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By Laura Amato

Transsexuals have a Medical necessity for treatment

There is a mistake that takes place every day in the public and the media that all Transgender people are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Transgender is the name of several groups of gender variant people under one umbrella. All of those groups are hugely different from one another. A crossdresser, a Transgenderist and a Transsexual have little in common with each other.

Reparative Therapies for those who are LGBT Condemned

Reparative Therapies for those who are LGBT are condemned by therapists and Psychiatrist Associations. While it is supposed to turn Gays and Transgenders straight has caused grave harm to the psyches of vulnerable children and teens. A few claimed cures but after a few years some changed their minds.. Despite the fact that many states have outlawed this practice, a few Christian ministers have started it again. As one former Exodus minister advised one young man that he'd be better off to die then to offend God. How many young people committed suicide?

Medicines: Are the cures worth the side effects?

In almost every afternoon or evening on commercial Television comes a well dressed lawyer asking if you've used any of the following prescription drugs that he names off then you are a victim worthy of compensation by a class action lawsuit. He asks you if you have the following symptoms which he names. off. If you do then you should call the special 1-800 number.

The Transgender Umbrella

The public which sometimes reads this site calls us Transgender. To them we are all the same. from cd to ts. Nothing could be further from the truth . This site was created to combine those with Gender issues under one "Transgender Umbrella". These groups are Crossdressers. androgens, some Intersexxed, Transgenderists and Transsexuals. They are as different from each other as night and day. On the legacy site we have pages for each group. We include families and partners.

Laura's Playground is back..

Finally after sometime we are back rewriting our OWN site again. Within two days of Piper and Dev working on the MOVED Forums our traffic started to match our old volume patterns we were on our way. Dev started a new file system called Drupal which has many new features, one of which includes this continuing blog. Since we were pressed for time we hauled the old site along and placed it under a menu item called legacy site. There you will find our favorite articles and information that we've been gathering since 2004.

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