Poems by Dawn

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Poems by Dawn

Were You There?

Were you there when they read it?
when the names were given out?
Did your tears well up and start to flow?
In your mind a silent shout.
Were you there when they read it?
A list so long and sad
The death of all our sisters
because of clothes they clad.
Were you there when they read it?
Could you feel their presence near?
Did your body shake from anger?
Or was it more from fear?
Were you there when they read it?
Each year the list it grows
Some just had descriptions
Unknown man in women's clothes.
Were you there when they read it?
Did you take the time to pray?
Or were you just to busy
on that particular day?
Were you there when they read it?
Maybe next year you will be
and the names they shall read out
could be you, or could be me.


Dot the i

It came to me so clear today
though why today i cannot say
my true self, a sentence was given
and on it my whole life was driven
The clue was told along the path
it was not history, science or math
my english teachers were the sages
they repeated it throughout the ages
a sentence in life just will not fly
till you cross your t's, and dot your i
i had no problem with crossing t
because transgender is all of me
what is my dot to complete my i
i don't know yet, but i will try
my identity now a problem is not
it's been reduced to just a dot

Forever, Dawn

Smiling Pain

She sits in darkness
in the light
Her soul within her
is her night
She screams inside
so noone hears
Her brain is flooded
from her tears
Her breath is short
and mouth is dry
The chest pounds hard
her heart does cry
Your view of her
will not explain
You cannot see
her smiling pain


The Mirror Lied

This is not what it's supposed to be
when i look at you
i don't see me
Crawl back inside, away to hide
Once again
The mirror lied

A baby born, a boy to see
unknowing mind
so filled with glee
baby laughed and baby cried
didn't know
The mirror lied

Growing up and learning fast
to live with how
you were cast
play the game, the time you bide
still with each look
The mirror lied

In later life you feel the urge
so you give in
then you purge
try this, try that, oh how you tried
it wasn't you
The mirror lied

Silk and lace, charm and grace
to embrace
with made up face
All dressed up fine you beam with pride
You run to look
The mirror lied

The years roll by, the end has come
a lovely woman
did sureleaseb
The best of both , within one host
maybe now? as a ghost?
The grave where she does now reside
says three short words
The mirror lied


Partly Party

The many times I've worked the day
wrapped in clothes that tend to say
I am a man who did succeed
for all to see, but not my need
I play the role as all demand
a stranger in a stranger land
I learned it well for them to see
I studied them so I could be
learned to boast and I bragged
lied about the girls I shagged
went in the army just to see
if they could make a man of me
marriage made it look so real
and having kids , I clinched the deal
So pardon me if on occassion
a part of me does need raisin'
silky hose and heels so high
a dab of perfume on my thigh
a sexy top and short , short skirt
all made up to be a flirt
a few short hours is all i ask
then i will do my manly task
a partly party girl I'll be
she needs that time, for she is me