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Poems by Mechelle Vega

A Girl's Life Through Boys Eye's.

At five she remembers those very first words,
"your son is a fag", not knowing "she" heard.

Not knowing the meaning, "she" soon quickly learned.
That being herself would be a concern.

Alone and afraid she ran and she hid.
where no one could see her and all that she did.

Tears ran like a faucet, it broke her poor heart.
What would life have to offer to this little tart.

She tried and she tried with all of her might.
Alas, being this person seemed more like a wrong, than it did a right.

She'd miss sweet sixteen and her prom night.
It killed her to know she'd miss most of her life.

No big brother hugs or dad's kiss goodnight.
If anyone knew, they'd take much disgust to her very sight.

Now time marches on, where all has been done, and nothing is left.
She summons the courage to take that first step.

A beautiful woman she would become, like it or not.
What the world was given, was what the world got.

But before her time up She'd ask God a favor.

She'd fall to her knees with tears in her eyes, to ask only once this of our Savior.

For all she's endured to at least give her this.
A peaceful departure and a place on his list.