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Poems by Linda Cox

The Girl in the Mirror

When I look in the mirror, here is what I see
The girl that I always wanted to be
Long golden hair just past her shoulders I see
With curls at the ends all bouncy and free
Her makeup is just perfect, her cheeks all aglow
Her eyes how they sparkle, and her lips a pale shade of rose.
An image of perfection this girl that I see
O' how I wish this girl were me

I watched in the mirror as she slipped on a dress of blue,
All lace from top to bottom that was almost see through
It clings to her body leaving nothing to hide
Her hourglass figure with her shapely thighs
With 4" high heels just right for her feet
Her long and lean legs made her silhouette complete

As she puts on her hose and my legs have the sensation
Of silky nylons and her fingers caressing
With these feelings that I'm having could this be
Is the girl in the mirror is actually me?

As I watched in the mirror as she is brushing her hair
I feel the same brush strokes going through my own hair
As she finishes her makeup, her lipstick her blush
The feelings overwhelm me as I feel her light touch
I touch my face and I am suddenly aware
That her face, is my face, and I'm sitting here
As I watched her transform from me to her
And I now realize that she is me, and I am her
I know this maybe confusing for some to read
But this is the girl in the mirror is really me

I call her Linda; she's what I'd like to be
She's the best of all that's inside of me
She's wise, she's smart; she's witty and kind,
She's the left side, or is it the right side, of what's left of my mind?
And now I let her pick out my clothes from time to time
Sometimes hers, sometimes mine