The Heart of a Transsexual

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The Heart of a Transsexual

by Laura Amato

Transsexuals are rare jewels in a society that couldn't tell a true gem from a glass stone. In ancient times, transsexuals were revered as Healers and Shamans, High Priestesses, Seers of the future and workers of magic. In order to heal, a Transsexual had to take the illness into herself and suffer for weeks until finally expelling it. That's a bold move from an unselfishly large heart.

In ancient times it was easy to find a transsexual. They were open and accepted. Today they have to keep within themselves to avoid discovery and oppression. In fact many have as their stated goal to become stealth and undetected. Meanwhile all those marvelous talents are unused and for most undiscovered even to themselves.

Only in America are there government leaders who wish to remove the right for transsexuals to marry and live in their appropriate gender. The rest of the world at least seems to be waking up. "Press for Change" in the UK finally won rights for transsexuals to be treated as people instead of abominations. America however continues to slide deeper into the Dark Ages.

The religous right continues to threaten lawmakers with expulsion from their denominations if they don't vote as their Churches wish them to. Isn't that called extortion? It is truely amazing that they have forgotten how many lives were lost giving them religous freedom. Now they seek to supress the lives of the very people who gave it to them. Can no one understand what the Separation of Church and State means? A separation means there's a fence in place to mark clear boundries.

Its time Transsexuals and all transgendered people were given the right to be themselves. Think of it! Big, Bold Beautiful hearts unleashed for society to benifit from. Bring back the Healers, the Shamans and the High Priestesses. Bring back the Seers and workers of Magic. Bring back the Transsexual and all transgendered folk into the mainstream of society. We'll all be better off.