I Need Hormones NOW

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I Need Hormones NOW

by Laura Amato

Hormones are the hot subject of debate among the Transgendered Community. On the one hand are those that advocate hormones on demand no matter what source they use. On the others are those who believe in following the HBIGDA Standards of care laid down by Dr Harry Benjamin.

I am not here to judge anyone. I believe in the right to do as we choose as long as we don't harm others. I don't intend to lecture anyone here, but there are pitfalls to obtaining hormones through means other than following the HBIGDA. As this is a Transgendered Information Site I am providing information, nothing more.

The HBGDIA Standards of Care provide clear cut rules for obtaining Hormones. The first step is simple. You need to obtain a Psychologist who specializes in "Gender Dysphoria". Any Psychiatrist or Psychologist can refer you to one. Within as little as three months you could be prescribed Hormones under a Doctor of Endocrinology's care. There are reasons for the HBIGDA and they are to prevent irreversable mistakes
and even death. The other reason is that when it comes time for your gender change, your Counselor will be able to provide letters to recommend it. So eventually you will need one anyway.

There are those who believe that, for whatever reason decide to obtain hormones any way they can. First of all it is illegal to obtain prescription drugs without a script. If you use any of the countless overseas Pharmacies you can run a serious risk. Customs inspects many of the packages (especially drug company packages). The government
could then contact you and demand you produce a prescription. At the present time the Postal Service sends the package back to the Pharmacy. You may or may not get your money back or have the package resent. Given the rise of serious legal problems for Transgendered Folk lately, it is only a matter of time before the Government starts prosecuting us for trying to obtain drugs illegally. Think of the repercussions! You would effectivly be outed to everyone. Arrests are published in the paper. In addition you don't even want to be Transgendered in a jail house for even a minute. If this sounds as if it is meant to scare you it is meant to. This can happen.

Another reason to see a Doctor for hormones is your health. The worst side effect of Female Hormones is the possibilty of Blood Clots. In fact this happened to me , even under a Doctor's care. A Blood Clot could literally kill you.

On female hormones you can expect the following benefits:
Breast Development, Sense of calm, reduction in bodyhair, rounding out of the body's shape, Softening of the skin, Possible thickening of hair on your head, Change of interests, feminine thinking, possibility of the change of sexual orientation, loss of fertility. possible impotence. Hormones will not raise your voice or make your beard disappear.

Before taking Hormones you should realize that in a short time you WILL become sterile. If you want children in your future please consider Banking your sperm. There are fertility clinics for this purpose.

I am often asked if Herbal hormones are a good idea. I had a stroke on herbals touted for transgender people. My doctor blamed the megadoses recommended for trans people as the cause. These medicines were built for born women at a dose of 1 pil per day not the megadoses pushed for trans people. Since we have had many letters from people who had strokes and heart attacks while taking these medications. Remember they are not FDA Approved.

The other day in my chat room I was asked: "I'm a crossdresser and I want to know what female hormones to take and where do I get them from". As I started to explain the procedure I was interrupted with: "No, I can't wait I need Hormones Now". Then she ceremoniously left the room. This article is my response to her. Three months is not long to wait for a prescription to hormones that will forever change your body. A minute of compulsion could be a recipe for disaster. Especially if you're not sure.

Again, this article is provided for information, nothing more. Its up to you to do what you must.