Poems by Autumn

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Poems by Autumn

Wrote this in about 6 mins after a bad convo with my mom on the phone 2 days ago...was just what i was feeling at the moment and still am...nothing else

All my life I've lived in shadow
Dwarfed by the greatness of others
Told you'll never go places
You'll never succeed
Give it up...
Do it our way...
Be strong...
Be a man...

Someday I'll break out
Of this world they created
I'll show them my true being
They'll see that I can be...

That girl of my dreams
The one we all love
She's strong... She's happy...
She's loved...
The girl of my dreams

"We'll always be with you
We love you no matter what
No bond is stronger then your family"
If that's true then why aren't you here for me...

A son you wanted
A daughter you had
You claimed to love me
And yet you toss me aside like nothing

But it doesn't hurt...
Not anymore
I'm stronger then that
I can break through the pain
I can become...


I'm the girl of my dreams
I am loved by all
I'm strong... I'm happy...
I'm loved...
The girl of my dreams