Exchange with a Homophobe

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Man I Feel Like a Woman

An Email Exchange with a Homophobe
by Laura Amato

Some time ago I wrote a rebuttal of Dena Leichnitz's article "Man I feel like a woman". I have just received several emails which can only be described as "Hate Mail" from her. She disputes any proof including new and ongoing evidence she hasn't even seen yet to support us in our belief that being Gay or Transsexual is inborn. She says it is not scientific and calls it Psuedo science even though it was done by those who were leaders in their fields. Her evidence is the Bible.

In fact the only evidence she offers is biblical. No one believes the Bible to be scientific proof of anything except for religous nuts. Many though take it on faith which is fine. There is nothing wrong with that. It does however have no place in scientific , medical or legal discussions. Biblical passages are used to justify their homophobia. They bristle when you suggest that a book that still advocates stoning sinners might be outdated and at the very least against today's laws. Nertheless they use this very book to discriminate, deny the same benifits they have, excuse their hate crimes and sow hatred against gays and Transsexuals. The reason is that they believe That they are unnatural lifestyles instead of conditions we are born with. After all the Bible says so.

Recently prominent Christians have gone so far as to blame Gays and Transsexuals for wars, disasters and even hurricanes. Since it is not in their book Global warming is not considered responsible though scientific evidence proves otherwise.

If Korea or Iran launches a nuclear missle it is our fault. Earthquakes, floods, Tsunamis, locusts, West Nile Virus, disease, crime, death, Mideast and scores of other problems are because of the gays and transsexuals. They forget to mention how many wars start because of people committing atrocities in the name of God. How many Hate crimes and deaths are purported in the name of God? That's no problem it is in their book. That makes it OK. Actually, no it does not. If I had control over the weather you can bet there wouldn't be hurricanes. If I had control over war I would make peace. If we were indeed controlling things the world would indeed be a much better place. There is one undisputable truth, that homophobes never blame themselves and are more than willing to cast not only the first stone but an onslaught of them. They are pure after all, you see. It must be wonderful to be born so perfect. Gays and Transsexuals are certainly no threat to her or anyone else.

The sad part is that many of these hate mongers call themselves Christians. I tried to point out to Ms Dena Leichnitz that Jesus (who started Christianity) preaches a message of love in the New Testament while she advocates hate and intolerance. If I called myself a blue jay who would believe me unless I had the color, shape, sound and characteristics of a blue jay? Dena's behavior and writings do not at all make her Christianity believable. If you told me she was a Satanistic monster, I'd believe that because she has the characteristics of one. If they are indeed Christian then they should behave like one. Hate and intolerance are anti-christian.

The truth is the Psychiatric community as a whole does not consider Homosexuality or Transsexuality a Psychiatric illness. They consider Transsexuality to be a Medical condition with medical solutions. The HBIGDA Standards of Care are embraced by the medical community as the way to treat us. There are less than a handful of Professionals that do not believe this. There are two who the homophobes quote the most often, Dr Richard Cohen and the head of John Hopkins former Gender Clinic who discontinued the program. What often gets left out of DR Mchugh's decision is a note that he wrote that states that he was tired of turning out sex workers. No other clinic reports this problem. The note was subjective and personal not objective. The problem was in their facility and his responsibility. Other clinics did not find this to be true from their own experience. Dr Cohen claims to cure Transsexuals and Gays. He uses guilt and intimidation to browbeat the patient into submission. Long term studies are hard to find. Exodus is based on his findings. He uses transsexual examples who with any real therapy would have known that they were not transsexual at all but transgenderists who should never get SRS. If a patient lies to his Gender Therapist who's fault is that.

Dena Leichnitz has grossly misread an article I sent about Dr John Money who recently died. Doctor Money was resposible for the suicide death of David Rhiener who was erroneously raised as a girl when his male genitals were damaged. As older articles here will bear me out NO TRanssexual agrees with Dr Money's results. NONE. Instead we hold him up as what he accidently proved. He believed that nurture would always win out over nature. He was wrong and he proved that. He also proved quite accidently that true Transsexuality is "Natural" You either are or you are not. We've said this for years that we are a natural phenomenon. Our Daddy's lack of nuture didn't do this to us as DR Cohen preaches. It is natural in other species on this planet. Proof is in the animal kingdom that Homosexuality and Transsexuality is inborn. It is NOT a lifestyle choice.

Anyone who considers themselves to be transsexual should find a competent Gender Therapist. Many of us suffer from clinical depression. This must be treated first, along with other mental problems before surgery should be considered. Our suicide rate is 31% with over 50% of us having had at least one suicide attempt. This is serious and only real therapy with a specialist can lower these rates. I wish Ms Dena Leichnitz would realize that if her miniscule minority of the Professionals that agree with her, had any real results at all, then the whole Psychiatric and medical Community would certainly take notice and explore it further. To date that has not happened.

Please don't misunderstand. I have no problem with Christians who believe in Jesus' message of love and tolerance. Fortunately there are many churches that believe this way and embrace Gays and Transsexuals. This is good news. I do though have a problem with so called Christians who preach intolerance and hate. I consider them to be Pseudo Christians as much as Ms Dena Leichnitz believes that 98% of the Pschiatric and Medical community are psuedo scientists.