Poems by Kristin

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Poems by Kristin


It changes sorrow to mirth,
There's a switch in my mind,
It's a change in my heart
that never does start
without something
from which
I part.


simplicity is easy till you find no innocence
candor is open till you see your folly
clarity is full of happiness till it's lucid and plain

though your eyes I see the world
though my eyes I see you
though my eyes into your eyes I see the future

love is blind 'til it is at first sight
hate eats at you to feed your emptiness
lust drives you 'til you burn

against the backdrop of heaven
against the blind lights of hell
against it is the power of your presence

envy is my eyes and they shine
desire in my heart as it beats so loud
need controls my thoughts beyond hope

away from who I am will I be, till I am someone else
away from my past is my future, till it catches me
away from you I see me, till you take my mirror away


is this supposed to be a ship lost in a great storm?
or is it a drop of rain that mists to nothing over the desert?
perhaps it's a low echo that sounds in the deep cave of the soul?
maybe the dull ache that hits you from a cold chill?

it is silence in the roar of the crowd
it is the bitter taste of fear, dread and anxiety that wells inside
it is awakening of a flower in the cold frost of winter
it is the blissful nothingness of sleep
it is your own cruel laugh taunting you

the laugh that is the storm in the desert
echoing in the cold silence of a bitter winter's dream

Hate and Rules

ALWAYS BE REAL, be honest and true to yourself, to others and your outlook on life.
TRUST, trust yourself and trust others, never stop, but
BE NAIVE, find what it is to never be naive, and never to lose being naive.
DON'T WORRY, does worry help your problems? Then make it harder?
UNDERSTAND, that it's never going to be easy and it's never going to be fair.
FIND BALANCE, karma is the painful master, kind, but very very unforgiving.
LOVE, above all else find love, in yourself, in others and in the world around you.