Freedom vs Freedom

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Freedom vs Freedom

by Laura Amato

Freedom! Did you ever wonder why this is probably the most overused word in almost any language . This is especially true in an election year. The power of this word ignites more emotions and utilizes all of our five senses. Freedom, You can hear the explosions resonating with it. Freedom, you hunger for a taste of it. Freedom, you can see the flags and banners waving. Freedom, You want to reach out and touch it. Freedom, You can smell the smoke from the fires because of it.

We have so many: Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom to bear arms, Freedom from searches and seizure's, Freedom from occupation of our homes, Freedom to due process and a jury of our peers, Freedom of the press and expression, Freedom from discrimination, Freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness and dozens of other freedoms too numerous to list. So, looking at this list tell me which of these freedoms are not being violated right here in the good old USA. Find one, just one. These are freedoms that countless men and women have paid for in gallons of their own blood. Was it worth it? Are we truly free? To quote Clara Peller a former spokeswoman for Wendy's Hamburgers "Where's the Beef"

Question: Which one of these Freedoms is more important than the other?

Answer: NONE of them. Unless we make a new one, the Freedom that NO other freedom will infringe on ours, whatever they may be.

There is not one of us who at one time or another has not lost one of our own freedoms because of anothers. Take Freedom of religion for instance. Religions have absolutely no business in politics unless their religious rights are being violated and in at least the USA, they are not.

Isn't it time that religions around the world practice what they preach and stop trying so hard to OPPRESS others with guilt, threats, violence and political bribery? Governments need stability and cooperation to prevent chaos. Yet religions seek to manipulate the very governments that guarantee their freedom.

The following are new proposed constitutional amendments:

Freedom FROM religion. As a citizen I have the right to have my President, Congress and Government institutions and laws absolutely free of Religious influence. I have the right to NOT be subjugated to religious laws sprinkled into the constitution. Religions threatening Government Representatives of their denomination with punishment for not voting a certain way may be subject to fines and the loss of TAXATION protections.

Freedom from religious terrorism. No religion shall make as part of its doctrine policies that lead to the psychological, emotional or physical harm of others. Religions who do so will have their religious protections revoked. Clerics who do so will loose their Government rights as clerics.

Freedom from Seizures by the Social Security Administration and Any other government agency. Social Security Insurance taxes are already paid for by Millions of Americans. The government may NOT seize the property of elderly or any other citizens who have violated no criminal laws to repay medical bills.

Freedom of Gender Expression and Sexuality. Citizens have the right to express their gender or sexual orientation. Anyone who physically changes their gender shall have the legal rights and permissions of the gender they are altered to. Citizens have the right to express their own sexuality providing it does not harm another. We recognize and respect that marriage is not only a civil union but for some a religious one as well. However citizens have the absolute right to choose who they enter a CIVIL union with in a state of marriage. They will have all legal rights and permissions as any married couple.

Freedom from wars or actions fought for National Security and other excuses.

No U.S. war or armed action shall be taken upon the soil of ANY other country without the express mandate of the Congress of the United States. The president must PROVE his case for war or armed action beyond a reasonable doubt. If later it is found that the president has misrepresented his case, either intentionally or unintentionally he may be impeached.

Freedom vs. Freedom article is a concept by Laura Amato All rights are reserved. 2003