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Medicines: Are the cures worth the side effects?

In almost every afternoon or evening on commercial Television comes a well dressed lawyer asking if you've used any of the following prescription drugs that he names off then you are a victim worthy of compensation by a class action lawsuit. He asks you if you have the following symptoms which he names. off. If you do then you should call the special 1-800 number. After a few more minutes another commercial comes on with a positive message about the medicine the lawyer just named extolling its virtues for 30 more minutes after 30 more they tick off the side effects.which include heart, liver and kidney problems, pancreas and muscle disorders and erectile dysfunction. The Grande finale on some of these Meds is "DEATH." Is it worth it to be rid of the original ailment to begin with?

I asked my Doctor about it and he said that the side effects are infinitesimal, at about .00000003% ??? or so. He said if it really caused liver problems they wouldn't sell it. Really! Then why do I have and enlarged liver and pancreas and cirrhosis of the liver after no drinking in many many years. My liver was fie a year and a half ago when they last checked.Remember I'm old and take 28 medicines , some twice a day, 7 have the same symptoms. IN fact most people take more than one medicine. a day I'd rather not get into health specifics.since I'm already written all over this legacy site about them. There's not much new here other than my quadruple bypass heart surgery. Besides this two part blog isn't about me, it's about you..Medications react with each other. If you take Psychiatric drugs they affect your liver. Just as foods cause certain medical issues over time so do those pills or injections.

There are more medical miracles happening everyday. Living to a hundred happens far more often it used to. Now I'm not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV. Did you know that not every one of you communicates everything to your doctors. That's changing though as more medical groups share your prescription medicines over the computer.

As people age more and more are being prescribed Hormones that are not Transgender. In men it improves ED but also increases ones risk of prostate Cancer and heart risks.. In Women it increases libido but can increase breast cancer risk and heart issues. Some often drop these therapies after a while because of their fears as they age.

It cannot be empathized the importance the Doctor plays in your health. You are both partners. Whether you are Transgender or not.
I get a lot of mail from older Transsexuals. While many are living longer to 85 and beyond some regimenes have changed. Those with heart and cancer issues have had to stop some medicines.

NEXT Hormones through the SOC.

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And we complicate it more by the things we do and the things we seek. Side effects are tricky. For most drugs, most side effects overlap. Combine the side effects of ALL drugs (even simple things like aspirin or even "natural" herbal remedies) and foods and environmental factors etc., and it's very difficult to sort out if the drug caused the side effect. Was it a drug interaction, was it a drug/food interaction, was it an individual's biology with a specific drug that caused it etc.?? Couple all that with environmental factors and the things we eat (processed foods, lunch meats, frozen & fast foods...) and the things we do to ourselves (smoking, drugs, alcohol, self-medicating etc.) and it's no wonder that we have so many problems with presumed serious drug side effects.

The human body is not a machine. You just can't pull into a bay and say, "I've got a knock here and a rattle there, can you fix it by 4 p.m.?" Things like smoking, alcohol & drug abuse, and various diseases cause irreversible damage to many of our body's organs. The damage might be halted if we stop what's causing it, but it generally can't be fixed - only controlled symptomatically. Throw all of this in with prescribed medications and you get a wonderful cornucopia of side effects and bad outcomes.

As much as we're all similar biologically & physiologically, we're also all unique. Genetics and where we hail from can be factors in how we respond to things. One treatment that works for me may be ineffective on you, or even cause serious side effects...including DEATH. Yikes! Unfortunately most outside of the healthcare profession don't realize or understand that. They just want their problem fixed and gone. "Give me a pill and fix me." We do it despite the know risks & side effects cause we want to be cured...which is normal. When it doesn't work, we either bounce to the next doc, or we contact the infomercial ambulance chasing lawyer.

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