Apples and Oranges: The Baily Transsexual Controversy

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Apples and Oranges

The Baily Transsexual Controversy
by Laura Amato

There are few men who can claim the attempted destruction of an entire mostly peaceful community. Michael Baily though is one man who who has done this with his book "The Man Who Would Be Queen", a product of psuedo scientific research. The book has raised a firestorm of controversy of adverse public reaction to the Transsexual and Transgender Community as well as pitting the 2 groups against each other. Over the last few days the two heroines, Lynne Conway and Andrea James who defended Transsexuals against Baily's methods have been attacked in the press, blogs and news articles. You would think that James and Conway would have a groundswell of community support behind them. Instead, with the exception of a few, TS and TG bloggers suddenly went silent. Why aren't we speaking up for these two women who have done more for Transsexuals then anyone for us with the exception of Harry Benjamin? It makes no sense to me that while bloggers and news articles defend "poor Michael Baily" I have to hunt hard to find stories supporting Transsexuals for my news in this fiasco. So far I've found 3. This article makes 4.

Sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with Transsexualism. Any real Gender therapist can tell you that with the exception of Ann Lawrence who is not a Transsexual, but a trangenderist and autogynephilliac. This is a clear case of calling apples, oranges as their are huge differences between the groups. They are NOT the same. Neither can know how the other feels let alone validate their feelings and beliefs. How much experience has Baily had outside of his miniscule research sampling? He has ZERO experience with us or our community. Yet he knows what drives us, I think not. He wrongly assumes that Transgender=Transsexual as Lawrence does. Their assumptions are a fallacy.

Most Transsexuals know from the age of 4 or 5 that they were Trapped in the wrong body even if they didn't know the name for it. Their parents will tell you that they insisted they were the opposite gender as young as 2 years of age. Baily and Lawrence would have us believe that these children felt this way from sexual fantacy?

I run a transgender site that support Transsexuals as well, with over 3 million hits. We have talked to thousands in every group. Yes there are some that are in love with the idea of being a woman but they are Transgenderist, not Transsexual. Stories told by the 2 groups are not the same at all. Inside each different group though they are similar to each other. Certainly advising both with the same medical advise is dangerous. Lawrence should know that as her fellow gender therapists already do. From my email every gender therapist I talked to does not agree with Baily and Lawrence. So far not one of them are on their side.

Like it or not this is OUR community. Whether you are a Transgenderist or a Transsexual we should not be fighting each other. We have enough public opposition as it is. We will not achieve Transgender or Transsexual rights while we oppose each other. It is time to come out of the woodwork and emerge from your silence to Support those who have supported all of us these many years, namely Lynne Conway and Andrea James. I for one thank them for their efforts.