Poems by Katherine

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Poems by Katherine


Sometimes I think I must be jetsam on the sea.
I cry... for I am lonely without love or family
Sometimes I reach out for someone I have not seen
to find he is a mythical fading being.

Sometimes I am a little girl just learning to sew.
Sometimes I wish to be a good girl and people to please.
Sometimes I an grown girl in love with a bow.
But the mirror says I am a farm boy being beaten and teased

sometimes my heart loves with a girlish passion serene.
Sometimes I am in-between girl in love with a mare.
Sometimes I look within myself and my thoughts are obscene.
But I know I can never be a girl it's just so unfair

Sometimes I dream of things in other worlds
where all things are new and possible.
From boys becoming girls to the way a caterpillar curls.
Of kindness were people like me are valuable

Sometimes I see things as if in dreams
how much is me and how is unreal?
I hate to even look at myself for nothing is what it seems.
For those closest to me never know how I feel.

Sometimes I watch stars hanging in a black sea
it's then I know what I have to be.
For I shall be great or ... small as others can see
but I know I shan't be happy Lord unless I'm just plain me!