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Poems by Pattie Ann

For My Gem...

Only Now

There was a time, not long ago I thought I understood
But standing here right now I see, I really never could
Though my heart was there completely, my mind was still adrift
Only now I see so clearly, why true acceptance is such a gift
I always thought I "got it",-each soul has the right to be unique
My Honey liked to play "dress up" and his secret I would keep
But it's only now that I do realize, It's only now that I can see.
That standing here before me, is her looking back at me
It's no longer what he's wearing. It really never was
It is only now I see her, in everything thing he does
All those things that I so treasure, that had stole my heart one day
The kindness and compassion, the gentle, loving way...
All these things I love about him, that soul that's bound with mine
Turns out belongs to her. She has been here all this time
It's her that has been in disguise. Not the other way around
When opening up both heart and mind, the truth is finally found
It is not he that wears her clothes, it is her that wears his skin
For the one the world sees on the outside, is not the one who lives within

Happy Anniversary, My Love
Thank you for for coming into my life
and showing me what "true love" really is...

“The Promise"

For My Gem, from Pattie Anne

Should it happen that I go first, I be the one who's sent ahead
Promise me not to drowned in sorrow or be over come with dread.
I make this promise here and now, for forever and today,
That I will never leave your side, I'll be just a breath away.
For after this life passes, and both time and age are gone,
This love forever will remain and together we shall go on.

If ever you should miss me and your days become dark and bleak.
Remember the promise that we made, the one we both intend to keep.
When the last sun sets upon this life and the fog comes rolling in.
Greet it with a smile, Love. It's just our time to start again.

I'll sit upon the bench and wait, until it's time to bring you home.
I'll be right there for you my love, you will never be alone.
And when time comes to close your eyes, I will whisper in your ear...
"Fear not, my love-come home with me, for I will not be hard to find."
I'll be there to hold your hand, when you take your final breath and assure your fading heart, I have not left you behind.

But for now let us not worry, about what that time will bring,
Let's just treasure every moment, until we hear those angles sing.
I am forever yours, my One, as you are forever mine.
Nothing will ever change that, not even death or waves of time.

Just to be free,
Just to be me...
Not alot to ask for, but so hard to find.
Free to make decisions, to make up my own mind.
But he will not let me go, he will not let me be..
All I want is to get away, how hard is that to see?
Why must I be a prisoner, of a heart I do not love?
Was this the plan for me, sent from up above?
Why can't he see, this love he feels, is not what's in my heart.
And no matter how much he wills this, our destiny's to part..
Just to be free..
Just to be me..

In Dreams

In the dark you come to me,
So close that I can feel you breathe.
I hear your voice, it makes me melt.
The feelings you stir, I've never felt..
The love I feel is beyond compare..
And without you, I can taste dispair.
It's as we've traveled oceans of time,
To find this love... yours and mine...
It's as you dwell within my soul,
You are what makes my being whole.
So come to me, when darkness falls.
For I'll be alone, when the morning calls.
I see you in the light of day,
And choke on words my heart longs to say.
But as I look into your eyes,
There is where my answer lies...
I see in you, all the things I feel.
And the hope to make it real...