Outing the Transsexual

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Transsexual IDs: Outing the Transsexual

by Laura Amato

In an enlightened Society we Have a right to expect fundamental Basic Human Rights. Yet everyday thousands of (TS) Transsexuals are outed by basic Government Identification in the form of a Drivers license and passports. In the 1930's and 1940's the German Government marked Jews and gays with identifying marks. The civilized world looked upon this as barbaric. In modern times this still continues daily for thousands of Transsexuals.

Can you imagine the turmoil if Gay persons had Homosexual stamped on their driver's License? So far in this post 911 era we still wouldn't consider this act yet it does happen for Transsexuals. Laws have changed to force pre-op Transsexuals to have a gender marker that does not match what gender they are presenting as. In effect this means that Transsexuals are unfairly Outed by the Government. There is not much difference between doing this and painting stars on our foreheads. Where is the outrage?

Transsexuality is a MEDICAL CONDITION which is treatable under medical supervision. Most Doctor's strictly follow the HBIGDA Standards of Care. They require that Transsexuals spend up to two years living as their desired gender. Many cases in court with Ts's often suppress these medical facts which results in unfavorable and unfair judgements. How can A TS living as a woman effectively live the required (RLT) Real Life Test if it has an M or Male stamped on his license? Imagine the embarrassment of being outed daily by your own government.

Even Senators and Congressman are adamant about refusing Transsexuals Equal Protection under the law. Their objections stem from bathroom and shower privilege fears. Meanwhile Ts's are marked until they have the final surgery. What about those who can't ever be complete through no fault of their own from medical conditions that bar the surgery? Would we stamp cancer or heart conditions on a drivers license? Why of course not. Yet we do it to Transsexuals.

We have enough problems just getting through daily life as well as the highest suicide rate of any group. Pre-op suicide rates have been estimated between 30 to 50%. Does it help that we can be outed Loudly in long lines of people to the amusement of Government Workers? Everyday Transsexuals live with the threat of violence and taunts and our Representatives and Senators turn a blind eye to us including some very liberal ones. Isn't it time Transsexuals were treated with dignity and respect and escape the Nazi-like reality of being marked?

So what can you do about it? Mail this Article to your Senator and Representative and let them know how you feel about this flagrant violation of Human Rights.