John Mark Karr - Transsexual?

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Is John Mark Karr a Transsexual?

One Transsexual's View
by Laura Amato

The suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, John Mark Karr's Doctor has revealed that he was seeking sex change surgery. Dr. Thep Vechavisit of the Pratunam Polyclinic in Thailand says "he was my patient". While those seeking (SRS) Sex Reassignment Surgery Are usually Transsexual it is very clear if he is guilty that he is not TS. One thing is for certain if he had confessed to his Doctor to penatrative rape with a child he would never have been a candidate for Transsexual SRS.

Transsexualism is about Gender Identity not sex. Karr though is alleged to have been in possession of child pornography and he says he is a child rapist. There are also allegations of improprieties with students where he taught. Transsexual's are usually disguted by the genitals they are born with. Obviously Karr is not by the very crimes he says he committed.

The journalistic media is confused about Transgender terms. Most have no idea if the difference between a Transgenderist and a (MTF) Male to Female Transsexual. A Transgenderist is also known by the porn term She-male. They get body and facial hair removed. Some may get Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), and breast implants. They may even live as women. However they rarely get SRS because they are attached to the male genitalia and use it for sex.

Only a Gender Therapist can diagnose any Transgender person. Transgender people do not always diagnose themselves properly. While John Mark Karr may think of himself as a Transsexual by the true definition he is not. He is likely driven by guilt to rid himself of his maleness, not by Gender Identity. So let's hope this time the media researches all transgender terms before they wrongly lump this alleged rapist killer into a barrel with us. Thai Lady boys are not Transsexual they are Transgenderist. The difference is huge. The porn industry does not define the definitions of Transgender Groups, Doctor's and Therapists do. Journalists need to rethink where they get their information and resources from. Sensationalism may sell newspapers but its nice if their readers can get the real truth at the same time. "The truth shall set you free".

Note: On August 28th (After the above was written) charges against John Mark Karr for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey were dropped due to lack of evidence. His DNA did not match the victim in the case.

Since charges against Karr were dropped there still remains many bizzarre questions about him. He still faces 5 counts of Child Pornography in California which can carry a sentence of 1 year for each count. The Boulder District Attorney claims he was arrested because of his strange relationship with a 5 year old girl he was teaching. They feared for her saftey. He confessed to several people about the murder with statements that turned out to be false. In addition he married two child brides one of which was only 13 years old.

His obsession with young girls has been proven. There is no question that he is a danger to children and lives in an erotic fantasy world of his own making. His perceived Transsexuality is also an illusion which no legitimate Gender Clinic would ever verify. One surprise is that his Doctor was not licensed to Practice medicine (link below). Certainly the HBIGDA Standards of Care that governs medical treatment for Transsexuals were not followed. All legitimate Transsexuals have to follow these guidlines for treatment.

The first step on the road to Sexual or Gender Reassignment surgery is to see a Gender therapist. The candidate has to be Psychologically healthy and to have mental problems under control with medication if needed. Clearly John Mark Karr is not mentally healthy or even stable enough for GRS in this author's opinion. Neither is he a legitimate Transsexual.

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