Poems by Deeder

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Poems by Deeder


my mind slips into redemption
when i find myself alone
i stare at the flames rising from the log
in which they temporarily call home
dancing to a lonesome tune
that reflects my inner soul
rising , falling , flickering about
raging out of control.
consuming the vessel
as they dance across the terrain
turning into ashes
that which fuel their remains
i find myself parallel
the ironicities befalls every phase
inebreating my unwanted body
awaiting a final glorious blaze.
the visible scars that succeed the flames
over the years become much bolder
always waiting, always hoping, always trying
accomplishing none but getting colder.


God if you can hear me
this of all Christmas eves
I pray tonight with all my heart
I fall down upon my knees

Many times I cursed your name
how could you send me into this world?
You took a perfectly innocent child
and made him into a girl

Many years have come and gone
My only wish was to die
Tonight I ask for forgiveness
Who the hell am I?

I have learned thru these years
I will never know your plan
You gave me the will to persevere
and the strentgh to be a man

Thank you dear lord
for my people so meek
giving us this medium
where we could finally speak

and thank you dear God
for making us ever so strange
then giving us the technology
to finally make that change

Thank you for this love
You instilled in our hearts
our sum equals far more
than ever do our parts

Thank you sweet Jesus
for paving that trecherous road
persecuted,threatened and hated
you have lightened our load

Dear Lord I need to reclaim you
for I know you love us like never before
I pray tonight of all nights
let not one of us suffer anymore !!!