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Hey I am a 16 year old male, and my story goes as many have on this forum. I started to wear panties when I was around 10. I was on a trip in florida and my sister, who was 9 at the time, 1 year younger then me, had her panties out of the suitcase and were sitting there. They had little blue flowers and I had the sudden urge to just put them on. I was really confused at the time when I put them on because I felt really erotic and I didnt think it was normal. I took them off right away. The next day again I had the same urge to put some pink panties on and I did. This was the first day of my life that I had actually wore panties for a whole day. I was scared to be caught but I never was. After that trip I wore panties on a more regular basis, getting them from my sister for over 3 years, until I was 13.

When I was 13 I was on a travel baseball team, for the state i lived in, and I went over one of my friends house, who had a 16 year old sister, and i was only 13 at the time. This was the first time I experienced the thong. I took them from her drawer and wore them all day for a long time.I loved the feel. From then on I wore thongs and took panties from my sisters friends who came over to our house, and from my friends sisters. I had quite a collection by this time and I started to put on my sisters actual clothes. As she grew older she started to get thongs and I would wear hers all the time. I started to put the panties and such between my bed spread. And at this time i had started to wear all girls clothes (with makeup) and walk out around my house because we had woods behind us and i would just sit by our pool when no1 was home. I even wore a bikini and swam in the water once. But anyways, one day i was at one of my baseball practices, and my father says to me (I'll never forget this) "I was cleaning out your sheets and found your sisters panties and thongs between your bedspread." I was shocked to think what he would do to me. He stopped talking after that, and when i got home, I went to look and the panties were gone. But later that night after i took a shower, i found out that the panties were actually in my top drawer, neatly folded and stuff. I looked in the other drawers and there was some short shorts and bras and things. Then my dad said if you wanted to wear girly things, you were gonna. So from now on they make me wear panties, and I wear them all the time. I wear thongs a lot...and thankfully have never been caught by my friends.

The funny thing is I happen to love wearing the thongs everyday and knowing that I cant be caught. My mom takes me to victoria's secret to buy new ones like every 3 months...Can people please reply to this because this is the first place where I've told my story, and im confused on why I love these panties so much.

Bryan alias Sarah!