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Jamie, aka Dixie

June 3, 1955 - August 17, 2013

Dixie often talked with members about her personal life and about her feelings after her Surgery. She brought a sense of humor to the chat room and each day had both members and staff alike looking forward to a login from Dixie to restore a sense of humor to the chat.

Stu: "These are the the last things Dixie said in the chat.

2013-08-17 Community Center
15:47:58 Dixie: was supposed to be an easy day
15:48:12 Dixie: NOPE
15:49:27 Dixie: Stu if I go to crisis will you pat my hinder
15:49:35 Stu: -hmm
15:49:39 Dixie: lmao
15:49:45 Dixie: didn't think so
15:50 Dixie: music always cheers me up
15:50 Dixie: Utube here I come
15:51 Dixie: Come on Eilean Yes
15:52 Dixie: energetic*
15:52 Stu: to loo ry ay
15:52 Dixie: loo ra lay yippee*
15:53 Dixie: be excellent to each other
15:53 Dixie: party on
16:01 Dixie: me and you and a dog named Boo...Lobo ... energetic*
16:01 Dixie: got my mojo back
16:01 Dixie: Jellin like a felon

17:01:31 [Disconnect [ERR]] Dixie: Operation timed out

Timed out...
Who would have believed it was the last time we'd see her?
What would we all have said if we had known?
I was going to say '*slap* I patted your hinder' when she came back.

We all got to know Jamie, she was a HOOT. She was often singing and telling jokes of varying degrees of smut lol
We arent just words on a screen. People really can get to know each other well online,
make friends, even stumble into love. She had been so very happy this summer.

Jamie, I'm sorry I never got to send you the kilt I'd promised you, you never got to visit.

We all sang along to Come On Eileen, one week on from the moment you left us and we sobbed. That song will always remind us of you.
Cheers my dear, you went out on a high.

Stu and Bikkit the dog."

Monica_Jennifer: "Dixie was a person who had friends in just about everyone in the chat. If you were depressed and Dixie found out about it .. she would make you laugh one way or another. But there was a serious side to Dixie as well. Dixie loved animals, flowers and plants in general. In the photos [above] on this page we can see an example of Dixie with a bird in the first image. That is what I call a Dixie Awe moment. Seeing that picture one just goes AWE. In the second picture we see Dixie in front of Red Canna Flowers. There is a story behind this photo. Dixie had told me one day that she had a photo she wished to share with me of some flowers she had stood before when the photo was taken. However, she said that she in fact disliked the outfit she had on but was wearing it because her wife whom she affectionatly named 'Mouse', wanted her to wear it. Such was Dixie's joy to share in my own interest in flowers that she had to share that photo with me despite her dislike of what she was wearing when the photo was snapped. She was this way with all who knew her. If she knew you liked something specific she would find a way to either talk about that topic or show you an example of it in her own life. If you liked music Dixie would find you an example of some of her favorites on youtube [.com] to share with you. After she had her surgery, many folks asked her questions as to her results or how she felt and so forth .. and Dixie was happy to answer them. If a topic of partners came up, Dixie jumped right in on the topic. She loved talking about her wife, and listening to other folks in the chat talk of their partners.

There is now a void in the chat in the space which Dixie normally filled and many have expressed this feeling. To those folks I'd like to express a thought that if we each keep a memory of how we knew Dixie best as, and keep in our hearts the affection we had for her .. then she will remain with us in our memories and feelings and never truly be fully gone. If there was a wisdom that Dixie imparted to you which helped you .. then pass it on and keep that wisdom alive."

4MySOJenn_ImMichelle: "Jamie aka 'Dixie' and I were very good personal friends in LP and in real life. She had a way about her that even if you weren’t blood family, she still treated you like you were part of it. When it came to trying to help, there was never any cares about such things like race, gender, or religion. It was all about trying to work thru things to help people to be happy.

For me personally though, Dixie and I stayed by one another’s sides thru thick and thin. It never mattered what the issue was about, we worked thru it all. Issues with transitioning, home life, family problems or victorious happy moments, marital stuff… it never mattered. We could talk, cry, or laugh our way thru anything together knowing the other one understood and was by the other ones side. She heard what was in my heart with caring and compassion and when needed to, was willing to tell me a different way to see things thru. Watching her trying to help people on LP was about the same way. She cared a LOT about the people here and wanting to make sure they made the right choices thru transitioning and was willing to bring reality to those who were confused or didn’t understand the seriousness of transitioning. Dixie had a way of bringing laughter in the room. I personally will never forget when she would get too playful and telling her to calm down but how I would actually be watching my screen laughing hysterically. Sometimes I’d even call her on the phone and say “ok little chit” and she’d try to be all innocent like “huh… who me?” and we’d both have a good laugh together. She was a good friend and I know that when her time came, it was at a point in her life when she was filled with happiness and the love of family as well as her extended family of friends. Although our friendship was only a brief moment in time, she helped show me what a true friend meant and although my heart breaks for not having her physical presence in my life anymore, I feel that the time I did get to share with her both blessed and enriched my life.

Dixie if you can see this babe, I miss you so much sweetheart. Rest well hun till we meet again then you’d best have your boots on to raise a little hell with me again! I love you, Michelle." Bridge of Light by P!NK

Jenerosity: "To me, Dixie was a success. She went through it all, the hate, the need, the transition, the life, and became a woman with a sense of perspective & humor. She showed how it is done: surround your self with love.

And thats what Dixie did. And she shared her experiences, and helped others. And every thought that she provoked in others that seemed to be perfectly reasonable to the person that listened is a legacy of Dixies; She's still helping!!

I miss Dixie. We can keep Dixie alive in our hearts whenever we laugh, and smile."

Silke: "Jamie was a friend who wouldn't let you leave without seeing you laugh, and making sure you did if she hadn't already. She told me a lot of things I've taken to heart, but worth a lot more than that is the way she was. She didn't just tell you to keep your chin up, she did so herself. With relentless, incurable, undefeatable cheer. It was contagious and it still is. She was a lovely person, and I'll miss her dearly, though she can make me laugh and cheer me up even now, just thinking about her."

Christastrophe: "The one thing I am never going to forget about Dixie is her pride in what she has accomplished in life. I remember her sharing her photos with me, proud of how she was coming along in her transition. I never seen her on an off day, grinning cheesily at my computer screen at every mention Dixie had made about her Mouse being home. I never seen her as just another member or moderator on this site, but I seen her as a sister and someone I could count on to put a smile back on my face when I thought even a slight grin was impossible. It is going to be different not seeing her in chat anymore, but I KNOW I am going to think of her any time someone makes a whippy comment. I love you my sister! Be good up there!"

David: "Even though I didnt know Dixie very well on a personal level, whenever I saw her she always made me laugh, she always made me smile, she just had a way of brightening a persons day. I often thought that I wished I could be like her with her lighthearted ways. She shone like a star in the night skies. May she rest in peace in an angels arms, surrounded by all the things she loved. I will miss you Dixie. You had a very special place in peoples hearts."

Darien James: "She was AWESOME and will be missed. I miss hearing about the stuff her and Karen were doing, she always called her mouse and I never asked why."

mittens_kittens: "Dixie will be sorely missed in the chat rooms. When she signed on, we knew that the party was beginning and things were going to get interesting for awhile. She was the life of the party. A friend and mood booster to all she came into contact with.

I always hoped to get to know Dixie a bit better, but never seemed to have an opportunity or the time to do so. I sincerely regret that, because I know that my life could only have been enriched by it. What a special sweet person she was. We’ll miss you dear Dixie."

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