Cutting and Self-Mutilation

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Cutting and Self-Mutilation

in Transgender, Transsexual Teens
by Laura Amato

If you are transsexual, transgender and a teen you are already under enough stress from feeling different. It is likely too that your self-esteem is nearly non existant. This can be dangerous because you can sometimes feel isolated, depressed and alone. First you have to realize is that being trans is natural and something you are born with (despite a lot of mis-information out there). It is not a religous or moral issue as some would have you believe. You have done nothing to be ashamed of. You certainly are not alone There are many like you that you haven't met. In time, you will discover that by being trans you have an inner strength that is untapped in you. All you need to do is reach out and you will find an army of folks willing to help you.

Cutting is the practice of cutting oneself with a sharp object often breaking the skin. It is more common with women and FTM Female to male transsexuals. According to Oprah 50% are victims of sexual abuse or fondling. Often cutting takes place on arms, legs and stomach. FTM's cut frequently under breasts and in pubic area as well.

Self multialtion is the practice of harming ones body often with foreign objects. It takes place as branding and burning the skin. In MTF male to female transsexuals it often involves mutilating genital areas in self-loathing rituals. Transsexuals are often disgusted with their own bodies and mutilate body parts they would rather be rid of. It often occurs because they see no way out yet.

Remember that Teenage years are very hard on people that aren't born with our problems, so being TS introduces issues no one else has to deal with. The key to fixing our problems is that we are mostly internal with our feelings. This is not mentally healthy. We are often afraid to seek help. Fear of ridicule, homophobia, retaliation, loss of love and ostracism are valid reasons. However the way to solve our problems is to come out of oursleves enough to trust either family or a qualified professional or even a school counselor. Often teens are afraid of what their peers will think if they seek help or therapy. Therapy is confidential and no one but your parents need to know about it. The sessions themselves though are entirely secret between you and your therapist. While adult's may seem to be self sufficient and in control they often need help or intervention at some point in their lives.

Cutting and self mutilating can be addictive. The scars inflicted may never go away. Being Transsexual, depressed and cutting or mutilating, are problems that can be solved. While you may not see that now it is indeed fixable. Cutting and mutilation only provide temporary relief for a deep seated problem. The scars however will last a lifetime. Only you can take that first step to recovery. Tell someone, preferrably a parent. If they don't listen tell a school counselor about your cutting, or your doctor. Keep talking until someone listens and realizes how serious this is. All you need to do is ask for help. If you can;t ask write a letter. After that you and a Gender Therapist can solve all of your issues, not just the cutting. It can't happen though unless you ask. Do it today. Your future is at stake.


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