ENDA - The Aftermath

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Transgender LGBT ENDA: The Aftermath

by Laura Amato

The thing about fights is whether they are won or lost we still have to live together on this Planet. In some cases you lose even if you win especially if you both were fighting for the same thing. Things that were said or written cannot be taken back and betrayals will be well remembered. This is the aftermath of Enda in our intra-LGBT community. Amazingly 350 LGBT organizations fought for the inclusion of all. However a select few like John Aravosis, HRC, Gay City, and Barney Frank fought vicously against the Transgender Community. This will not be forgotten. They took the promise of Candy and betrayed us, not ever getting that they were standing on the steps of "George Bushes House of Veto's". "Trick or Treat" indeed. Of course now they have to live in our community after collecting their 30 pieces of silver.

It is safe to assume that HRC pockets will never again be lined with Transgender dollars or that we will wear boots and carry umbrellas when Barney speaks. They forgot that backroom's have people listening at the windows when they traded transgendered lives away. Worse they betrayed many of their own that would have allowed Gay Effeminate men and masculine women to be fired in their non-inclusive version. It's pretty hard to gain trust again when you have the words "LIAR" indelibly marked on your forehead. Judas was at least ashamed enough to take his own life.

So now we begin again for next year. We will remember, thank and support our friends and have disdain for our enemies who were wrapped in veils of shaded truth on one side and betrayal on the other. This time we will learn lessons from the past. This time Transgender people will testify as to the hell many of us face. This time we will stay together and give unconditional support to those who are truely on our side.

Meanwhile the enemy, despite a certain hate crimes veto will fight for a Transgenderless Enda that doesn't even protect all of them, so they can claim a hollow victory that will not become law this year. Sorry but we'll stick with our real friends who had the guts to support us.