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Poems by Lilliana

My heart to your heart

My heart to your heart how wonderful it will be
The magic of love for us to see
Beauty in myself not to be alone
I welcome you to my home
I gaze upon your face with love in my eyes
You are such a wonderful guy
Do you even know the reason why
As time goes by.....
Kindly, gently arms around me
It is love that I do see
I hope that he will remember me
My heart to your heart beating as one
The sun goes down, the day is done
Its time for us to be
We are very happy!
© 4-29-05 Doc

Ladies how lovely you be.......

Beauty is and will always be
For the guy to truly see
To make the Lady very happy
Ladies how lovely you be.........
I am honored to know you as you can see
The happiness for us will be
Hand in hand oh so carefree
Ladies how lovely you be.......
And when you need me I will be there
When you are frightened or scared
Please know that I do care
Ladies how lovely you be........
© Doc 4-18-05

I am new.......

I am new and I am shy
I dont know really why
I feel and think and look to the sky
I am new........
Soft to the touch I am new
Friends are few
I get up early to see the morning dew
I am new...............
I reach out to friends and find my joy
Kindness in my heart oh boy!
I see my friends who I enjoy!
I am new.........
I am new and looking fine
Full of love all the time
Put my feet up to unwind
I am new
So if you see me please be kind
For I shall be there for you
Just a little something that I whisper to you
I am new..........
© 4-19-05 Doc


T-Thoughtfulness to us all
G-Goodness in your heart
W-Willing to help others
O-Open Minded
M-Mind= knowledge is power
N-Nice and kind towards others
When added up =
© 4-20-05 Doc

It's great to be me.......

I knew when I was young what I wanted to be
I knew that I just had to be me
Feelings I have had for a long time
Just to be me is not a crime
It's great to be me for all to see
To be kind and polite and always say please
Never to look back worry free
It's just great to be me
It's great to be me for all to see
To know my friends will comfort me
I do feel so care free
It's just great to be me
My friends I love one and all
For they are there when I fall
To pick me up when I am down
It's good to have friends around
So if you see me when I pass by
Please show me that you will try
Show care everyday of your lives
It's great to be me......
© 4-21-05 Doc

The road of Life

I walk on the road of Life
Taking each day step by step
The sun shines down upon me
Gracefully walking on
The wind caresses my face
Gently as the cool breeze will
I look up to the sky
As the clouds drift by
Now I now the reason why
The love in my eyes fill
Feelings of joy embracing Life
Take each day by day
And when you do see me
Please believe me
There is love in my eyes
© 4-22-05 Doc

All you need is.......Friends!

All you need is......A little time to gather yourself
All you need is......Be who you are
All you need is......Love yourself.. I do!
All you need is.. Friends!
To support you
To be there for you
A shoulder to cry
A friendly smile
To make me laugh
To cheer me up when I am down
I meet friends all around
I know when I change that my friends will be there
To provide the support
To provide the care
The pain will go away
Then I can begin
My life as it should be
Just beautiful me
I wish to thank all my friends that have come to this site that I have met and will meet.
I love you so much!
© Doc 4-23-05

Endless possibilities

I have always wondered about me
The feelings that I feel are plain to see
Why do I feel that way that I do
It truly is not something new
Dusting off your shelf
Feeling beautiful about one's self
Listenin to the music playing
While you are singing
A person that makes you shine
Happiness in life you find
I feel so great full of life
Maybe one day will be a wife
© Doc 4-23-05

I am transgender

When I was young I knew who I was
But due to things I could not get help for my cause
I lived a life in secret that no one knew
I had chosen a different pair of shoes
I walked in the new pair of shoes for a while
Staying hidden using a finger nail file
My parents would never understand
They think that I should be a man
How can I be something I am not
So now I take my final stand
Pursuing the life I know should be mine
A heart full of love a heart full of kind
You may ask why I did not do this before
I had to break the bonds in order to open the door
Once released I knew what I had to do
To be beautiful was all I knew
One day I will and you will see
The beautiful me
When you see me for the very first time
You will have said that's the nice guy I once knew
Who loved so many oh yes I do
I will look forward in taking my place along side my sisters here
For I hold them to be so very dear
© 4-24-05 Doc

Mirror, Mirror......

I wake up in the mornin
I dont know why
I look in the mirror and see a guy
Is it a dream
Can this be real
The feelings I have
Kind of shy
I close my eyes and count to three
I open them up and guess what I see
A beautiful Lady as pretty as can be
I just know that it has to be me
Mirror, Mirror please tell me
Am I beautiful for all to see
The image is thee
Open your heart and be free
© Doc 4-25-05


We often tend to forget those around us
It seems sometimes we have missed the bus
People can be cruel at times
Some do commit the crime
Its not easy what we go through
This I believe you all know to be true
We must stand together united as one
A voice to be heard for one and all
Its time we protect ourselves now is the call
Friends to help
Friends to provide a shoulder
And most of all Friends to support!
© Doc 4-27-05

To see the flower bloom

When the seed is planted it is coverd up by soil
Then water to bring it to life as not to spoil
The sun shines down upon me
It gives me warmth to be
I sprout and grow and now become
The flower for all to see
You see my petals closed as I wait for the right time
And then suddenly the petals one by one
Gently unfolding to reveal something magical you see
For the beauty of the flower is me
© Doc 4-30-05

My mom never told me about that

When I was young I always wondered about me
I had questions that I could never ask you see
My parents never fully understood
For they thought I was a boy being good
I knew that that was all a lie
I did know the reason why
I knew the real me was there
My parents would only sit and stare
They just could not bear
To see their son become something he is not
But I knew I would be really hot
It was not a fetish it was something true
This was a part of me that I knew
My mom never told me about that
As I was now changing to become me
I was becoming more happy
I knew that life revolved around
My feet planted firmly on the ground
I look my best every day
And the looks I get I must say
Its nice to be admired and to be kind
To be yourself and unwind
My mom never told me about that
Makeup was an art to paint yourself as a portrait
The colors to flow and match the mood
For the female that is inside of you
Gracefully I walk never to stumble in heels
With a very nice sex appeal
So when you see me down the street
Please make sure that you greet
For the guy you used to see is no more
The Lady has now emerged from the door
Men will stop and look and whistle at me
I turn back to only see
One true man in my life
For I am now his faithful wife
© Doc 4-30-04
Doc Love life and embrace it

I'm your daughter too!

This goes to everyone that I know and will know and have known...The forgotten daughters.. This came to me while walking one night could be poem or lyric for song

Daddy please be kind to me
Oh can't you see
I'm your daughter too!

I never play with soldier toys
Always liked the boys
It's in my heart so true....

Daddy please be kind to me
Oh can't you see
I'm your daughter too!

Daddy please understand
I am woman not a man
Show your love for me, please do......
© Lilianna 5-6-05

I dedicate this to my friends

This is for my friend Michael Uno...

The sun brings its warmth to this place
The gentle wind's breeze caresses my face
I look to see a friend in need
Think about you yes indeed
Friends are great to have and never let them go
In time you will know
The bond of friendship only strengthens us more
When you look into the heart, the core
Smile and know that I will be with you
Cry and know that I am there for you
Let the ray of sunshine surround you
For my heart is caring, My heart is true


Live Life and Embrace It!

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones with each step I take
I hope not to fall or break
Fragile I am just soft to the touch
I take one step moving forward

What do my eyes see but another stepping stone
I go to it and know that I am not alone
Caring and kindess from the heart
Friends we are never go apart

And just when I thought I was all done
Another stepping stone has come
This one is unique for it is for me
For the beauty for all to see
I step upon the stone and low and behold
My story, My journey has not be fortold
I take the step gladly knowing that I will be
The beautiful me for all to see

© 5-9-05 Doc
Live Life and Embrace It!

Being me......

It's great to be me
For all to see
How happy we can be
It's great to be me.....

Feeling carefree
and all will notice me
The beauty in me is what they will see
It's great to be me.....

Smiling knowing what I will be
A beautiful woman for all to see
Oh how happy I will be
It's great to be me........

So if you sad and feeling blue
Let me tell you what you can do
Look for the beauty in me
Then you will know it's great to be me....

© Lilianna

Going Home..........

There are those who blame
And those who should be ashamed
Words that cut oh so deep
Can only ask for eternal sleep
I close my eyes and make my plee
Please Father please take me
Oh Father when will you bring me home......

The violence that we have today
All over things in the gray
Black and white, paper, voice be heard
There is one thing that can be assured
Oh Father when will you take me in.......

A clap of thunder voice so clear
I know my Father is very near
I ask Oh Father please take me
His voice there to comfort me

Spirit soaring into the sky
I have now died
No tear be shed, please don't cry
For now I am on the other side

© Doc 5-11-05

Never been in Love.....

Have you ever wondered, ponder the thought at times
Is it or is it not that passion is a crime
I have met many people in my life
Yet never been in love.....

The feelings that I feel
Are very, very real
Yet I can never seem to be
In love....

How can I exist without being loved?
How can I continue to go on?
Never to feel the warm embrace
Never to have the hands touch my face
Never to experience as lover's do
Is this the only way for me, too!

Never been in Love
Sad I do feel
Tears of sadness streaking down my face
It's hard to keep the emotion without a trace
For the sadness I do feel
Never been in love...I wish I knew it was real!

© Lilianna

My Journey.........

You may ask yourself when did this begin
How do you get started...
Well It started with me at the age of 5 yrs old
This is where the story unfolds
It was then in the summer 1960's that I wore my first dress
With such success
Ever since then I knew who I was
It was trying to hide the cause
See my dad would never have allowed me to be in a dress
Let alone be the girl that I am to be the best
You may think of this as fetish but to me I was me
I was comfortable in the clothes for me to be
My dad on the other hand would have done me in
But life for me would never end
I look back to see me through the years
And try to fight back all the tears
It was hard for me to find the help that I needed
The Therapist I saw was no help at all
For he laughed at me, said cruel disgusting things at me
I did not understand what he was looking for and here I am
Listening to him.. Maybe the Therapist becomes the patient And I become the doctor??
People do not understand how we feel
They seem to judge us which is for real
Yet here we are the ones to save them from harm
Yet we are the ones that they say are cause for alarm
I spoke with my doctor and opened up to them to let them know how I feel
I was told I would get help... (Don't hold your breath to long or else you will turn blue! )So she stated I would go to Endo specialist....The hands of time still keep going forward and no response..I guess I will not be seeing anything of that nature will soon!

My Journey has been very unique, but I would never trade my friends for they are Golden and true and are the very best!

For that I thank you all!

I wish that all who are going thru the changes well and if I can change too I will stand side by side with my sisters!



Life is a path to walk upon, never knowing what direction it will take you!
© 5-13-05

The Beginning from seed to flower..

The seed of life is nutured and taken care of day by day
And even though there are clouds the sky turns gray
Placed in the hole I go waiting to flourish for all to see
Soon I start to sprout just to be me
With tender loving care I grow each and every day
My body now transforms to that of a bud
Budding I am only to be
The pretty flower for all to see
Beauty that I show
For everyone to know
How happy we all will be.......

© 5-15-05

A Night To Remember

It came one night when I was home and all alone
When I got a call on the telephone
And all I could hear is heavy breathing
And the clatter of something teething
When all of a suddden I heard something upstairs
And then I just could not bear
The sight of this thing full of life
Was a thing in curlers called a wife

© Lilianna 5-19-05

When will Johnny come marching home....

This is dedicated to those serving past, present, and future

Who is sorry now
When the younger men go to war, and never return
Many of them are burned, beyond recognition
Why is it that people in the Congress do not stop... To look at human life?
Not as an instrument, nor pawn to be used for a war without meaning
And hear the song,"Johnny, comes marching home" fading into oblivion
When Johnny does not come marching home
Who says that you must go and do
Your duty, when you know that you have a fifty-zero chance
Of ever making it out of the war alive.....

Maybe, someday, somewhere, somehow, someone will, and I pray to God, that they will realize what the true meaning of a human life is......

© Lilianna 5-19-05

Dear Old Grandpa

Home all alone sitting in the chair
The old gray haired man stared and stared
He would not move, he would not budge
Maybe he is holding a grudge
Maybe he sees something that I don't see
Or maybe he is dreaming.......
For all he seemed to be doing..is boiling coffee water until its steaming
Then back he goes to the chair
Where the gray haired man stares and stares..

© Lilianna 5-19-05


G= The gentleman that you are

(Us girls greatly appreciate it very much!)

U= The undertanding that you support us

Y= You know how to sweet talk us(Wink)

S= Sweet caring men there you are, never change

When you add this up you get...

Best Friend

© Lilianna 5-21-05

Come take my hand.....

I can remember the first day that we had met
And how you looked that day
Remembering what others would say
That couple over there seem to be in love
Above there heads there flys a dove
Walking hand in hand together to be
It is easy for love to see
Within their hearts beating as one
The song of love has now begun
The gentle caress of his hands on my face
We go back to his place
Cuddle we do close to be
I feel that I am very lucky
For now this man will be a part of my life
I will say I do to become his wife....

© 5-21-05 Lilianna

To the poets 3......

I love to write about things that I love
To reach new heights from above
Happy I am to be
I am with the poets 3

They write as well my sister's do
Hoping to make you happy too!
Happy I am to be
I am with the poets 3

Pen in hand ideas a churnin
The midnight oil still keeps burnin
Happy I am to be
I am with the poets 3

My new found friends I cherish so
I really want you to know
Happy I am to be
I am with the poets 3

Dedicated to Jalynn, Kristin, and of course yours truly!

© 5-23-05 Lilianna

I am not your father.....

Father...You over there yes you come here
I have to tell you something so very clear
I am not your father Lilianna you see
I have disowned you you will never be

Lilianna...Anger and hate brews within your mind
How could you not be so kind
Why do you hate me, father I want to know
Is it becasue I have learnd to sew?
I am daughter not son
You can not change what has been done
If I have to I will run
Go to a place with there is sun
Never to be troubled by your hate
For now I know about your fate

Father....You are nothing to me so go away
You are a monster I must say
You are my son and that will never change
Even when you have rearranged.. yourself

Lilianna...Then let it be if that is your wish
I will become beautiful by compare
With a beautiful smile and really long hair
See I can live with myself just being me
For all the world to see
They will know me by name and my good deeds
I no longer have to be your son

For I am woman in mind and soul

©Lilianna 5-28-05

This is dedicated to my good friend Kasandra who always has for me a box of chocolates at the ready .. I dearly Thank you Kasandra ^_^

A Box of Chocolates....

When you recieve a box of chocolates you always wonder what kind you are going to get?
You take the plastic wrap off to reveal the box discard the wrapper
You open it to see the many pieces of chocolates in their indiviual compartments
Some filled with nuts, others filled with cream
Some filled with peanut butter "Oh yes! I scream!"
As I place it in my mouth Oh how it melts like a dream
Remember not to have to many(Have to watch my figure you know)
What is it that makes chocolate part of us?
Is it the fact that when you have romance the guy is stating that you are sweet too!
I wonder and hope that I do melt in his mouth and in his arms
Sugar, spice that makes me very nice
So now I role the dice
And what do I see
A guy that I call my special Honey!
So when you get that next box of chocolates just remember this
A kiss is not just a kiss but something very special!

© Lilianna 5-28-05


H= Help others and to help yourself
R= Rights that we have to be
T= Transgendered I am now you see

Even though it is supposed to be
A form if you will to really help me
Replace what used to be with what is now
Oh my family please do not have a cow....
Be supportive for me cause I will truly change
Softer and more feminine I will be
I will truly be so happy!
To my sister's who are already there please save a place for me
I will be by your side as a sister should be
We walk upon this world the women we are
I hope that I will be able to get a fancy sports car
With my change my job will change too!
I will start a new field which will really be new
I can only wish for me
That I can just be.......

© Lilianna 5-28-05

Dance away the blues ...

Here I am on a saturday night lying in bed
Thinking to myself Oh how I dread
To get up in the morning's when I am so alone
It was then I heard the ring of the phone
I was not able to get to the phone on time
Played the message only to find
That the message was about little ol me
That is when I begin to see.........

I turn up the radio really loud
And dance to the beat
The song was sad and I was fellin blue
I knew what I had to do
Dance away the blues.......

He called me up and started to say
I knew that he was goin away
I .. just cried all day

My heart sank from night to day
Sadness broke my heart I say
When I am down and feelin blue
That is when I just knew
Dance away the blues........

Swaying to the other end of the room
The problem seemd to mushroom
I will never see him again
What am I to do....

Dance away the blues you see
Sadness fills my heart don't you see and,
What am I to do
He is gone and I am feeling blue
Now that he has gone away
I cried for days and days
My life was over what can I do
Just dance away, Dance away the blues.......

© Lilianna 5-28-05

The love of her eyes.....

I never understood why I feel the way I do
Is it because something is telling me to?
My mind is that of beautiful grace
My figure is one that you would love to trace
Smiling as I gaze at this wonderful guy
He sees the love that is in her eyes

My heart pounds to a racing beat
I start to feel overwhelmed by heat
The magic of Love as we do
I tell him that I am so in Love with you

And just when he asks me to dance
And probably hope to continue this romance
I wake up to no one by my side
It is then I really start to cry

Where did he go I ask myself
Feeling like something placed upon a shelf
The dust just collects upon me as you can see
Is it bad just being me?

Lonely I will go in life
Never to have loved a man or be his wife
Tears run down my face in streams
To only hear my silent scream

For the Love of her eyes is so true
The point being is that she is due
A path, A journey, a road if you will
Please I do not want to take the pill
Just then what a wonderful surprise
You will see the guy and the Love of her eyes

© Lilianna 5-28-05

This is for my friend Deborah who had started the Angels here to the forum

"Callin all Angels hear my plee...
Please come and take me.....
Show me the way home so that I will never be lost
Let my heart not be burden with a cost
I wait in silence, no sound at all
And yet I still beckon the Angels to my call....
I grow tired eyes feeling heavy start to close
I hear a noise and think of them silence starts to flow
My mind is going starting to drift away
When I hear a voice sweetly say
I am here to answer your plee
For it is I to come and take thee
I open my eyes with wonder and awe
That is when I saw
The most beautiful Angel smiling over me
Around the face was such a glow
The feeling of joy starts to flow
No longer am I scared and alone
For now I will be going home
The Angel says come take my hand
This I do now understand
My hand joins their hand hold on tight
The sky opens up oh what a sight
Then I start to ascend to heights above
Below I see my shell, but know this to be true
The love that I share I spread to all of you...
And when it starts to gently mist or rain
Know that it is the Angels who come again
Cry they do, sorrow, and weep
For now I can rest my eternal sleep..."

© Lilianna 6-19-05


I was inspired one evening while walking this could be consider poem or song lyric and I dedicate this to all my friends past, present and future....

Daddy please be kind to me
Oh can't you see
I'm your daughter too!

I never played with soldier toys
Always liked the boys
It's in my heart so true.....

Daddy please be kind to me
Oh can't you see
I'm your daughter too!

Daddy please understand
I am woman not a man
Show me that you love me true.....

© Doc 5-6-05

To see the flower bloom

When the seed is planted it is coverd up by soil
Then water to bring it to life as not to spoil
The sun shines down upon me
It gives me warmth to be
I sprout and grow and now become
The flower for all to see

You see my petals closed as I wait for the right time
And then suddenly the petals one by one
Gently unfolding to reveal something magical you see
For the beauty of the flower is me

© Doc 4-30-05

A field of stones......

I went to visit a relative years now past
He can rest in peace at last
Tears stream down my face
Oh I feel so out of place
Kneeling in front of the marker I pray
I think, I cry, my thoughts I must say
When I look up I see the field of stones
One upon one in many rows
The wind blows
There are many this day to pay their respects
Quiet the sound not a voice to be heard
And yet there are silent screams of sadness

Birds fly from tree to tree
Their flight that makes them oh so free
The suns shines down upon me
A lonely Piper plays amazing grace
While tears of sadness gently streaming
And still you can hear the silent screaming
From the heart it aches you see
For the loss of those who used to be
Silence is golden to a degree
A shadow has come over me

So when you feel alone and blue
There is nothing that you can do
Go to the field of stones and remember them best
For now they sleep the eternal rest.......
© Lilianna 5-31-05

Love me I do

Love me I do
My heart is true
To find the right guy
Even when I am shy
Soft I feel to the touch
Feeling that I am loved so much
When I walk I walk with grace
As you will see the smile on my face

I have found him and he loves me so
This a special relationship grows
Eyes meeting making contact
I can not help, but to act
I place my arms around him smiling as i do
I know now that are hearts are true

Love me I do
My heart so true
Love him I do each and every day
I can't keep my feelings at bay
Feeling the love that we share
There is nothing that I could compare
To share our love yes we do
Love me ...... I do
© Lilianna 6-1-05

I'm not your lover

I met a guy walking down the street who asked me if I would like a treat
He seemed nice and caring at the time
Little did we know he had committed a crime
First thing I remember was his smile
He looked at me for a long while
I liked but as a friend
I knew it was the end
He wanted me oh so badly
I did not now how to tell him sadly
My feelings were not there for him you see
Its now or never it just has to be

I'm not your lover oh can't you see
I have tried to tell you so you would be free
Communication is all I do
I'm not your lover I am not for you

I'm not your lover
And you are feeling blue
I can only hope that you
Will only see what I want to be
A friend for you and you to me

He called so may times
It was hard for him to do
He cried and cried all day long
So this will end the song......

© Lilianna 5-28-05

"To be or not to be? That is the question?"
Answer: Just be yourself

A label by any other name is a label
We label things and people each day
I wonder what the people would say?
We label by race to tell us apart
We label by sex to distinguish are counterparts
We label the good, the bad, and the ugly too!
Sometimes I think society labels to much, I do
When can this madness end for the label must go
Yet here we are and the labels do show
But as we use the labels each and every day
What will happen when there is no more labels left to say
You will here I am sorry that there are no more labels today
Funny how people, society does not know what to say
We have exhausted the labels one and all
So now what do we do, who do we call?

Society must learn a hard lesson I think
For labeling anything really stinks!
So, remember how important you are each and everyday
Never label anyone, I must say
The world would be a kinder, more gentle place
Working together at such a great pace
Then the labels would have to go
There is no place for them that I do know

So goodbye to the labels as you can see
Working together you and me
© Lilianna 6-7-05

And When

And when indeed as we wear the mask and armor to protect us from harm
When you feel uncomfortable you hear that alarm
Protect us from those who intend to hurt us
The mask hides the true self from those outside
The armor protects our hearts that we have inside
The playground is where we meet and chat
I ponder and then wonder if we should combat
Never knowing how we feel inside
Gently, softly tears stream from my eyes
Until I met a friend like you
It was then I knew what I had to do
Kindness and love from my heart
Let our friendship blossom never be apart

And when you need a laugh or two
Just chat with me and the crew

And when you need a shoulder to cry
Just remember that we are all human inside

Friendship is definitely a wonderful thing
I hope that your heart will sing

"So you see I found my angel in you, and that will forever be.
Now I walk through life with my angel with me."


I spread my wings and soar into the sky
When I look down I start to cry
The gentle tears drops from above
With the flying white dove
Forever I will be by your side
Even when you choose to confide
The secrets that you share with me
We become Oh so happy!
I walk with you with each step we take
With this little prayer:
Bless my Sister for all the things that you do
Watch over her and protect her from harm
Let her heart be of love so true
God, please take her under your arm
Hug her for she is so sweet
Comfort her when it is needed
Angels we do love to meet
How we would be so nicely treated

Angels hear my plee
Together we will be happy
So spread your wings and take flight
The wings are thunderous, full of might
Watching over us all
Oh hear the Angel's beckon call
My heart pounds, my heart race
Only to be in good grace...

Lil © 6-9-05 For my great Friend Deborah.. We are all Angels

How Selfish I am

I am shelfish for thinking about taking care of me
I am number one you see
I only ask that you do not follow me
I am selfish as can be
I am shelfish that I take time to further educate myself to be better
On a fall evening between classes wearing a sweater
I only ask that you do not follow me
I am selfish as can be
I am shelfish for that I exist only to know that others die before me
The shelfish act of love to not let them go
I think of how I live for all to see
As they gently lower the body down the hole
I am selfish as can be
I am selfish that I never learned to help my friends
To care for them, to cherish them to the end
With that I in turn will send
The message I am selfish as can be
I am selfish for the fact that I can not know what love is about
Sometimes love is in and sometimes love is out
And other times I here my friends shout
I believe that there is no doubt
I am selfish as can be

© 6-29-05 Lilianna

I Exist Therfore I Am

I exist therefore I am
No other as unique as me
I am special as can be
I exist therefore I am
Life within in me bright and true
I share my love with all of you
I am flesh and bones with a soul
I have Life in a big bowl
Shine I do for others to see
Follow my lead as I lead the way
The flame of Life burns for me
I exist, I exist for today
© Lilianna 6-29-05

All Good Things must Come to an end

By the time you read this I will have blown the candle out
The flame of life will now be a smoldering smoke
The friends that I have will live on and progress thru life

Some say that life does not have an ending, only a beginning
Others say that life has an ending
We believe that which we will learn from our parents and things we learn throughout our lives
That there is a place for each of us
We sometimes wonder when we close our eyes where will we go?
Will an Angel appear before us to take us to the other side?
Will a loved one that has passed come to our aid to guide us?
I cared so much about life and my friends that they do not even know how much I do care
Yet, I am alone in life
A friend of mine was trying to commit suicide
And as a friend I tried to talk them out of it
I cried really hard last night only to find that when I called them today there was no answer
What would I find if I went to their home?
If they indeed actually committed suicide then what kind of friend am I if I could not stop them?
The burden of pain and heartache I now carry
I suffer and cry of tears of saddness knowing that they may not be here
I cry even as I write now because I know my fate
I just wish there was no hate
I just wish that for one moment people of this world would take one moment to look at one another and place their differences aside
I just wish that people would try to get along and work as one instead of being divided and falling to pieces
Even though these are wishes, there is always HOPE for humankind
I do not feel that there is hope for me
My therapist is making me feel concerned
My family is non responsive
I feel as if I am losing my friends
People at work are snubbing me
With all of this going on what is there to live for?
I lived for the day and not worried about tomorrow
Yet, tomorrow brings another batch of sorrow
Before I go, I just want to say one thing
My mind and soul are of woman and that will never change
Good bye and God Bless you all!

© Lil 7-5-05