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GeorgiaAnn Hodnett

April 28, 1942 - December 1, 2008

Georgia Ann was the first Site Vice President here on Laura's Playground. A week after Thanksgiving 2008, Georgia Ann left this life through natural means. Because of her past position here we thought that she should have a permanent page of memorial here on the site. Georgia Ann was friend to many members in the chat and below we would like to list a few of the folks thoughts. Since Laura was the first to know Georgia Ann it is only fitting Laura say her thoughts first. Then the rest of us will comment.

Laura: "They say that everyone has unique talents. Some create, write or design and bring their visions to the world. Others do the physical labor required. Behind them though are people that give their support, advice, suggestions and mentorship. Often this last group doesn't get the recognition they deserve. Yet without their encouragement the project might not have been built. That's the case with this site. When trying to bring different groups together in a community you usually assume that they want to be together. I quickly ran into opposition. My dream was to create a support site to deal with preventing suicides in Transgender people. In our first survey of Transsexuals here of a thousand people 50% of our users had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday with some as young as 7. If we were truely going to curb suicides we had to include teens. Many were oppossed to this. The logistics of training an International staff seemed insurmountable. Still I managed to build the site. However I lacked confidence and unkind words took their toll on me. I considered pulling the plug many times as the pressures caused several health problems for me.

Enter Georgiaann who helped rebuild my confidence in my abilities. We became good friends and she was a mentor and advisor. As the site grew so did my job and duties as we expanded. I found I could no longer spend personal time in chat and the forums like i used to. I made Georgiaann Vice president in charge of staff. People meeting her for the first time found her to be gruff as she was a no nonsense person. It didn't take long to see that she was also a loving caring person capable of top notch support. She not only helped the staff grow but also saved the lives of many suicidal people here. Many people are still around today because of her efforts and are thriving as a result of her work here. She made people "get up and dust themselves off" and go on with their lives. While we didn't always agree she was a good friend especially when I was down. In retrospect I don't think this site could have come as far without Georgiaann. She may not have done the bricks and mortar but she did one thing we couldn't do without. She showed us how to support each other which is what this site is really all about. I miss her terribly. I will never forget her as she was one of the most remarkable people I ever met."

Sharleah (MamaShar): "GeorgiaAnn was a total inspiration to me, kind of like my Mentor, and baliff. She has gotten me out of several scrapes with the Boss, and guided me along the right path of doing things the right way here on the Playground. I have made the effort to follow in her footsteps, even though there is no one that could EVER fill her shoes. It is my opinion that she had a golden touch, because when she would step into any situation, she would come out grinning and the problem was resolved rather quickly. GeorgiaAnn was truely one of a kind, she would do without, so others could have. She devoted countless hours on the site making certain that all was at peace with all. If trouble came about, she would warn once, and the second time the troublemaker was turned into a toad (rofl). GeorgiaAnn packed a huge sense of humor, she was always smiling, even when she felt bad. She loved life and always tried to live it to the fullest. In her prior existance, she served in the Military and seved proudly, with the dignity we do not see anymore. GeorgiaAnn will always have a place in my heart as a mentor, friend, veteran, and sister. She is sorely missed and still appreciated beyond compare. The ones who knew her personally, would be in for a treat in person. She always knew what to say and when to say it. Sis, you will forever reign number one in my heart."

Sakura: "There is no way to possibly put into words how great of a person GeorgiaAnn was to those that didnt get a chance to know her either personally or in the playground. They missed out on the chance to know a truly wise funny honest woman. She helped me make decisions on many things, both transgendered and and non. She could offer insight to your problems that you were too upset or depressed to see for yourself. Her humor and wit picked me up on days when I really needed to laugh. Her skill as a moderator has not been topped by anybody. Crisis's that took me hours to solve, she could swoop in and do it in a fraction of the time. No matter what your troubles, the advice she gave just fit and worked. When she was not being supermod/VP her charm and sense of humor would light up the room for all. She has deeply touched my life. All I can say is Thank You Georgia for being a beacon of light to so many that needed it so despratly. You asked for nothing in return and gave your all. I hope you rest peacfully. You truly deserve it."

Monica_Jennifer: "When I first came to the chatroom at Lauras Playground, I used to wonder who was the person behind the ghost written text that appeared out of nowhere on screen with no name next to it. The person always seemed to have a sharp wit and on topic help to offer. When I became a staff member of the chat Georgia Ann told me it was her who I used to see talking from a ghosted mode. She was there to talk to when I had any questions. Always seemed to know the answer to even some of the hardest questions that some of the users had presented which I at the time did not know how to answer. I asked her and the information was provided. When a crisis came up I used to ask to watch her handle it. I was always amazed back then as to how fast she managed to help folks come back from crisis mode to non crisis mode. I learned a lot from watching her. Later when she was unable to come to the chat as she once had .. we started talking on yahoo messenger and became friends. We even talked on the phone occasionally. She always seemed to know how to make someone smile, even if they themselves had a very bad day, and such, was often the case in our personal conversations. In 2008 when I converted to the Wiccan belief system, it was again my friend Georgia Ann who was there to help me with my searches for answers to my early questions when I was not sure where to look for the information. I remember well the conversation on the phone which we had on Thanksgiving Day 2008. I had told her of a teacher I had been told to call who ran a Wiccan Magic School. Georgia Ann shocked me by telling me she had even met the teacher in the past and furthermore that she might consider coming north to take a few courses with that teacher to refresh on her own Wiccan knowledge. Here I was saying wow I might actually get to meet Georgia face to face if that came to pass .. but it was not to be as a week later Georgia Ann had passed out of this life to the next. As a Wiccan I believe she will come back in a new life one day and live again. In this life she was my first teacher on the topic of Wiccan Herbals. For that, I will always be grateful to her. It always seemed that to each person who got to know her .. she had much to teach. To me she was both a teacher and a good friend."

Melissia: "Georgia Ann was a very sincere person. She cared very much about the community and loved helping those in need of a warm shoulder. She would lend out her warm and caring thoughts and give new ideas or suggestions to try. Georgia Ann was a GREAT team member of lauras playground. Georgia Ann, May God be with you on your great journey rest in peace. God Bless you for what you have accomplished."