Chrissie Nightstar

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Cassandra Chriswell

aka Chrissie_Nightstar
aka Fox_Scarlett

November 1, 1969 - December 19, 2013

Chrissie_Nightstar was a well loved staff member while she worked here as a moderator on Lauras-Playground's chat-room. Below are some rememberances of Chrissie by some of the staff whom knew her best .. both present and past staff.

Stu: "."

Monica_Jennifer: "I knew Chrissie before she worked on Lauras-Playground .. as she also had worked as a Room Moderator on a sister website .. where for a brief time I likewise had done a short stint as a Room Moderator. Over On TSG Chrissie was a friend and sister to me and others. I grew to really like her. Later when I found I could not work in two chat rooms due to time constraints I left TSG and I remember Chrissie sayng that she missed my taklking to her there. So we shared Yahoo Messenger details and kept in periodic communications. Later Chrissie joined the Lauras-Playground staff as well .. and was loved in both chat rooms. I loved her sense of how things should be .. even when sometimes they were not quite as she wished they would be. In a crisis situation Chrissie had a unique way of knowing when a person needed a certain touch over another for helping the person to solve their crisis of the day. Chrissie's wicked cool sense of humor often helped in those situations. Often in conversations we had off chat on Yahoo Messenger she would discuss some of her own personal issues in the world. I personally found her to be exceptionally filled with humoristic ways of discussing some of the deeper issues in society .. while she herself also had a darker side with issues of her own which bothered her she tried to make the other person feel better first before discussing any of her own issues. I admit that I had for the last nine months lost contact with her due to not being on yahoo messenger as much myself .. but prior to that I did enjoy many conversations with her in her own times of joy, times of saddness, and even times of upset. Yet always we remained friends. I will miss my friend. For me this is a reminder that we alwasy need to keep in contact with our friends for we never know when we might miss the last chance we had to communicate with those friends. Now I better understand a lesson Chrissie herself tried to teach me when I left TSG .. she said 'We should never let life get in the way of keeping in contact with a good friend.. as we never know when it may have been our last chance to communicate with them.' Chrissie is now in the hands of the Goddess. I wish her spirit Blessed Be."

Jayme: "Chrissie was a friend when I had few I could consider to be friends. She and the other staff members here at Lauras-Playground helped me get out of the depressive funk I was in when I first found Lauras-Playground. Many of the mods here feel like family and I will truly miss her. Rest in peace dear sister."

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