The Jerry Springer of Psychology

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Dr. Phil: The Jerry Springer of Psychology: Transgender

by Laura Amato

It is no accident that every single Doctor Phil show is "Sensationalist Television" like the Jerry Springer show. Like Springer Dr. Phil's Psychological Treatment of Transgender people is disrespectful, bigoted and edited for it's shock value. On Tuesday he had a show on a transgender person that was estranged from her family for two years. Even the ad that the show ran used the male name and pronouns in reference to a Male to Female Transsexual.

While he does have a Doctorate Degree in Psychotherapy Doctor Phil is not licensed to practice Psychology in any state. He lost both his license and his practice from a jury of his peers before becoming "The Jerry Springer of Psychology. He has stated in the past that he "does not believe in conventional Psychology. Indeed he practices "Reparative Therapy" which the American Psychiatric Association stopped using 20 years ago. On a show discussing "Gay's" he suggested that they consider using "Exodus" a religous group that uses unlicensed reparative therapy and guilt as a "Cure" that most Therapists disavow. Exodus itself has caused thousands of LGBT suicide attempts and deaths. This is strange since he says "Homosexuality is not a learned behavior". If so, what does he want them cured from? Does this sound like a man to trust with Fragile minds? His ad showed a Springer like crowd taunting the "Shocking Transgender Transformation from Man to Woman" like they were introducing the Bearded Lady in a circus act. There is no question that the right wing intolerant crowd had been worked up to voice their disapproval.

Then he wonders why she was defensive. This was a case where the family wanted their Dad back and that that alone was the reason for the estrangement. Dr Phil blamed the Transgender woman for the entire thing all the while while insulting her with her male name and pronouns. He made NO attempt at compromise or in getting the family to accept her for who she was which ANY experienced Psychologist would have done. If he got them to accept her the outcome would have been very different. At no point did he mention it was a medical condition we are born with or a word about the HBIGDA (Wpath) Standards of care that are used to treat us. Indeed Dr Phil stirred the pot of bigotry against the entire Transgender Community to the approval of his worked up crowd. It should be noted that the woman was not entirely blameless as she did have unpaid child support. She mentioned that since her Transition her security business had fallen way off and had no way to pay. DR Phil's response was "You did this to yourself", implying that she should not have transitioned against her families wishes. Since when should a Medical condition go untreated?

Our problems are large enough without an ignorant, bigoted and unlicensed Psychologist making them worse. Over 50% of transsexuals in a survey here have had at least one suicide attempt by the age of 20. Some have had many more and others are dead. We have had users attempt suicide as young as seven. A Transgender 10 year old in the UK committed suicide because of this. In addition our unemployment rate is over 70% here. Doctor Phil needs to stop playing an unlicensed Psychologist on TV and stick to the Jerry Springer Circus Act he does so well. What surprises me is that Oprah who supports Transgender people backs this pariah of Psychology and bigotry. As a Transsexual I would go on Oprah but never on Dr Phil. As of yet i have not yet perfected my high wire act especially when he hands out pea shooters to his audience.

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