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Poems by Deborah Alan


People say angels can't be seen, but I disagree
A very special angel was sent to me
As a child I prayed for an angel from above
To help me with my life because I didn't feel loved.
I had dreams of hugs and kisses from people who care,
but when I awoke they just werent' there.
As I grew older, I prayed even more,
but still I saw no angel, just like before.
I continued to live but felt unloved.
That is when I had a dream about an angel from above.
Angels are seen everyday, but seldom heard, the smile on a stangers face without saying a word.
A card or an e-mail from a friend,
lets you know what you mean to them.
Angels are very real,
you may not know it, but they are here.
The simple gestures in everyday life
are what makes me so happy to be alive.
So you see I found my angel in you, and that will forever be.
Now I walk through life with my angel with me.