard Andrade say bad things about homosexuals.

JFA 08:37 AM Apr 21st: "Did you ever know [Adrade] to own a vibrator?" Ex-gf: no.

GT 08:37 AM Apr 21st: DA Brandi Nieto: Did you ever know him to own a vibrator? No., says Felicia.

GT 08:37 AM Apr 21st: Witness excused.

JFA 08:38 AM Apr 21st: Correction: DA Nieto: "Did you ever know [Andrade] to own a vibrator?" Ex-gf: "no."

JFA 08:39 AM Apr 21st: Pros witness 30 done. (miscount from previous day when I rechecked numbers).

GT 08:39 AM Apr 21st: Next Witness: Janet Schwabe.

GT 08:40 AM Apr 21st: Attorneys approach judge's bench. Another discussion..

JFA 08:40 AM Apr 21st: Pros witness 31 - Janet Schwabe.

GT 08:41 AM Apr 21st: Schwabe's name was not on witness list. Jury asked if they know her. No one raises hands.

GT 08:41 AM Apr 21st: Schwabe handles legal matters for Cricket phones.

JFA 08:42 AM Apr 21st: Occupation: Subpoena Compliance Manager (who responds to requests for official info)

GT 08:43 AM Apr 21st: Schwabe IDs subscriber info recorded, text message data from phone number of Monica Murguia

GT 08:43 AM Apr 21st: Schwabe says records were from July 1-16.

JFA 08:44 AM Apr 21st: Verifing information of test msg records and subscriber information from Monica Murguia (Monica Zapata).

JFA 08:45 AM Apr 21st: Describing how call records of phone call, subscriber, and txt msg info are created, and printed.

GT 08:45 AM Apr 21st: Texts were through July 16. Calls are detailed through July 24.

JFA 08:46 AM Apr 21st: Publishing records for jury.

JFA 08:47 AM Apr 21st: Same problem again with Jury display screen not working properly.

GT 08:47 AM Apr 21st: Jury computer screens again not working the best.. Judge says works fine after you leave.

GT 08:47 AM Apr 21st: That was a joke, and people did laugh. Judge calls for morning break to fix it.

GT 08:48 AM Apr 21st: Back at 10:05 a.m.

GT 09:10 AM Apr 21st: Judge explains outside construction may be messing with wires, so all jury screens may not work.

GT 09:11 AM Apr 21st: DA Nieto goes through call records of Monica Murguia's phone.

GT 09:15 AM Apr 21st: Longer than anticipated explanation of what the call records mean. Don't look like typical billing records, Schwabe explains

GT 09:18 AM Apr 21st: DA Nieto has Schwabe go through text records of Murguia's phone.

GT 09:19 AM Apr 21st: Gallery filled with onlookers; advocates, media and some people from community.

GT 09:20 AM Apr 21st: Gallery typically fills up more in afternoon.

GT 09:21 AM Apr 21st: Still on explanation of what this record means. Nothing of substance yet.

JFA 09:21 AM Apr 21st: Break from 09:45 to 10:05 AM MDT. I'm back late due to a phone call.

JFA 09:22 AM Apr 21st: rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Still on explanation of what this record means. Nothing of substance yet.

JFA 09:23 AM Apr 21st: rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: DA Nieto has Schwabe go through text records of Murguia's phone.

JFA 09:24 AM Apr 21st: Noted there are about 40 people, including media, in the courtroom gallery.

JFA 09:26 AM Apr 21st: Going thru call (& separate txt msg) detail records that there was internet access thru this phone.

JFA 09:27 AM Apr 21st: restating that this is Monca Zapata's cell records.

JFA 09:28 AM Apr 21st: Cross - none. Going to go dark for next witness.

GT 09:29 AM Apr 21st: this next witness cannot be tweeted on.

GT 09:38 AM Apr 21st: Next witness: Det. Greg Tharp

GT 09:39 AM Apr 21st: Tharp is police officer with city, a detective.

JFA 09:39 AM Apr 21st: Back.

JFA 09:40 AM Apr 21st: 32nd Pros Witness - Greeley PD Detective Greg Tharp. This is second lead dtective in case.

GT 09:40 AM Apr 21st: DA Miller questions about day of death.

GT 09:41 AM Apr 21st: Tharp: About to discuss cell phone records of Zapata's phone.

JFA 09:42 AM Apr 21st: Det. refered to Angie Zapata as a "transgender male." Defining Angie, by male name, by the shape of her genitalia.

JFA 09:43 AM Apr 21st: Through this detective, tying telephone Angie was using to her sister's account.

JFA 09:45 AM Apr 21st: Det. was describing that he spoke to JJ Alehandro (Sp?), a former roommate that had moved out of Angie's apartment 1 month earlier.

GT 09:45 AM Apr 21st: Tharp: Examined over 2,000 pages of phone records.

JFA 09:46 AM Apr 21st: Indicate 2K pages of records from Angie's phone.

JFA 09:47 AM Apr 21st: Contacted about arrest and find of PT Cruiser in Thorton.

GT 09:48 AM Apr 21st: Tharp: We responded to scene of arrest around 3:30-4 a.m.

GT 09:49 AM Apr 21st: Tharp: He spoke with Angie Tyree.

JFA 09:49 AM Apr 21st: Details about contact of arrests in question. Pic of apts in Apartment ... noted that he was attached to apt in bldg ...

GT 09:50 AM Apr 21st: Tharp said Andrade had stayed at apartment 3-4 nights a week.

JFA 09:51 AM Apr 21st: ... related to witness Angie Tyree. Witnesses in apt said he stayed there 3 or 4 nights a week.

JFA 09:53 AM Apr 21st: Tyree said that Andrade had told her that PT Cruiser was purchased from "his homies" in mid july for $3100

GT 09:53 AM Apr 21st: Tharp: got Andrade's cell number and went to ask questions of Andrade.

GT 09:54 AM Apr 21st: Cell number appeared on a hot list for communications between Zapata and Andrade phones

GT 09:55 AM Apr 21st: About to play interview with Andrade

JFA 09:55 AM Apr 21st: Got Andrade's phone number. Referred to a "hot list" of telephone numbers that a phone associated with Andrade had ..

GT 09:56 AM Apr 21st: Tharp IDs typed transcript of interview with Andrade. Defense objects. Back to the bench.

JFA 09:56 AM Apr 21st: ...and looked for instances of telephone numbers from victim on "hot list."

JFA 09:57 AM Apr 21st: Courtroom about to watch the video of Andrade's interview with Det. Tharp. Defense objection to transcript of interview being submitted.

JFA 09:58 AM Apr 21st: Cue theme to Jeopardy.

JFA 09:58 AM Apr 21st: We're waiting for court decision after sidebar w/ judge & attys.

GT 09:58 AM Apr 21st: We're now in typo central. Again, my apologies.

GT 10:00 AM Apr 21st: Opinion: It really is time for cushioned seats in the courtroom.

GT 10:01 AM Apr 21st: they're baack!

JFA 10:01 AM Apr 21st: Note: this is interview w/ Det. Tharp where 2nd roughly 2/3's was thrown out due to Andrade rqsting atty, but not rec'ving 1.

JFA 10:01 AM Apr 21st: 39 minutes of video to be entered from 1st part of interview, I believe.

GT 10:02 AM Apr 21st: Judge overrules the objection to typed transcript of DVD. Jury gets transcript, only to follow the DVD.

GT 10:03 AM Apr 21st: Interview is 40 minutes, apparently bad quality.

JFA 10:03 AM Apr 21st: Transcript entered, but won't be available during deliberations. Simply available b/c of quality of vid.

GT 10:04 AM Apr 21st: DVD starts. Tharp reads Andrade his rights.

JFA 10:05 AM Apr 21st: Sound quality of "hollow" sounding -- reverb.

JFA 10:06 AM Apr 21st: Questioning beginning on PT Cruiser that was ... his words, "walking down neighborhood" looking for keys...

JFA 10:08 AM Apr 21st: Andrade - "Bad habit I have...something I got for to and-from." Telling Det. vehicle was found on 88th and Grand in Thorton for few days.

GT 10:08 AM Apr 21st: Andrade said looking in cars was a bad habit of his. He saw keys on seat and took car.

GT 10:09 AM Apr 21st: Andrade said he only meant to have car for a day or two.

JFA 10:09 AM Apr 21st: Saying he kept car as is.

JFA 10:09 AM Apr 21st: Says he gassed car once.

GT 10:11 AM Apr 21st: It is hard to understand what he's saying.

JFA 10:11 AM Apr 21st: Said he committed no further crimes in car. Said he had others in car, but didn't know any names or ph numbers.

JFA 10:12 AM Apr 21st: B-Day for Andrade - 12/19/1976.

JFA 10:13 AM Apr 21st: Stating job status...this has been shown to be inaccurate. He has had no job. Gave Det. cell ph number.

JFA 10:14 AM Apr 21st: In interview, Andrade said he got into car from open windows. Admits that he "did the wrong" by taking the car.

JFA 10:15 AM Apr 21st: Det. talking abt taking peop. who will step up to the plate & take responsibility, and those who play games & don't.

JFA 10:16 AM Apr 21st: Andrade - 'Obviously something is going on."

JFA 10:17 AM Apr 21st: Andrade talking about "something going on," since police from other city there....Andrade denied ever being in Greeley,,,

JFA 10:18 AM Apr 21st: ...Denied knowing Angie when shown picture of her.

GT 10:18 AM Apr 21st: Andrade tells Tharp he'd never been to Greeley. Tharp shows him picture of Angie Never seen her.

GT 10:19 AM Apr 21st: Andrade acts surprised to hear Angie died. Oh Damn!, he says.

JFA 10:19 AM Apr 21st: Said Andrade was honest "for the most part" in discusdion.

JFA 10:20 AM Apr 21st: Det. wants pieces of puzzle for crime.

JFA 10:20 AM Apr 21st: Now admits he gassed up car 4 times.

GT 10:20 AM Apr 21st: Andrade says he for the most part had been honest with Tharp.

GT 10:22 AM Apr 21st: Andrade: How I found it, that's straight up. said he lied about getting gas once. Really it was 4 times.

JFA 10:22 AM Apr 21st: He's talking about keys. *Story makes no sense to me - Autumn*

JFA 10:22 AM Apr 21st: Now talking about how he used debit card he found in car to gas up vehicle.

GT 10:23 AM Apr 21st: Andrade admits to being intellectual but stupid, too.

JFA 10:24 AM Apr 21st: Asked again by Det. if there's anything he's been not honest abt - Andrade checks Det.'s notes and said "no."

JFA 10:25 AM Apr 21st: Now stating he lives (at time of interview) in Angie Tyree's apt.

GT 10:25 AM Apr 21st: Tharp keeps asking him to be honest with him.

GT 10:27 AM Apr 21st: Tharp says friends tell him Andrade had car 2-3 weeks. Andrade says one week.

JFA 10:27 AM Apr 21st: Said that he stole car in on the 24th or 25th of July.

JFA 10:28 AM Apr 21st: Roommates (Angie Tyree & others in the Thorton apt) said he had car since mid July, and ...

JFA 10:29 AM Apr 21st: ...according to Det. in interview, pointing out that's When Angie Zapata died.

GT 10:29 AM Apr 21st: Tharp asks, does anyone else use your phone? No, he says.

GT 10:31 AM Apr 21st: Andrade admits he uses Mocospace to meet girls.

JFA 10:31 AM Apr 21st: Andrade talking about cell phone. Saying he used phone to test msg frm Mocospace.

JFA 10:31 AM Apr 21st: Asking if he ever connected w/ person from Mocospace. Said no.

JFA 10:33 AM Apr 21st: Andrade states that his DNA won't be in crime scene apartment, and that Angie Zapata's phone number won't be in his phone.

GT 10:33 AM Apr 21st: Tharp says Andrade's number showed up numerous times on Angie's phone.

JFA 10:34 AM Apr 21st: Det. goes out of room to get hot list. In video of interview, Andrade bows head.

GT 10:35 AM Apr 21st: Tharp notes 26 calls and texts in one day, July 16, 670 in four days.

JFA 10:37 AM Apr 21st: Det. back in room with "hot list" and shows that Andrade's cell ph has been used to contact [male name] Zapata (Angie Zapata) 670 times.

JFA 10:38 AM Apr 21st: Repeat, 670 ph connections bewtween Angie Zapata & Allen Ray Andrade.

GT 10:38 AM Apr 21st: Tharp says this guy was lying to people time and time again, and ultimately that's why he's dead.

JFA 10:39 AM Apr 21st: Det,, to Andrade, describing Angie Zapata as a "liar." Not a lifestyle that he would want to have connected with Det. or his family.

JFA 10:40 AM Apr 21st: Det: "Something weird and unique to this case, and I think I know what it was."

JFA 10:41 AM Apr 21st: Slightly past this point, video of interview ends.

JFA 10:42 AM Apr 21st: Detective describes techniques for interviewing people suspected of committing crimes. 1st technique: repore.

GT 10:42 AM Apr 21st: Tharp spends last 20 mintues trying to get confession out of him. Andrade won't budge.

GT 10:44 AM Apr 21st: This is where two-hour interview ends per court order. Latter portion thrown out in earlier hearing.

JFA 10:44 AM Apr 21st: 2nd technique is letting suspect talk and tell stories that Det. knows conflicts w/ other witnesses, or with data he has...

JFA 10:45 AM Apr 21st: such as the "hot list." Let the suspects tell story, & show them what Det. have later.

GT 10:45 AM Apr 21st: Confession was thrown out because he asserted his right to stop answering questions.

JFA 10:46 AM Apr 21st: 3rd technique is minimizing crime. This isn't to dehumanize victime in Det's mindbut to allow for "statement of his facts."

JFA 10:48 AM Apr 21st: Det. was trying to make victim appear to a deceiver specifically so the suspect will perhaps say self defense, etc.

GT 10:48 AM Apr 21st: Tharp explains his techniques to extract confessions. They show photo of Zapata he showed to Andrade during interview.

GT 10:49 AM Apr 21st: Show photos of Andrade's hands.

JFA 10:50 AM Apr 21st: After interview, took pics of Andrade's hands (on 30 July -- abt two weeks after crime.) Showing pics of some

JFA 10:50 AM Apr 21st: ...scabbing on a finger on Andrade's hand.

JFA 10:53 AM Apr 21st: Det. then discussing PT Cruiser with Angie Tyree, and AT stated that she said something about "getting out of town" Believe ...

JFA 10:53 AM Apr 21st: ...Andrade made the statement.

GT 10:53 AM Apr 21st: Tharp also spoke to Angie Tyree, who told police Andrade told her he needed to skip town.

GT 10:55 AM Apr 21st: Describes phone calls were made July 30, Aug. 1 and Aug. 2 and Aug. 3

JFA 10:55 AM Apr 21st: Now testifiying that the four calls to ex-gf Felicia were made w/in 5 days of arrest. Earlier w/ call from Angie Tyree

GT 10:56 AM Apr 21st: Ms. Mendoz asked defendent if she should get rid of what defendant gave her. The purses.

GT 10:57 AM Apr 21st: Met with her on Sept. 10 and she provided the purses.

JFA 10:57 AM Apr 21st: Describing how calls to ex-gf Felicia Mendosa made him interested in talking to her, esp. regarding the gifts (the 2 purses)

JFA 10:58 AM Apr 21st: ex-gf provided those 2 purses to Det. on 9/10/2008

GT 10:58 AM Apr 21st: Tharp: Monica Murguia and Felecia Luna is one of her best friends. They ID’d purses as Zapata’s

GT 11:00 AM Apr 21st: Good breaking point for lunch. 20 minutes more of Tharp.

GT 11:00 AM Apr 21st: Judge: Anticipate prosecution will rest their case today.

JFA 11:02 AM Apr 21st: Verified with Monica Zapata and Felicia Luna (close friend to victim Angie) to verify purses were Angie's. Then sent to CBI for DNA testing.

JFA 11:05 AM Apr 21st: Breaking now for lunch break. Expect to have pros rest after lunch some time.

GT 12:23 PM Apr 21st: Trial is going to come back on soon.

GT 12:28 PM Apr 21st: Read the Tribune's morning recap story.

GT 12:30 PM Apr 21st: Attorneys have returned from lunch.

GT 12:36 PM Apr 21st: Outside presence of jury. Andrade is back. Tharp back on witness stand.

GT 12:42 PM Apr 21st: Tharp testifies to Andrade being shown on video of gas stations getting gas in Zapata's sister's car.

JFA 12:45 PM Apr 21st: Been having connectivity issues.

GT 12:46 PM Apr 21st: Tharp testifies found fire extinguisher on Sept. 9 in median of highway.

GT 12:48 PM Apr 21st: Mayor Ed Clark is in courtroom.

GT 12:49 PM Apr 21st: Attorneys discuss allowing Tharp to testify that he got weather reports from the National Weather Service.

GT 12:50 PM Apr 21st: Judge says he can't testify on weather service reports.

GT 12:51 PM Apr 21st: DA Miller asks Tharp instead if he recalled weather events in Greeley in the summer 2008.Tharp said there was flooding.

GT 12:52 PM Apr 21st: DA Miller shows satellite photo of median. Wants Tharp to pinpoint crime scene and where extinguisher found.

GT 12:53 PM Apr 21st: Tharp: U.S. 34 extends to I25, which would go to metro area.

JFA 12:53 PM Apr 21st: rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Tharp testifies to Andrade being shown on video of gas stations getting gas in Zapata's sister's car.

JFA 12:54 PM Apr 21st: rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Tharp testifies found fire extinguisher on Sept. 9 in median of highway.

JFA 12:55 PM Apr 21st: Det. Tharp discussing the timing of rcv'ing CSI and CBI information.

GT 12:55 PM Apr 21st: Tharp: having DNA from vibrator would have changed how I approached interview with Andrade.

JFA 12:56 PM Apr 21st: Said if he would have had info from CSI & CBI, would have changed his interview w/ Andrade.

GT 12:59 PM Apr 21st: Going back to phone records.

GT 01:01 PM Apr 21st: DA Miller details calls between Maria Zapata and Angie Zapata, July 12-16.

GT 01:01 PM Apr 21st: Tharp looked at these calls to corraberate Maria Zapata's statements to us.

GT 01:03 PM Apr 21st: Tharp details text messages between Angie Zapata and her sister, Stephanie.

JFA 01:03 PM Apr 21st: Cell phone time & length of call records from Angie's phone being discussed, as well as txt msgs.

GT 01:04 PM Apr 21st: No details of actual messages, just times they were placed.

GT 01:06 PM Apr 21st: Numerous tests between Stephanie and Angie on July 15. Records substantiates such communication that Steph testified to.

GT 01:06 PM Apr 21st: Numerous texts, not tests.

JFA 01:08 PM Apr 21st: Det. is tying, with these records, cell phone conversations in txt msgs discused in various people's testimony and documentation.

GT 01:10 PM Apr 21st: Tharp says Stephanie's testimony on the stand matches the text message records.

JFA 01:11 PM Apr 21st: In other words, "proving" calls, text msgs, and internet comms testified to actually as actually occuring by the Cricket records.

GT 01:12 PM Apr 21st: Correct spelling: corroborate

GT 01:14 PM Apr 21st: Andrade has remained in the same position all day: Head leaning on his left hand.

JFA 01:14 PM Apr 21st: Entering into the records a Excel spreadsheet of relevant calls, text msgs, and internet access (Mocospace access?) w/ Angie's phone.

JFA 01:15 PM Apr 21st: I need to do an interview with OutQ radio -- on air in 15 minutes.

GT 01:15 PM Apr 21st: 59 texts on Sunday, 4 calls; July 14, 236 texts, 10 calls. July 15, 67 texts , 0 calls between Andrade and Angie.

JFA 01:16 PM Apr 21st: I'm going to recommend following @GreeleyTribune - their trial posts -- while I'm offline.

GT 01:17 PM Apr 21st: Tharp said there were 14 texts before 9 a.m. between the two.

GT 01:18 PM Apr 21st: Tharp says 22 text messages between them on July 16.

JFA 01:18 PM Apr 21st: I need to leave the courtroom for about 30 to 40 minutes. Again, recommending following @GreeleyTribune trial coverage, as well as

GT 01:19 PM Apr 21st: Tharp: Victim's phone had no outgoing communications after, so didn't look further.

GT 01:21 PM Apr 21st: Apparently, Mayor Ed Clark is no longer in the courtroom.

GT 01:24 PM Apr 21st: Communications now total 399 text and calls between the two. Recalculated after Schwabe testimony this morning.

GT 01:25 PM Apr 21st: Apparently there were mirrored calls on the reports police had.

GT 01:27 PM Apr 21st: Tharp confirmed that one of the keys on chain from PT cruiser, was the key of apartment in Thornton where Andrade stayed.

GT 01:27 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius cross exam.

GT 01:28 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius goes back to phone records.

GT 01:30 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius tries to clarify calls and the discrepancies.

GT 01:33 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius: When you count the calls, not all calls resulted in a communication of the parties. Tharp: No.

GT 01:34 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius, Monday July 14 at 7:47 p.m. between Angie / Justin's cell phone and Stephanie, corect?

GT 01:35 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius: ON July 14, calls between Justin and Andrade's phone., last call was at 8:25 p.m. Tharp: Correct.

GT 01:38 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius is making him go back every day to detail calls between the two.

GT 01:42 PM Apr 21st: Tharp says, 656 text mesages exchanged between them; phone calls dropped maybe 20 calls.

GT 01:42 PM Apr 21st: We will try to clear up total amount of texts and calls during a break.

GT 01:43 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius: Has Tharp say that U.S. 85 also could go to the metro area (in regard to the fire extinguisher on U.S. 34)

GT 01:44 PM Apr 21st: Tharp determined there were multiple cameras at Greeley court.

GT 01:45 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius: You testified about interrogation techniques. Tharp: Yes. You don't get training on every type of crime, right?

GT 01:45 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius: Never specific to a transgender? Tharp: Correct.

GT 01:46 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius: And you never have investigated crime where victim is transgender? Tharp: No.

GT 01:47 PM Apr 21st: Tharp: I'm not familiar with Adams County phones, but Weld County has automated voice on calls. They warn callers.

GT 01:48 PM Apr 21st: Warnings say the calls can be taped, monitored.

GT 01:48 PM Apr 21st: Tharp: I asked (jailers) to monitor all calls in regard to Andrade.

GT 01:49 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius: Aug. 4, Monica Murguia brought photos to you? Tharp: Correct. And they were photos in Zapata's apartment.

GT 01:51 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius moves to admit photos.

GT 01:53 PM Apr 21st: All photos seemed to be of Angie as a woman in contrast to previous belief that the photos showed Angie was male.

GT 01:56 PM Apr 21st: DA redirect: Tharp: 671 texts and calls in total between. 656 texts totals and 15 calls (his recalculation).

GT 01:56 PM Apr 21st: People rest.

GT 01:57 PM Apr 21st: Break for legal matters will be longer than normal. Get started at 3:20 p.m.

JFA 01:57 PM Apr 21st: Rt: @GreeleyTribuneTrial: DA redirect: Tharp: 671 texts and calls in total between. 656 texts totals & 15 calls (his recalculation).

JFA 01:58 PM Apr 21st: Rt: @GreeleyTribune All photos seemed to be of Angie as a woman in contrast to previous belief that the photos showed Angie was male.

GT 01:58 PM Apr 21st: Martin: Moves for judgment of acquittal (standard for all trials.)

GT 01:59 PM Apr 21st: Brad Martin: We have here in regard to 1st murder, and biased motivated. Required to prove deliberation.

JFA 01:59 PM Apr 21st: Prosecutor rests case.

GT 02:00 PM Apr 21st: Martin: Evidence we've heard has been wholly circumstantial. We need to look at it in a specific way.

GT 02:01 PM Apr 21st: Martin: Judges must follow that evidence must be consistent with guilt, reading from case law.

JFA 02:01 PM Apr 21st: Defense arguing that elements of crime not enough to convict on 1st Degree F1 Felony - arguing pretty much circumstantial case.

GT 02:02 PM Apr 21st: Martin: the situation we're in. There is a lot of evidence surround deliberation, but it's wholly circumstantial.

GT 02:03 PM Apr 21st: Martin: Regarding biased motivated crime ... To convict ... evidence must show that alone was reason for the murder.

JFA 02:03 PM Apr 21st: Citing cases that indicates this is a circumstatintial evidence isn't enought for 1st Degree Murder/F1 Felony.

JFA 02:04 PM Apr 21st: Now stating is strictly circumstantial on bias motivated crime as well.

GT 02:04 PM Apr 21st: Miller: Clearly if court looks at evidence in light most favorable to prosecution, jury could find him guilty of all charges.

GT 02:06 PM Apr 21st: DA Miller: Jail records of him making derogatory remarks, etc. Reasonably jury could convict.

GT 02:06 PM Apr 21st: Martin argues statement of "Gay things need to die, " more of a joking manner.

JFA 02:06 PM Apr 21st: Prosecution Saying it's not all circumstantial.

JFA 02:07 PM Apr 21st: Saying that "Gay things must die" can be said was said in a joking way.

JFA 02:07 PM Apr 21st: Court ruling on standard...

GT 02:07 PM Apr 21st: Martin argues: circumstantial also could be evidence to support his innocense.

GT 02:08 PM Apr 21st: Judge: Considered all evidence. ... Prosecution has met their burden in regard to charges. Deny motion.

GT 02:09 PM Apr 21st: Will Andrade testify?

GT 02:09 PM Apr 21st: Judge advises Andrade of right to testify.

JFA 02:09 PM Apr 21st: Denied on motion of aquital on 1st degree murder / F1 Felony & bias motivated crime.

GT 02:10 PM Apr 21st: If you've previously been conivicted prosecutor could disclose that to the jury.

JFA 02:11 PM Apr 21st: Andrade being informed that he may testify if he wants to.

JFA 02:12 PM Apr 21st: Noting that if Andrade testifies, his testimony can't be used in the Habitual Offender portion of thew trial.

GT 02:12 PM Apr 21st: If you decide not to testify, no one can require you to. Jury will not be able to consider that as evidence of guilt.

GT 02:12 PM Apr 21st: Andrade plans to discuss it with attorneys.

GT 02:13 PM Apr 21st: They need 10 minutes to answer question.

GT 02:16 PM Apr 21st: Communications between Andrade and Zapata to 656, now confirmed.

JFA 02:17 PM Apr 21st: He's going to talk to attornies abt whther or not to personally testify. 10 minute break.

GT 02:27 PM Apr 21st: Information: Andrade has been convicted of three felonies. DA has already filed habitual offender charges.

GT 02:28 PM Apr 21st: That means if he's convicted of anything less than 1st degree, he would face four times the sentence.

JFA 02:31 PM Apr 21st: Correction -- the total now is 656 comms between Angie & Andrade, not 671.

JFA 02:34 PM Apr 21st: But, we addded up here in the courtroom, and we added up to 671. So, the number is 656 or 671.

GT 02:34 PM Apr 21st: Court TV's Beth Karas thinks Andrade has nothing to lose by testifying.

GT 02:35 PM Apr 21st: Andrade decides: He will not testify.

GT 02:36 PM Apr 21st: Time to bring jury in

JFA 02:37 PM Apr 21st: *shrugs* I don't think there's a number is significant.

JFA 02:38 PM Apr 21st: Andrade has stated in court that he is not testifying at this trial.

GT 02:38 PM Apr 21st: Defense calls first witness: Det. Dave Brantner, Greeley pd

GT 02:39 PM Apr 21st: Brantner interviewed Monica Murguia on July 17. told you her mother would not call Justin Angie. Brantner: yes.

JFA 02:39 PM Apr 21st: 1st Defense witness. Det. Dave Brantner.

GT 02:40 PM Apr 21st: Murguia told Brantner straight men could never tell Justin was a guy. B: Correct

GT 02:41 PM Apr 21st: Brantner: Said you coulnd't tell, regardless of how he's dressed.

GT 02:41 PM Apr 21st: DA chooses not to cross.

JFA 02:41 PM Apr 21st: Defense establishing that Angie's Mother didn't use female name by mentioning what Monica, the sister stated, to Det. in interview.

JFA 02:42 PM Apr 21st: Monica stated that she was always worried abt Angie to Det.

JFA 02:42 PM Apr 21st: No cross.

JFA 02:42 PM Apr 21st: 2nd defense witness - Detective Robert Cash.

GT 02:42 PM Apr 21st: Next defense witness: Det. Robert Cash.

GT 02:43 PM Apr 21st: Cash interviewed on July 24 Ms. morales, she thought victim was female up until a short time ago.

GT 02:43 PM Apr 21st: DA does not cross

JFA 02:44 PM Apr 21st: RT: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Cash interviewed on July 24 Ms. morales, she thought victim was female up until a short time ago.

GT 02:44 PM Apr 21st: Judge and attorneys meet.

JFA 02:45 PM Apr 21st: Cue theme to Jeopardy. Judge meeting with attorneys in chambers for approximately 5-min.

GT 02:48 PM Apr 21st: Jury checks out the gallery, concentrates on reading while they await attorneys and judge.

JFA 02:52 PM Apr 21st: assume mtg is abt availability of JJ Alejandro, but don't know that for sure. He's on witness list, and his tstmny seems import.

JFA 02:54 PM Apr 21st: Btw, 2nd defense witness was released from subpoena, as was 1st.

GT 02:59 PM Apr 21st: Defense calls David Hedstrom.

JFA 03:01 PM Apr 21st: Back. Defense 3rd witness David Hedstrom. He works with Monica Zapata at Walmart.

JFA 03:01 PM Apr 21st: "Definitely dressed as a female." - Hedstrom.

GT 03:03 PM Apr 21st: Hedstrom knew Angie. He worked with Angie's sister, knew Angie was male. Told investigators you couldn't tell

GT 03:05 PM Apr 21st: Hedstrom: Yes, Angie did wear makeup. Yes, Angie did dress as a woman. Corrects the Justin reference.

JFA 03:05 PM Apr 21st: Apparently, there are interview notes from the investigator's office of defense atny - pros asked for copy of notes, court made copy.

JFA 03:06 PM Apr 21st: Another witness correcting the defense by calling [male name] by name as Angie.

JFA 03:07 PM Apr 21st: In all clothing, one pair of male underwear and one Haynes underwear. Described all other clothing "girly."

GT 03:07 PM Apr 21st: Hedstrom cleaned Zapata's room. Found women's clothing, underwear.

GT 03:08 PM Apr 21st: Hedstrom: Voice sounded like a male trying to be a female.

GT 03:08 PM Apr 21st: Zapata's voice.

JFA 03:08 PM Apr 21st: Says voice sounded male, trying to be a female voice.

JFA 03:08 PM Apr 21st: ...or trying to sound like a female voice.

GT 03:09 PM Apr 21st: DA cross; Hedstrom didn't often talk with Angie.

JFA 03:10 PM Apr 21st: Stating on cross that male to female voice.

JFA 03:11 PM Apr 21st: 2nd cross - Pros, so if you didn't alredy know was male, voice would give away Angie was male? "yes"

GT 03:12 PM Apr 21st: Next defense witness: Maricella Meza, Angie's friend.

GT 03:13 PM Apr 21st: Photos from the morning testimony in the courtroom: http//

GT 03:13 PM Apr 21st: Meza: Men would come talk to HER. Not Justin.

JFA 03:13 PM Apr 21st: 4th witness - Maricella Mesa, and she had already testified for prosecution.

JFA 03:14 PM Apr 21st: She went to bars with [male name of Angie]. Questions were regarding whether or not men were always talking to Angie...yes.

GT 03:14 PM Apr 21st: Kundelius, you believe lot of men would want to be with him. Meza: Yes

GT 03:15 PM Apr 21st: DA Nieto cross: Bar in question had one night dedicated to gay and transgenders? yes.

GT 03:16 PM Apr 21st: JJ Alejandro is next witness

JFA 03:16 PM Apr 21st: Cross. One of the two bars that Angie and witness went to had LGBT night, and when asked if they went to that bar on LGBT night...

JFA 03:16 PM Apr 21st: answer was Yes.

GT 03:17 PM Apr 21st: JJ Alejandro is former roommate of Zapata.

GT 03:18 PM Apr 21st: JJ surprised to learn Angie was a guy

JFA 03:18 PM Apr 21st: 5th Defense witness. JJ "Loony" ("Luney"?) Alejandro. Was ex-roommate of Angie, who is referring to as by male name.

JFA 03:19 PM Apr 21st: He's noting that he couldn't tell [male name for Angie] was male when first met.

JFA 03:21 PM Apr 21st: Witness said that Angie always left with make-up, and went to check for male clothing - saw none.

JFA 03:22 PM Apr 21st: Comment - Apparently, being gender variant is now practially criminal. Defense is harping on nothing looking male.

JFA 03:23 PM Apr 21st: Witness thot Angie's voice sounded female.

JFA 03:24 PM Apr 21st: Witness pointing out that one of his GF's named April thot he was living w/ female -- told April that Angie was a female.

JFA 03:25 PM Apr 21st: Cross: Referred to her as Angie when you lived with her? Yes.

GT 03:25 PM Apr 21st: JJ said his girlfriend was mad when she first met Angie, like he was cheating on her.

GT 03:26 PM Apr 21st: JJ confirms Angie was convincingly female.

JFA 03:26 PM Apr 21st: In 3 months, never saw her presenting as male? Never.

JFA 03:27 PM Apr 21st: Cross complete.

JFA 03:28 PM Apr 21st: Redirect: Asked if witness knew defendant Andrade, and answer was no.

JFA 03:28 PM Apr 21st: Defense rests.

JFA 03:28 PM Apr 21st: Rebuttal witnesses, asks judge Kopcow?

GT 03:28 PM Apr 21st: Defense rests.

GT 03:28 PM Apr 21st: Prosecution has no rebuttal evidence.

JFA 03:29 PM Apr 21st: No.

JFA 03:29 PM Apr 21st: Both cases rested.

GT 03:30 PM Apr 21st: Judge: Go to recess and work on 30 pages of jury instructions. Jury to return at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

JFA 03:31 PM Apr 21st: Thirty pages of typed instructions expected. Jury back at 10 AM MDT tomorrow. JUry to start deliberating at abt Noon tomorrow.

JFA 03:32 PM Apr 21st: Closing arguments between 10:00 AM and noon tomorrow.

JFA 03:34 PM Apr 21st: Cue theme to Jeopardy. - 5 min break.

JFA 03:57 PM Apr 21st: The intoxification stuff is out. Andrade cannot use that as a mitigating factor.

JFA 03:58 PM Apr 21st: The lesser included offenses will be included - so the jury will be able to chose between 5 homicide charges - 4 lesser included.

JFA 03:59 PM Apr 21st: Done until 10AM MDT tomorrow morning.

GT 06:12 PM Apr 21st: Live blog: Transgender murder trial, day 4: Court reporter Sharon Dunn blogs live from the courthouse..

GT 06:12 PM Apr 21st: Lead Story: Jurors hear more phone calls from Andrade: More phone calls between Allen Andrade and his..

Trial Details: April 22, 2009

GT 12:44 AM Apr 22nd: Attorneys rest case in Andrade trial: To many who saw her, Angie Zapata was a woman.

GT 08:46 AM Apr 22nd: Trial resumes at 10 a.m. today., where the judge will read 30 pages of jury instructions.

GT 08:47 AM Apr 22nd: Courtroom is locked, three Sheriff deputies are controlling the building crowd.

GT 08:48 AM Apr 22nd: Sitting in media room with AP and New York Times reporters, trying to figure out what Andrade will get with habitual offender.

GT 08:50 AM Apr 22nd: NYT: if closings are done before lunch, we could see a verdict at end of day. He serves the right to adjust his prediction.

GT 08:51 AM Apr 22nd: AP reporter: prediction that closings will go into early afternoon and jury will return verdict Thursday morning.

GT 08:52 AM Apr 22nd: Tribune reporter predicts verdict by end of day Thursday.

GT 08:54 AM Apr 22nd: Those reporters aren't too comfortable with that however.

GT 09:01 AM Apr 22nd: Court room is now open, packed with media, friends, family advocates.

GT 09:02 AM Apr 22nd: Andrade comes in, looks surprised at everyone who's showed up to hear closing arguments.

GT 09:03 AM Apr 22nd: My earlier reporting was wrong. Andrade has five prior felony convictions spanning 12 years.

GT 09:05 AM Apr 22nd: Angie Zapata's family issued a statement this morning that they will not comment after the verdict.

GT 09:05 AM Apr 22nd: The family, however, will issue a statement a half hour after the verdict.

JFA 09:06 AM Apr 22nd: Back in court -- waiting to begin.

JFA 09:11 AM Apr 22nd: The gallery is full. I'd guess 10-ish news orgs, gallery is full. lots of trans folk watching from gallery.

JFA 09:14 AM Apr 22nd: rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: AP reporter: prediction that closings will go into early afternoon & jury will return verdict Thurs morn.

JFA 09:15 AM Apr 22nd: rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Tribune reporter predicts verdict by end of day Thursdsay.

JFA 09:17 AM Apr 22nd: reading jury instructions. Finished no 1, reading no 2.

JFA 09:17 AM Apr 22nd: reading no. 3.

JFA 09:18 AM Apr 22nd: reading no. 4.

JFA 09:19 AM Apr 22nd: comment: we will be commenting on these at Pam's House blend - - later today.

JFA 09:20 AM Apr 22nd: read no. 5, reading no. 6. comment - 6 is important b/c it talks about circumstantial evidence.

JFA 09:21 AM Apr 22nd: read 7 thru 9, reading number 10.

JFA 09:22 AM Apr 22nd: read 11, reading 12.

JFA 09:23 AM Apr 22nd: read 13, reading 14. 14, like number 1, is a long instruction.

JFA 09:24 AM Apr 22nd: 14 talks about culpability due to mental state. comment This will come into play esp. with the bias crime charge.

JFA 09:25 AM Apr 22nd: reading 15.

GT 09:25 AM Apr 22nd: Judge reads the jury instructions to jury.

JFA 09:26 AM Apr 22nd: 15 talking about elements for the top homicide count - 1st degree murder.

JFA 09:28 AM Apr 22nd: reading 16. instruction on lesser included homicide charges. As tweeted here yesterday, there are 4 lesser included homicide counts.

JFA 09:29 AM Apr 22nd: reading 17. This is discussing 2nd degree murder between F2 and F3 felony.

GT 09:29 AM Apr 22nd: POI: Colorado (which tracks statewide crime) notes Andrade has 3 felony convictions. Doesn't include Denver stats.

GT 09:31 AM Apr 22nd: Court documents here state five, so will try to clear that up after closings.

JFA 09:31 AM Apr 22nd: inst. 17 is "heat of passion" F2 if not, F3 if jury believes "heat of passion" (gay panic / trans panic / "blame the victim").

JFA 09:32 AM Apr 22nd: inst 18 read. Bias motivated crime count inst.

JFA 09:33 AM Apr 22nd: Inst 19 & 20 read. On idenity theft.

JFA 09:33 AM Apr 22nd: reading no. 21. On vehicle (PT Cruiser) theft.

GT 09:33 AM Apr 22nd: also note, and we've reported, Andrade has two pending felonies for rioting in jail, plus misdemeanor assault.

GT 09:34 AM Apr 22nd: Almost done with instructions, which say jury must follow specific rules for verdict on each crime charged.

GT 09:35 AM Apr 22nd: Possible convictions: 1st murder; 2nd murder; 2nd murder/heat of passion / manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide.

JFA 09:35 AM Apr 22nd: reading 22. This one is defining particular terms used in trial.

JFA 09:36 AM Apr 22nd: "sexual orientation," one of terms defined in this inst. This definition includes "transgender status".

JFA 09:37 AM Apr 22nd: 23 read. 24 after.

JFA 09:37 AM Apr 22nd: Prosecution closing begins.

JFA 09:38 AM Apr 22nd: Begins talking abt what is written on courthouse "equal protection under the law."

JFA 09:39 AM Apr 22nd: Pros talking about how angiew was a woman born as a boy.

JFA 09:40 AM Apr 22nd: Pros Robb Miller talked about how Andrade decided whether Angie lived or died.

GT 09:40 AM Apr 22nd: Robb Miller does closings, picks up fire extinguisher and bangs it on his hand for effect.

GT 09:41 AM Apr 22nd: Miller says not to even look at manslaughter and crim negligent homicide. this case has intent to kill all over it.

JFA 09:41 AM Apr 22nd: hit fire extinguisher on hand to make loud noise.

JFA 09:42 AM Apr 22nd: Miller says that this case is about intent. How andrade had intent.

JFA 09:43 AM Apr 22nd: Describing how elements of crime indicated a bias motivated crime, how elements describe 1st degree murder.

GT 09:43 AM Apr 22nd: Trial: Miller: Hitting someone over and over in headshows exactly what your intent was.

JFA 09:45 AM Apr 22nd: rt: @GreeleyTribune Miller says not to even look at manslaughter & crim negligent homicide. this case has intent to kill all over it.

JFA 09:47 AM Apr 22nd: DA Miller says deliberation can be just seconds.

JFA 09:48 AM Apr 22nd: Evidence shows defendent did not have sex b4 crime.

JFA 09:48 AM Apr 22nd: Andrade said as much in jailhouse ph calls.

JFA 09:50 AM Apr 22nd: evidence 19.62 nanograms of DNA on pink vibrator -- cigerettes he put in mouth only had 3 nanograms.

JFA 09:50 AM Apr 22nd: Evidence indicates he was likely "experimenting" sexually.

JFA 09:52 AM Apr 22nd: Mentioned that victime was not with 2 gf's -- he spent monday to wednesday w/ Angie in angie's apt.

JFA 09:54 AM Apr 22nd: DA talking abt cell ph evidence & circumstantial evidenced that spent 3 days w/ Angie.

JFA 09:55 AM Apr 22nd: Talks abt circumstantial evidence that shows Andrade went to traffic court with Angie.

JFA 09:56 AM Apr 22nd: Talking abt intent. Last day was lesser amt of c`omms. In Angie's abt alone, looking like he thot abt it while Angie...

JFA 09:58 AM Apr 22nd: ...left him alone in her apartment for 12 hrs -- DA says this is when he was thinking about murder of the way out.

JFA 09:59 AM Apr 22nd: Shows intent by using weapon (fire extinguisher) and by cleaning up scene.

JFA 10:00 AM Apr 22nd: DA - The defendent words being usded. Andrade: "I didn't have no sex with that mother f*cker."

JFA 10:00 AM Apr 22nd: DA quoting andrade: "Gay things must die."

JFA 10:01 AM Apr 22nd: Andrade talking abt selling his story -- "how somebody living like that needs to held accountable."

JFA 10:03 AM Apr 22nd: DA: Andrade says that he didn't even know if Angie had real breasts (in phonecon to mendoza).

JFA 10:03 AM Apr 22nd: Describing how crime wasn't crime of passion, but one of ambush.

JFA 10:04 AM Apr 22nd: DA setting up timeline. Start: July 12th -- 272 text msgs.

JFA 10:05 AM Apr 22nd: 13th: 59 texts and (didn't hearnumber of )calls.

JFA 10:05 AM Apr 22nd: 14th -- missed number of texts and calls.

JFA 10:07 AM Apr 22nd: 15th: 57 texts during day, but not texting during time she was in court. She txt ed others while she was in court - inf that...

JFA 10:07 AM Apr 22nd: Andrade was in court with her.

JFA 10:08 AM Apr 22nd: Describing actions on the 16th.

JFA 10:09 AM Apr 22nd: DA: fter 9:40 Pm (when angie sent last txt msg to sister Stephanie) and midnight, Andrade killed angie.

JFA 10:09 AM Apr 22nd: Car was gone at midnight when neighbor came home.

GT 10:09 AM Apr 22nd: Miller plots out their interactions on a calendar starting July 12 with text messages.

GT 10:10 AM Apr 22nd: Miller instructs why this is not heat of passion.

JFA 10:10 AM Apr 22nd: purchaces made with debit card left in PT Cruiser.

JFA 10:11 AM Apr 22nd: "Reasonable person" would have left if just found out angie was trangender.

JFA 10:12 AM Apr 22nd: DA Explaining how this is 1st degree murder, and not heatof passion.

JFA 10:13 AM Apr 22nd: Why would you take car and use debit card & steal purses if heat of passion?

GT 10:13 AM Apr 22nd: Miller: Enough time to do what a reasonable person would have done, walk away and get out of situation.

JFA 10:14 AM Apr 22nd: Killed angie b/c she was transgender. This trial is abt Andrade not being a resonable person.

JFA 10:15 AM Apr 22nd: Angie was 18 year old girl. Andrade judge, jury and executioner.

GT 10:16 AM Apr 22nd: 5 minute recess for jury before Kundelius closing....

JFA 10:17 AM Apr 22nd: Pros stated Andrade should bbe found guilty on all charges. Closing statement complete.

JFA 10:17 AM Apr 22nd: Jury requests 5-minute break.

JFA 10:18 AM Apr 22nd: Defense will present closing argument then. Closing statement by DA done by Chief Deputy DA Robb Miller.

JFA 10:20 AM Apr 22nd: Defense speaker will be Defense Atty Annette Kundelius.

GT 10:22 AM Apr 22nd: Courtroom is absolutely packed.

GT 10:25 AM Apr 22nd: Defense attorneys sit at table. Martin is chewing gum, Andrade speaks with Kundelius, who is flipping through papers.

GT 10:25 AM Apr 22nd: People in gallery complain how hot it is in here.

JFA 10:25 AM Apr 22nd: Colorado Independent rptr Ernest Luning noted juror number 11, a male, wore a pink oxford shirt. Glowered when...

JFA 10:27 AM Apr 22nd: the "pink shirted muther f*cker." Juror's shirt, I now can see, is pink and white pinstriped.

GT 10:27 AM Apr 22nd: Kundelius to begin.

GT 10:28 AM Apr 22nd: Kundelius sets up, andrade doodles on paper in front of him.

JFA 10:28 AM Apr 22nd: the "pink shirted muther f*cker" line of Andrade was mentioned by DA.

JFA 10:29 AM Apr 22nd: Defense starting - Evidence is only what Andrade said on phone con where he said it happened so fast.

JFA 10:30 AM Apr 22nd: Defense stated he was a boy who dressed as a girl, but he's male.

JFA 10:30 AM Apr 22nd: "Deception."

JFA 10:30 AM Apr 22nd: Apartment indicated girl lived there.

JFA 10:31 AM Apr 22nd: He...Him...Justin...

JFA 10:31 AM Apr 22nd: Comment - blaming victim for living as female.

JFA 10:32 AM Apr 22nd: Saying Andrade didn't think.

JFA 10:32 AM Apr 22nd: Not about Angie" "lifestyle".

JFA 10:34 AM Apr 22nd: Saying that Andrade didn't commit the F1, F2, F3 felony. Committed something less.

JFA 10:35 AM Apr 22nd: Saying [Angie's male name] decieved people about "his" gender.

JFA 10:36 AM Apr 22nd: One reason Angie Zapata came to greeley for sex with [Angie's male name].

JFA 10:36 AM Apr 22nd: Correction -- one reason Allen Andrade came to greely ...

JFA 10:37 AM Apr 22nd: Saying phone calls don't support DA's conclusions regarding timing.

JFA 10:39 AM Apr 22nd: 2-1/2 hours of calls indicates sexual contact.

JFA 10:41 AM Apr 22nd: Discussing pink vibrator. Indicating "sweaty palms" may have caused that 19-plus nanograms of DNA material on vibrator.

GT 10:41 AM Apr 22nd: Kundelius says only one reason people talk on phone foor 2 hours then decide to meet. Sex.

JFA 10:42 AM Apr 22nd: Separate mattresses means [angie's male name] was hiding her male genitalia by sleeping separately.

JFA 10:43 AM Apr 22nd: Talking about that fire extinguisher was not tested for DNA.

JFA 10:44 AM Apr 22nd: Talking about how Andrade didn't take pink vibrator or cigerette butts, so defense saying this means he didn't really clean up.

GT 10:45 AM Apr 22nd: Says Andrade left too much behind to clean up the crime scene as DA alleges.

GT 10:46 AM Apr 22nd: Says' DA's evidence that Andrade knew Zapata was male doesn't add up.

JFA 10:46 AM Apr 22nd: Semen in {Angie's male name} indicates sexual acts were taking place.

JFA 10:47 AM Apr 22nd: Defense arguing that no evidence shows he knew Angie was transgender.

JFA 10:48 AM Apr 22nd: he...him...[Angie's male name] consession on Angie's gender. Going strictly by male name & pronouns.

GT 10:48 AM Apr 22nd: Kundelius says: Mr. A sat in court with Justin, learned Justin was man and then planned for next day to kill?

GT 10:50 AM Apr 22nd: Said no evidence of Allen in court with Justin.

JFA 10:50 AM Apr 22nd: rt: @GreeleyTribune Trial: Says' DA's evidence that Andrade knew Zapata was male doesn't add up.

GT 10:51 AM Apr 22nd: they Texted on the morning Zapata was due in court because they weren't together.

JFA 10:53 AM Apr 22nd: Stating that text msgs indicate Andrade wasn't with Angie in court -- Angie was with another male. (No txt msgs to other man then?).

JFA 10:55 AM Apr 22nd: Outlining July 16th. Talking abt how she had dinner with friend, and friend said she seemed to be hiding something.

JFA 10:56 AM Apr 22nd: Last text btwn [Angie's male name] and Andrade was at 8:55PM on July 16th.

JFA 10:57 AM Apr 22nd: Making a big deal about "Angie" as an alias for [Angie's male name]. comment - this is going to deception.

JFA 10:58 AM Apr 22nd: Kundelius arguing how this is not 1st degree -- Andrade just reacted.

JFA 11:00 AM Apr 22nd: Said this is nothing someone plans for. -- "this" being Andrade's finding out Angie was male, Saying Andrade "just reacted".

JFA 11:01 AM Apr 22nd: Just referred to Angie as "Mr. Zapata."

GT 11:01 AM Apr 22nd: Jury is getting shifty in their chairs.

JFA 11:02 AM Apr 22nd: Saying finding out that Angie has male genitalia was sufficient "provocation."

JFA 11:03 AM Apr 22nd: Saying that Andrade is guilty of manslaughter only, perhaps.

JFA 11:04 AM Apr 22nd: Criminally negligent homicide -- saying Andrade "failed to perceive" Angie was male,

GT 11:04 AM Apr 22nd: Mr. Andrade just grabbed for something and he hit Justin Zapata.

GT 11:05 AM Apr 22nd: Kundelius said the last.

JFA 11:05 AM Apr 22nd: Using his words in phonecon to Mendoza to say Andrade just "snapped", and didn't think this through.

JFA 11:06 AM Apr 22nd: In phonecons all he did was admit to rage.

JFA 11:08 AM Apr 22nd: comment - I'm getting angry at how dfse atty keeps calling "Mr. Zapata". Clouding anger.

GT 11:08 AM Apr 22nd: Kundelius: He knew he was going to get arrested, that's why he kept using the car. Wasn't trying to run away.

JFA 11:09 AM Apr 22nd: Keeps referring to Angie as "Mr. Zapata."

JFA 11:10 AM Apr 22nd: Just called [angie's male name] was his family's "brother." Not sister as family called her, but "brother."

GT 11:10 AM Apr 22nd: Trial: Kundelius: Asks jury to disregard testimony of Zapata's friend, family because they were biased.

JFA 11:12 AM Apr 22nd: Defense atty minimizing that Angie went to bars on LGBT nights.

JFA 11:14 AM Apr 22nd: Arguing that Andrade is "a straight, heterosexual man." Visiting bisexual Mocospace chat room doesn't tell us anything.

GT 11:15 AM Apr 22nd: K: What happened was not because of sexual orientation, it was because of how Mr. Andrade was deceived.

GT 11:16 AM Apr 22nd: K says Andrade knew he was in jail for a crime he didn't commit. That's why he had lighthearted statements in jail calls.

JFA 11:16 AM Apr 22nd: Andrade "killed because of lie lie...deciept..not because of [male name] was transgender".

JFA 11:17 AM Apr 22nd: Defese arguing that Andrade was in jail for a crime he did not commit when he was talking to Mendoza.

JFA 11:18 AM Apr 22nd: "It." Defense in minimising the pejorative of 'It" used by Andrade and Mendoza.

GT 11:18 AM Apr 22nd: K says Andrade called Zapata IT because it was confusing, he was under a lot of stress.

GT 11:18 AM Apr 22nd: Robb Miller gets last word.

JFA 11:19 AM Apr 22nd: "Mr. Andrade was deceived...not guilty of first degree murder." Defense closes statement.

JFA 11:19 AM Apr 22nd: Rebuttal begins.

JFA 11:20 AM Apr 22nd: "No confusion" with Andrade's intent.

GT 11:20 AM Apr 22nd: Miller said there is no confusion at all in this case, about who killed Angie, or what the intent was.

GT 11:21 AM Apr 22nd: Miller: Injuries on head, and only head, was evidence that this was murder with intent.

JFA 11:21 AM Apr 22nd: Where attack was on face with multiple blows idicates intent.

GT 11:22 AM Apr 22nd: Miller: Is Angie supposed to wear a sign that says I'm transgender? I don't think that's required.

JFA 11:23 AM Apr 22nd: DA Miller: Not deception -- "Is she supposed to wear a sign that she's transgender?"

JFA 11:25 AM Apr 22nd: comment -- This is Autumn Sandeen, a trans woman. Am I deceptive when I go to the grocery store and don't out myself? AUGH!

JFA 11:26 AM Apr 22nd: DA: There is no evidence of sexual contact at the time of murder.

JFA 11:27 AM Apr 22nd: Abt the vibrator. Large amount of DNA not by sweat.

JFA 11:28 AM Apr 22nd: The evidence shows that defendent was in traffic court with Angie.

GT 11:29 AM Apr 22nd: Miller: Use of fire extinguisher is intent to kill.

GT 11:30 AM Apr 22nd: Instruction 24: Judge. Bailiff will escort you to jury room. 2 jurors, however, have to go home.

JFA 11:30 AM Apr 22nd: Defense is asking you to speculate, DA asking jury to go by the evidence.

GT 11:31 AM Apr 22nd: Back in a while.

JFA 11:32 AM Apr 22nd: Rebuttal done.Judge Kopcow reading last instruction, no. 24. Basically, process of jury deliberation and how to fill out pprwrk.

JFA 11:38 AM Apr 22nd: Jurors 6 and 11 were id'd as the alternates. Both white appears middle-aged caucassion male...

JFA 11:39 AM Apr 22nd: And the other was a white male, appeared to be college aged.

GT 01:39 PM Apr 22nd: Verdict reached in Andrade's trial.

JFA 11:42 AM Apr 22nd: Jury charged. The jury going to eat lunch and deliberate.

JFA 11:42 AM Apr 22nd: Now we wait for the verdicts.

JFA 01:49 PM Apr 22nd: We have a verdict already.

GT 01:49 PM Apr 22nd: Massive media crowds await final sentencing.

GT 01:51 PM Apr 22nd: DA Buck to make statement after verdict read. Zapata family to make statement half hour after verdict. Family already crying.

GT 01:53 PM Apr 22nd: Zapata family sits directly behind me.

GT 01:54 PM Apr 22nd: Andrade not here yet.

GT 01:55 PM Apr 22nd: He finally arrives.

GT 01:55 PM Apr 22nd: Andrade looks nervous.

GT 01:57 PM Apr 22nd: Two alternate jurors asked to hear by telephone. Calling them now.

JFA 01:57 PM Apr 22nd: Court is in session. 2:55 PM MDT.

JFA 01:58 PM Apr 22nd: Judge Kopcow is warning us to keep proper decorum.

GT 01:58 PM Apr 22nd: Trial: Judge wants everyone to act appropriately, no emotional outbursts.

JFA 02:00 PM Apr 22nd: waiting 4 jury.;

JFA 02:01 PM Apr 22nd: On the record.

JFA 02:02 PM Apr 22nd: Juror no. 9 is foreman. Male. middle aged.

JFA 02:02 PM Apr 22nd: Guilty verdict on 1st Degree Murder.

JFA 02:03 PM Apr 22nd: Guilty on count two on bias motivated crime.

JFA 02:03 PM Apr 22nd: Guilty on vehicle theft (count 3) and identity theft. (count 4).

GT 02:04 PM Apr 22nd: Guilty - first degree. Guilty - hate crime. Guilty - car and ID theft.

GT 02:07 PM Apr 22nd: Sentencing is at 4 p.m. today.

GT 02:12 PM Apr 22nd: Morning courtroom photos.

JFA 02:15 PM Apr 22nd: At 4:00 PM MDT, Allen Ray Andrade will be sentenced to mandatory life without parole.

JFA 02:16 PM Apr 22nd: Comment. Breathe in, breath out, sob.

JFA 02:17 PM Apr 22nd: We have JUSTICE FOR ANGIE!!!!!!!

JFA 02:20 PM Apr 22nd: Back @ 4PM MDT.

JFA 02:30 PM Apr 22nd: We'll have the Zapata family statement in entirety up as soon as they make it -- this will be a 1/2 hour after F1 Felony conviction.

JFA 02:31 PM Apr 22nd: F1 Felony Conviction sentencing, that is.

GT 02:47 PM Apr 22nd: Zapata’s mother mouthed tearful “Thank You” to Chief Deputy DA, and other courtroom reax.

GT 02:53 PM Apr 22nd: Courtroom fills up again for Andrade's immediate sentencing. It will be life, but Zapata's mom will address judge.

GT 02:56 PM Apr 22nd: Courtroom is jovial, Andrade's family just arrived, all looking as if they've been crying.

GT 02:58 PM Apr 22nd: During sentencing, usually victim's and suspect's families get to address the judge. Andrade's family so far has been silent

GT 02:59 PM Apr 22nd: Will be interesting to see if Andrade comes back in orange jail clothes.

GT 03:01 PM Apr 22nd: yep, he's in jail orange, with his hands cuffed in chains to his belly, and his feet cuffed together, too.

GT 03:02 PM Apr 22nd: Robb Miller's dad, a private lawyer trying a case here this week, shows up in courtroom. Big smile.

JFA 03:02 PM Apr 22nd: It's now 4:01PM MDT....we expect...court is now in session.

JFA 03:03 PM Apr 22nd: DA Robb Miller telling Judge Kopcow Angie's Mom wishes to speak.

JFA 03:04 PM Apr 22nd: Bifracating sentencing -- Count 1 will be sentenced today, and count 2-3 later -- likely to be tomorrow.

GT 03:04 PM Apr 22nd: Asst. DA notes to Miller: "That's one proud dad."

GT 03:04 PM Apr 22nd: Miller calls Maria Zapata, Angie's mother.

JFA 03:05 PM Apr 22nd: Maria Zapata going to speak to court on sentencing. She is "My Baby's mom."

JFA 03:07 PM Apr 22nd: Thanking "your honor" - "I lost somebody so precious....It's so bad. I feel so alone." "He took my baby away from me in such a selfsh act."

JFA 03:08 PM Apr 22nd: Thanking "your honor" - "I lost somebody so precious....It's so bad. I feel so alone."

JFA 03:08 PM Apr 22nd: "He took my baby away from me in such a selfish act."

GT 03:08 PM Apr 22nd: Maria Z: Mr. Andrade, he has opportunity to have his family to talk, to see him, to write to him.

GT 03:08 PM Apr 22nd: Andrade's sister, Christina Cruz, talks.

JFA 03:09 PM Apr 22nd: Now for defendant, "Christina Cruz".

JFA 03:10 PM Apr 22nd: "We're not supporting the outcome but we do support my brother."

GT 03:10 PM Apr 22nd: Christina Cruz, we don't support the outcome, but we do support my brother.

JFA 03:11 PM Apr 22nd: DA Miller: "Life sentence is a just sentence...A life sentence is justice in this case."

JFA 03:12 PM Apr 22nd: Defense Atty Kundelius: "Mr. Andrade is not some kind of monster."

GT 03:12 PM Apr 22nd: Andrade doesn't want to say anything.

JFA 03:13 PM Apr 22nd: Court now setting date for second part of sentencing for other 3 counts.

JFA 03:14 PM Apr 22nd: May 8th at 3PM MST

JFA 03:15 PM Apr 22nd: Judge hopes Andrade thinks about hurt he's caused both families.

GT 03:15 PM Apr 22nd: Judge sentences him to life in prison. He just looks at judge.

GT 03:16 PM Apr 22nd: in my experience, didn't notice media was here. thanks for professionalism.

GT 04:16 PM Apr 22nd: Trial: Allen Andrade will spend the remainder of his life in prison. Read the story at the Greeley Tribune.

JFA 03:16 PM Apr 22nd: Thanks four attornys for their professionalism. Same with media.

JFA 03:18 PM Apr 22nd: Sentenced to life without parole. The rest of Allen Ray Andrade's natural life will be spent in prison.

JFA 03:20 PM Apr 22nd: Justice for Angie. Justice for Angie. We have justice for Angie.

GT 06:13 PM Apr 22nd: Live blog: Transgender murder trial, day 5: Court reporter Sharon Dunn blogs live from the courtroom.

GT 06:13 PM Apr 22nd: Lead Story: Andrade guilty of first-degree murder: Jury members in the Allen Andrade murder trial wal..

Trial Details: April 23, 2009

GT 12:13 AM Apr 23rd: SLIDESHOW: Guilty Verdict in Zapata Murder Trial: Guilty Verdict.

GT 12:13 AM Apr 23rd: Andrade guilty, sentenced to life in murder of Zapata: They were the first smiles anyone ..

GT 12:42 AM Apr 23rd: Zapata family speaks: Flanked by his sisters, Ashley Zapata, Stephanie Villalobos..

GT 12:42 AM Apr 23rd: A verdict worthy of Washington?: Jury members in the Allen Andrade murder trial w..

GT 12:42 AM Apr 23rd: Andrade guilty, sentenced to life in murder of Angie Zapata: They were the first ..

AfterTrial Details: April 24, 2009

JFA 08:44 AM Apr 24th: Justice for Angie should be justice for all. Sign to support federal hate crime leg...

After Trial Details: April 28, 2009

JFA 09:20 AM Apr 28th: Denver Post has article up talking about hope and progress in the trans community.

After Trial Details: May 08, 2009

GT 06:12 PM May 8th: Lead Story: Andrade sentenced to 60 additional years in prison.

JFA 06:38 PM May 8th: Allen Ray Andrade given 60 more years today. He received Life Without Parole on April 22nd for the 1st degree murder...

JFA 06:40 PM May 8th: ...of Angie, and today he recived 12 more years for the bias motivated crime, 24 years each for vehicle theft and identity theft...

JFA 06:42 PM May 8th: ...These would be the maximum sentences, based on Andrade being first being declared a "habitual offender" for previous offenses.

JFA 06:43 PM May 8th: Source for this news on the 60 additional years.

After Trial Details: May 09, 2009

GT 12:12 AM May 9th: Crime & Courts: Andrade sentence grows by 60 years: Allen Andrade's prison sentence continues..

A Message From Judy Shepard.

On the following page at the HRC website there was a link to embed the video below on other sites. It was alowed so that Judy's message be spread. That link unfortunately was not usable here. As such, I downloaded the video and then placed it on my own page. I have linked it from there. I chose to add it here, as it seemed fitting to include Judy Shepard's statement. Not only because she mentions Angie in it, but also because Judy lost her own son Matthew 10 years ago when he was murdered in a hate crime. Judy's message is one that needs to be heard. Please do watch this video.

April 22, 2009: Denver Post Article.

On April 22, 2009 @ 07:28:02 PM MDT Monte Whaley a reporter for the Denver Post writes: Andrade gets life for murder of transgendered woman.

April 23, 2009: Colorado Independent Article.

Ernest Luning a reporter for The Colorado Independent based in Denver, Colorado .. on April 23, 2009 @ 7:46 AM writes: Anti-violence groups applaud Andrade murder and hate-crime convictions.

May 27, 2009: Colorado's - Denver Westworld News Articles.

Melanie Asmar a reporter for The Denver Westword News .. on May 27, 2009 @ 9:05 AM writes: Seven unanswered questions about the trial of Angie Zapata's killer. Article is 4 pages in length.

Melanie Asmar a reporter for The Denver Westword News .. on May 27, 2009 @ 9:27 AM writes: Who was Angie Zapata? Her murderer's trial didn't tell the whole story. Article is 5 pages in length.

Beth Karas Of InSession: Personal Photos: Andrade/Zapata Trial.

Beth Karas of TruTV InSession .. formerly Court TV has granted us the use of her personal collection of photos related to the Andrade Trial and Angie's friends and family visiting her grave site after the verdict was read in the Andrade Trial. There are also some pictures of the courtroom and of Beth's staff and truck used when on assignment. We are grateful to Beth for her permission to share these photos. The descriptions for each photo are taken from Beth Karas's own descriptions used on her personal page with slight rewording.

Editor's note: the images have since been removed from where they were hosted.

01. Angie Zapata
02. In the center is Angie's sister, Monica, who is the family spokesperson. To Monica's right (behind her) is one of Angie's best friends.
03. Beth is interviewing Elizabeth at the vigil for Angie Zapata on April 14.
04. Angie Zapata's family at the vigil.
05. More of the vigil.
06. Diana Nelson, supporter of Angie Zapata, at the vigil. She was the vicitm of a vicious assault last year just because she's a transgender woman.
07. Weld County Deputies on patrol before the April 14th vigil.
08. The old courthouse.
09. The new courthouse, where the Andrade trial is taking place is being transformed. It used to be a jail!
10. The mobile studio where Beth broadcasts from.
11. In Session's satellite truck outside the Weld County courthouse in Greeley, Colorado. Sean and Marvin operate the truck.
12. Downtown Greeley, CO.
13. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado on April 19, 2009. This is the scene of the scariest movie Beth ever saw: The Shining. The snow was melting and caused a rock slide. They had to take a detour back to Greeley. The 45-minute trip took 1.5 hours!
14. This is the scene from the porch of The Stanely Hotel in Estes Park, CO. It's a gorgeous site.
15. Autumn Sandeen is the trial blogger extraordinaire! Beth and Autumn often meet to chat over coffee. This is Sunday morning, April 19, before Beth set off for Fort Collins, Estes Park and an evening ghost tour in Greeley.
16. This is the jury box in the Andrade murder trial courtroom.
17. Another view of the jury box. You can see the monitors that jurors look at to view the evidence.
18. This is the witness stand. It is directly in front of the jury box across the courtroom. Andrade's table is to the left of the stand--at the top of the photo.
19. Inside the mobile studio on verdict day (before the verdict).
20. This is what Beth sees to her right while she is on air. There are several monitors. The big one is for Beth to keep an eye on her hair and makeup.
21. Matt and John in the mobile studio. This is where Beth looks while on air. They make her sound and look good.
22. Angie's family and friends visit her gravesite after the verdict.
23. After their prayers and personal time, Beth and others were welcomed to step in.
24. Beth speaks to Maria Zapata who graciously answered a few questions.
25. Family and friends promised Angie today that she will never be forgotten.

Photos taken by TGSpirit from the Gender Identity Center of Colorado.

TGSpirit from the Gender Identity Center of Colorado and the Radical Trans Show on TransFM has granted us the use of her personal collection of photos related to Angie's friends and family at the vigils held for Angie Zapata. We are grateful to TGSpirit for her permission to share these photos. Photos are a mix of both the vigil held in July of 2008 and the vigil held in April of 2009. Descriptions of photos come from TGSpirit.

Editor's note: the images have since been removed from where they were hosted.

01. Zapata Family arriving at Second vigil for Angie held across from the courthouse on 2nd day of jury picking in April 2009.
02. At end of vigil: everyone is holding cups with candles in them.
03. Monica Zapata and family in front with the children during the vigil.
04. As the Vigil was about to wind down.
05. Monica Zapata gives a brief smile for cameras or at something someone said.
06. Another photo during the vigil.
07. Adam Bass from GLADD, shown back to camera, to right of Monica Zapata in photo.
08. Adam Bass from GLADD, with Monica Zapata.
09. Kelley Winters: member of the Board of Directors of the Trans Youth Family Advocates, standing with Monica Zapata.
10. TGSpirit with Donna Rose Author of "Wrapped In Blue" at the first Angie Memorial in July 2008.
11. Monica Zapata and brother as Monica reads the family statement.
12. Mom: Maria Zapata, Brother: Gonzalo Zapata, Sister: Monica Zapata and one of Monica's children.
13. Mom: Maria Zapata, Brother: Gonzalo Zapata and Sister: Monica Zapata.
14. Donna Rose keynote speaker, and author of "Wrapped in Blue."
15. Kim Downer of the Gender Identity Center of Colorado.

26Apr09: TransFM Radio Show: Topic: Andrade Trial Aftermath.

On April 26, 2009 the Radical Trans Show on TransFM did an episode on Angie Zapata and the trial of Allen Andrade. TG Spirit co-hostess of the show talked with co-host Ethan St.Pierre about her experience in having attended the trial. They discussed the mood of the transgender community after the trial of Allen Ray Andrade and his conviction for the murder of Angie Zapata. The show is available two ways. You can download the 71.2 Megabyte MP3 audio file in the .zip file format by clicking here (best for those with slow conections), or you can stream the audio directly from their site page. To stream it you need to go to their page and click the play button. To go to their page click here. The show is 1 hour 17 minutes and 51 seconds in length. This show tells some of the details surrounding the trial and even has a reading of a document written by the District Attorney of Weld County about Andrade's capture and prosecution.

Andrade Receives Additional 60 Years On Top Of Life Sentence.

Allen Ray Andrade on Friday May 8, 2009 received an additional 12 years for the hate crime conviction, 24 years for the motor vehicle theft and 24 years for the identity theft. Thus he was in effect sentenced to 60 more years on top of his life sentence by Judge Marcelo Kopcow. Heather Draper of the GLBT Community Center of Colorado sent out an immediate news release. The news release was received by Ms. Autumn Sandeen of pamshouseblend website and she placed it on their website as a PDF file. Click here to load and view this PDF file from their website.

Three more links worth reading on the 60 additional years sentence received by Andrade on Friday May 8, 2009 follow below.

On Westword Melanie Asmar of in Word on the Street posted on Friday, May. 8 2009 at 8:31PM the following article: "In Zapata case, sixty years added to murderer's life sentence." Click here to read the article.

Reporter Remigio Darby, who reports on Denver Gay Culture in the Examiner, on Friday, May 8, 2009 at 9:25 PM posted the following article: "Andrade gets life plus 60 years for all charges in Angie Zapata murder." Click here to read the article.

Reporter Monte Whaley, of The Denver Post, on Friday, May 9, 2009 at 12:05:00 AM MDT posted the following article: "Life plus 60 for Zapata's killer: A habitual-criminal finding magnifies Allen Andrade's sentence." Click here to read the article.