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Exodus and Other Reparative Ministries Exposed

in the Treatment of Gays and Transgendered
by Laura Amato

At first glance Exodus sounds very promising. They claim to be able to cure Homosexuals, transgendered, transsexuals And Crossdressers with reparative therapy. They sound like therapists don't they? Some call themselves "Counselors" almost indicating they have theraputic Psychological experience. Most do not. Unfortunately many of us jump at the chance often to please partners and families. Teens are often sent to such places by their parents hoping to save their child a lifetime of pain and ostracization. It sounds great until you explore what Reparative Therapy acutally is. "The medical and scientific consensus is that reparative therapy is not effective and is potentially harmful. No mainstream medical organization endorses reparative therapy and many have expressed concerns over the ethics and assumptions surrounding its practice. To address these concerns, they have set down the proper guidelines psychologists should follow while attempting to alter a client's sexual orientation. The mainstream view is that sexual orientation is unchangeable, and that attempts to do so are often damaging to the person's well-being". In our expose we reveal just how dangerous and life threatening their methods are. This despite that EX-Psychologist Richard Cohen recommended trying it. "Cohen was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association several years ago and currently operates without a license". What's worse is that church "counsleors" use "outmoded and dangerous reaparative therapy technques" without a psycholgy or psychiatric degree. They still use his disgraced methods.

While there are many articles about complaints from gays about Exodus, there has been little about what they do to Transgender people until now. Laura's Playground is a Transgendered support site. Our moderators are certified in youth suicide prevention to lower our 31% suicide rate. Over 50% of our users have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday so teens are very vulnerable. We have talked to several hundred thousand transgendered people and have received over two hundred million hits along with thousands of emails and Instant messages and chat sessions. We have stopped countless suicide attempts. Crisises are constantly reviewed in confidential transcripts so we can improve our methods. What we found is chilling. Some of the suicide attempts were made because of encounters with Exodus and other religous ministries. The methods used were homophobic and transphobic and in most cases hate crimes were committed against our transgendered users. Brain washing tequniques were used that sounds more like methods used against Prisoners of war. The results of this treatment were several suicide attempts we documented. What is even more frightening is the number of actual suicides that were successful that we will never know about. There is no doubt that exodus and others are responsible for countless deaths in our community. We certainly know for sure that they have caused severe suicide attempts. Unfortunately the dead don't speak. So we won't be hearing from the victims whose suicides were successful.

They don't do it to help you they do it to help them. In effect they want gays and transgendered populations gone period. They lose no sleep if one of us dies because of this. They are violating trust placed in them that they won't harm you. It is homophobic it is transphobic. It is a hate crime against us. What they do is not "therapy" or any other form of mental health sanctioned by accepted Professionals, it is brain washing.

Homophobic is something that many religous groups claim not to be. They claim they are only asserting their beliefs that Homosexuality and Transsexuality are wrong despite evidence to the contrary. "Homophobia is the fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. It can also mean hatred, hostility, or disapproval of homosexual people, sexual behavior, or cultures, and is generally used to insinuate bigotry. The term homophobic means "prejudiced against homosexual people," and a person who is homophobic is a homophobe" (Wikipedia). By this very definition their very beliefs are homophobic. Homphobia was born and hides in religion. Every single homophobic act, every discrimination made, every Homphobic act of hatred and every homophobic slur ever uttered can be traced right back to their very door. The fact that Exodus and those ministries like them that want to "cure" us is really an attempt at our eradication. It's genocide.

One of the founders of exodus international and a former ex gay had this to say: "The desires never go away," says Bussee, "the confrontations begin and the guilt gets worse and worse." Bussee recalls that some people who went through the Exodus program had breakdowns or committed suicide. "One man slashed his genitals with a razor and poured Drano on his wounds." Another man impulsively underwent an incomplete sex-change operation because he believed his sexual desires might receive divine approval were he biologically a woman" (Anti-Gay ministries are a fraud).

We deal with multiple Transgendered suicide crisises here every day. Clearly a third were in Exodus ministries or Exodus-like ministries. One 14 year old severely depressed teen was told Transsexuals were "Devils" and sent to a church "prophet" (counselor). He was suicidal and engaged in constant cutting behavior. He obviously needed a mental health professional, instead he got a "witch doctor" to pray over him and cast out "demons". Was he "cured"? No! He got worse. This is but one story told by countless others on our site. There are thousands more.

Some Transgendered people do suffer from Clinical Depression, Obesessive compulsive disorder and may have other mental health issues. This is from years of supression, discrimination and ostracization as well as denial of their true selves. They often suffer silently and alone. Treatment by a mental health professional is critical. Such screening should not be attempted by untrained "church counselors" but by Psychiatric professionals and gender therapists. Indeed the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care for Transsexuals and those diagnosed with "Gender Dysphoria" recommends that exactly. Exodus cause suicide attempts and suicides because of their ignorance and dangerous practices.

When told about suicides every single Homophobe who wrote to me completly ignored the issue. There wasn't a tear shed for transgender lives lost or nearly lost. This was from people who claimed to be followers of Jesus and are homophobic in his name. I have no doubt that Jesus Himself would have cried for the victims.

All Exodus can do is cause restrictive behavior for a short period of time. They cannot cure you or change what is natural to you, nor can they make you less gay or Transgendered then you are. What they do accomplish is to hurl at you homphobic dialogue and instill you with guilt, and shame. They want you to deny who you really are. One of their own ex founders claims they have caused suicides. Does Exodus care? No! They have not expressed regret for a single life lost from their methods. In addition we saved many of their victims who actually made suicide attempts. They and their ministries are a homphobic organization dedicated to wiping Gays and transgendered off their planet. The fact that they cause suicide deaths and attempts is one of the greatest hate crimes ever committed. The fact that they can get away with that and hide behind religious beliefs is indeed criminal. The fact that they do this all in the name of God is what gives religions a bad name. They are frauds. The fact that they get tax breaks as a religous entity makes it all Government sanctioned.

For the purpose of this article one of our vice presidents left her home phone number asking Exodus to debate us for this article. Every single night since she left that message on their answering machine she has received hang up calls at exactly 3 Am. The matter is under investigation. Does that sound un-christian to you? It's transphobic and it's hate crime. Why didn't they just say no to us? Harrassment certainly wasn't necessary.

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