Nature vs. Nurture

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Geography 101 and Trans Folk

by Laura Amato

One of the last things I ever expected to learn as the WebMistress of a Transgendered site was Geography. Yet I'm getting a crash course as the little dots light up the world Map in my new Site Statistics program. I've had people from every country and state except Cuba and China. Well to tell the truth we haven't had anyone from the entire continent of Antartica either.

I generally get from 300 to a thousand visors a day depending on whether I'm advertising that day or not. So I have statistics to cover a lot of nameless visitors to the site. In some areas I can see trends developing even though we all have some commonality.

Culture doesn't seem to make a difference in our Transgendered category. There are Trans Folk from every country and state except those I mentioned. Actually what's surprising is that where you would expect the least amount of visitors we actually get the most. The Bible Belt leads with Texas as the #1 place vistors come from and as far as areas go the middle East has a suprising number, especially Iran and Saudi Arabia.

If the numbers are right I have news for the Nurture vs Nature advocates. Nature wins hands down. Neither religion or culture or the strictest governments and families can seem to stem the tide of Gays and Transgendered in their microcosmic worlds.

Why is that? Its because what's happening is a natural thing spread evenly through the population because Nature has no boundaries. Nature is the reason we exist as Transfolk. We are a necessary balance in the human race. We are supposed to be here. We were born this way. For us Trans is the only road we can take whether we like it or not.

So if we were born this way why are some Governments and Religions trying so hard to ostracize us? Why are we percieved as an immoral phenomenon? We are not. Why would a government try to stop an entire class of people from marrying because our Chromosomes are wrong?

Transsexuals today have a lucky break. We can be surgically corrected to match our minds. Why then do courts not take medical evidence into account when they make life atering desicions? Even an electrician can tell you the difference between a male plug and a female receptacle and its not chromosomes either. Most judges apparantly missed both science and common sense classes.

We as Transfolk are not the enemy of religion and government. As a natural phenomenon we should be treated the same as any other natural man or woman in our Natural world. Then , just maybe people might discover that we are people of magic and beauty with so much to offer.