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Poems by Twocups

Today was one of the hottest days of the year. Still, because the Summer is fast slipping by, we went to the zoo. There, two Grizzly bears were panting in the unbearable heat and humidity. One was in a small water tub, bobbing up and down. The other one, a toothless older bear, was outside the tub, looking on. Then the older bear nuzzled the bear in the tub, playfully bit its ear, and the two touched noses, as if in a kiss. It was a beautiful sight, to see such harmony between two great powerful bears. Sometimes it is good to spend some moments with animals... it seems as if sometimes, their spirit can speak to us. In moments of reflection, those spirits, can come to us, and help guide along our paths. This may sound silly, but in reflection, their spirits can become very real forces. I have heard of White Buffalo Woman on the medicine shield of "Seven Arrows" .. but today, I do not know for sure who the Woman was that I saw in a vision dream..She was a Medicine Woman of some kind, I know for sure.. perhaps it had something to do with these bears? In the vision, it is possible to talk to such spirits, and they will respond.. But what matter about me? What I would like to get across, is that you could go through your whole life never accessing these guides and spirit helpers who are always available to you... and I am not talking figuratively, or allegorically... This is a very real experience. In what ever form they take, as whatever works for you... I am just trying to get across that such things are very real and helpful experiences which may help any person in their life's journey.. They are hard to describe, but I believe, well worth the effort to discover... a resource many people do not even imagine as open to them.. Many would be ashamed or embarrassed to even mention such a world view. It is said that, "as up we grow, down we go" (..... we tend to forget the spirit world we come from, and how to access it. Perhaps, it exists in many forms, but I do know, that the natural world can offer much, if we allow our eyes to open to it.

Two Bears...
Their Kiss..
Falls upon each other.....
A caress, in the afternoon.
And as does Night then come..
So then, comes its embrace..
Where Bears become as Light..!
And Medicine Woman... walks.
Among the shadows of the mind..
The veil... pulls aside....
In moments between....
Wake and sleep.
Vision helpers........then turn to us...
And in the dream-time..... speak.

Like a Deer in the forest...
There and not there..
A shadow seen.. and then gone...
A flit of color.. hidden in the brush..
So are You, Beloved...
Hidden in all that I see.
Till I am weary...
And know not where You are.
In a still quiet place..
Sometimes You may be found.
Between the moments of time..
I may see You.....
Until illusion once again..
Covers my eyes....
In a Voice of Silence..
You may be heard..
And in each breath,
I may come to Know You.
But in all of this chase...
I am lost...
Subject to where You would lead me.
The mind that would know You..
Does not "Know".
The eye that would see You...
Does not "see".
And the Heart that would Love..
Seems not enough.
In all that I am.. I find...
I am nothing.
Lost in unknowing..
And yet, still... I Know.
Despite the dream.. I still... "Know"
As You hold me..
In the fleeting shadows of the forest..
As we play hide and seek...
In the dance...
Of one chasing the other.........
When I look to the side..
There, in an instant...
You show Yourself..
Of golden radiance, unbounded..
And then again...I know..
And we are together.
You draw me in..
And then push me away..
Until I am Yours..
And in pieces....
I Become.....the blossom of Bone.

copyright 2005 Twocups

It is like the tasting of fine wines...
Like the scent of fragrant flowers...
Or a sumptuous meal, kindly offered.
It is a fullness.. in the moment.
And it is nothing more..
Than just being with the One you love.......
Who fills you... with caress...
And for Whom,
The embrace becomes eternal.
You are filled with each breath..
And the hours of the day..
Are not enough to contain its joy.
In the beauty of this moment..
There is Peace.
And the terrors of the world, fade as dust.
Within this Center..
Stillness remains..
While the tempest....
About one, rages.
Who then, can withstand this draught...
But then dissolves...
And finds wings?

copyright 2005 Twocups2000

Still Points

It is like the tasting of fine wines...
Like the scent of fragrant flowers...
Or a sumptuous meal, kindly offered.
It is a fullness.. in the moment.
And it is nothing more..
Than just being with the One you love.......
Who fills you... with caress...
And for Whom,
The embrace becomes eternal.
You are filled with each breath..
And the hours of the day..
Are not enough to contain its joy.
In the beauty of this moment..
There is Peace.
And the terrors of the world, fade as dust.
Within this Center..
Stillness remains..
While the tempest....
About one, rages.
Who then, can withstand this draught...
But then dissolves...
And finds wings?

copyright 2005 Twocups


Leaves spin and toss
From every dusk to every dawn..
A thousand things to do.
Lila's dance..
A whirlwind turns.
As little ones sit and watch.
All things in their time, resolve.
Each grateful for their part.
Lila's dance..
Folds Joy into the Heart.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000

One stroke upon the other,
Until the image forms..
Beneath the hammer's blow..
The chisel cuts
As I am also born...
With images of the mind..
Which I would deny, but can not.
How hard it is..
To see fair creatures ..
Pass away....
Into dust and naught.
Those I have loved, are gone...
And those now I love..
Will soon pass.
Yet still,
Against remorse
There seems a promised Hope..
For all held in despair
Will also pass ...
Until only Truth remains..
Within the gentle heart..
This world, is undone.
In great Love, was it conceived...
And in Love,
Will it be.... remade.

copyright 2005 Twocups

Here is a song I once heard in an old Western movie.. but I only heard it once, so I had to try to remember/make up the lines..there are three stanzas. Even worse, I know little about music, so the suggested tune, is not so good, but kind of close. I had to sound it out on a keyboard.. Still, maybe someone out there knows this song??.. or what it was really supposed to sound like? It is in 4/4 time?,mostly /1/8 1/8 1/4 /I think, and please forgive the terrible music notation.. but you can play with it a bit, and find what works for you? I found it a nice song addressing certain situations ..so even though it is only half "made up'..it seems to have meant a lot to me at times.. and I hope it may bring comfort to some?

Oh if I had the wings of an Angel
/c d e/ e f g / f e f/ d /

Over these prison walls would I fly
/c d e/ f e d / e d c/ c

And run to the arms of my true Love
/c d/ e g f/ e d e/ c

In whose arms I would gladly lie.
/c d e/ f e d / e c

But I don't have the wings of an Angel.
Nor over these prison walls can I fly.
Nor can I run to the arms of my true Love
But behind prison walls must I die.

But then! I'll have the wings of an Angel!
And over these prison walls, WILL I fly!!!...
And run to the arms of my true Love..
In whose arms, I will forever, lie.

Of Friends Lost

If I were to hold you...
How would I know?
In the darkness of these hours..?
In the terror of this night?
I held you for a moment..
And then you were gone..
How I miss you..
Now lost, and out of sight.
Come then another day...
And meet me at the gate.
Come then, when life has
Passed us by..
And greet me by a lake....
Where death......... is but a lie.
Your gentle ways..
Meant so much to me..
Your presence helped me see..
Until we meet again, one day.. dear friend..
Where days.. will never end.

There comes a time when prayer becomes just like keeping company with someone... No words are said, nor requests made.. Sometimes it is like holding hands, or laying your head upon someones shoulder... Sometimes it is just a crying with no expectations whatsoever... Sometimes, if you find a scripture that speaks to you, just place it beneath your pillow, or hold it against your heart... and dissolve into it.. Sometimes, put your normal mind aside, as every bit of truth you press into you, had already been there since before the start of time.

I long for You in the Twilight.
How my heart sings at Your approach!
In the cool of the evening...
Do I long for You.
And in the heat of the day..
Do I burn as well.
I hold up my arms...
And cast away all that I have.
For nothing held, can be enough.
In the evening...
Or in the day...
You have raised this heart to a longing..
Nor can any other bring relief.
How can I so remain?
For in separation.... there seems only pain.
And pain again...
In the torture and delight of knowing You.
I long for you in the Twilight..
And cast my eyes upon Your garden..
Wondering where You are?
Yet it is this very pain..
Which brings me home...
And takes me to Your side.
In the evening...
Burning becomes a Light..
And Your Love... an evening star.

copyright2005 Twocups2000

Look into a mirror..
Try to see, who you are...
But if I were to question you..
Where would you look...
To search the truth of my intent?
Put questions and trickery aside..
Gaze instead, into the eyes.
There see.... a truth.... perhaps?
For no other part..
So close to the soul resides.
In looking, and how its done..
Is the gap from body, most easily overcome...
If love is not your cause..
Then look into another's eyes.... to transgress..
But if one learns to look within...
Then nature's double edge may surprise..
Then, let compassion...... be the guide..
For nothing is as it seems..
Beneath the layers of the dream.
Three things you must know:
Your eyes guard your secrets...
And through them you must pass..
To know your hidden truth.
And again.. your eyes are as Lila's dance..
With life, they move and pattern..
To your inner light and thought.
Quiet your eyes, oh dear one...
And mind follows suit.
Quiet your mind, and eyes.... will seldom move..
But alas, again...
Movement is their nature..... and special use.
Fix them upon a point... force them to stay..
And play a sage's game.
For as they remain, so do they move upon another
From outer world to inner world, do they course..
And with inner vision, all you know will change..
Look upon a mirror friend.... and what do you see...?
Before, you saw from without..
But now..Look within..
And find another polished glass..
To change, and see... what really is.

copyright 2005 twocups

Look into a mirror Part 2

Close your eyes... complete.
Let their shifting cease.
As fix-ed stones...
Stay the random dream.
So practiced...
Over and over..
At every chance..
Until you enter in
Add skill to placement's glance.. (1)
Who you are..
Are not what glass mirrors seem...
Nor can you... claim it as seen...
No-self is your conscious source.
From death of mind and body..
Does this exceed.
In four steps, make this winged path...
Close eyes..
Cease movement..
Watch mind...
Watch body..
Step into your Center...
Become Who you already are..
Be free...
Merge into.... the Golden Stream

(1) "placement's glance"..Once you change the nature of your vision, you can move your consiouness both inside and outside..By placing it with attention (glance) where needed, your touch can in compassion's service, help to heal . You have the ability to help and heal what is going wrong with the world around you, but you must enter into your center to do this.. the placement (focus/attention/consciousness/ comes from the center, and acts as witness. From this center you see your own body and others... and come to realize you are not just your present body... you are much much more than such an illusion.

Copyright 2005 Twocups2000


It seems so many times..
These wayward feet.. so often..
Fall astray..
Yet each time they wander..
And return..
They find... another day.
With Hope... are they bless-ed..
And filled with Joy...
When Beloved's kiss... makes known...
That for the thousand times they wander...
They are..... always welcomed home.

Copyright 2005 Twocups2000

Look into the Mirror part 3

Look into a Mirror...
Two sides of a coin...turn...
These... see... as One.
A puzzle each inside the other spins..
See objects general form..
No part or bit to grab..
Look upon the whole..
And in stillness... wade...
Until sight turns again..
Dissolving all...
So remain. (1)
Yet.. not grasping for any view..
Let each... the other be... become
Of views... aware...
Watch each fade... and reappear.
No single dream, is wholly true..
Inside.. find Self..
While outside.. forms unfold
But both.... are only One.. reflections.
Two sides of the spinning coin.. (2)
In their movement, become as One....
Within the stillness... of the eye (3)
Folding in and folding out...
Does awareness start to fly..
So weave life's blessed path..
Become.. in this world..
But not, of its cast.

(1) This is a form of practice that eventually is carried throughout the day...it affects perception and being.

2- What is being addressed is the balance of the dual and non dual coexisting..part of the puzzle of who/what we are.. creations of each other.. each using the other to expand... this, because Bliss can not be contained..and so, is expansive, without limit.. empty on one side, full on the other... contradictions to linear thought..and is why such experience is hard to describe or grasp with a normal conception...perhaps??? If you are two spirited, it may mean that you are starting to enter into the realization of the balance of the dual and non dual.. of apparently opposite energies, which are in fact, two faces of the same thing. That is perhaps one reason why being two spirited is part of a spiritual path...transition into another sort of "becoming"..of seeming "opposites".. but will you recognize it as such???? And even more importantly.. will you make the leap, or side step?..The void is scary... it threatens what the dream believes as true...back to Plato's cave analogy.

(3) Refers to both the use of the physical eye, as discussed in the previous poems, but also to the "Nous" in the Greek Orthodox reference... "the eye of the soul"... which leads to understanding (wisdom) as opposed to mere knowledge... and must be awakened. Similar analogies exist in other cultures as well. What matters, is that it is experienced, not talked about so much. ( The term "soul" refers to core nature, what character may become.. which is perhaps, no-self .. transcendent .. unlimited.. not the usual illusion of a separate intrinsic existence trying to impress everyone, basically equating ego with core nature...kind of a backwards logic..IE: It may be true that "Thou art That", but the terms "Thou" and "you" may not be of the same reference)

copyright 2005 twocups2000


When sometimes words are fumbled...
And nothing seems to work.
When the long hours of the day..
Wear on and on...and overwhelm...
I catch my breath, in You...
And hold.. to a moments thought..
These times seem so hard...
And dissolute...
But these times... in their need...
Bring me.... to your Heart.
So when this day.... is finally done..
Take this whithered hand..
And lead it to another dance..
Upon the golden sands.*

copyright2005 Twocups2000

Spanky 1988 - 2005

Nothing that truly exists..
Can ever cease to be.
Nothing that.... truly Is...
Can ever be apart....... or undone.
And so remains... and invites..
A joyous day.
Which brings us home..
Where death, does fall away,
And we....... embrace.... again.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000


Not just people...
But that...we are a people.
And not just as feelings...
But that we are a bonding..
And so exist...
In levels beyond our sight...
We Are... the Love that holds us...
And we are more...
In all that is...
We are as Light...
And as the breaking of the Day.
And we are as the Moon...
And the stillness of the night.
In all that is...
The branches of a thousand trees... entwine..
And in the weavings..
Are we cast.
But in Compassion...
Do we become.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000

Perhaps, if we are fortunate in life, life will not always treat us well, but may at times demand some kind of stretch to grapple with ridicule or some other misfortune? Perhaps such trials offer a space that we can enter, and gain some ground or insight? Perhaps we can use such unpleasant affairs to learn from, as a mirror of instruction? I enjoyed, the other day, listening to Sonia Choquette's CD, "Your Psychic Pathway"...how we handle energy, how it moves through us... and awareness... seem important lessons. Biased in my thinking, I believe that part of a good psychic's job.. or shamen's job for that matter... is to help people become aware of the ever present opportunity for direct access that is open to them... to "remember"... and awaken the eye of the soul. Who we are, and what lives through us...may well be to find the answers within, as a "still small voice".


Sometimes... when condescending glances
Drift my way..
With laughter meant to spit and sneer..
Or coldly demean..
I am reminded of the madness
Separation brings.
But when I turn to You....
And remember...
How Your kindness overflows..
With billowing locks of golden Sun...
And generous smiles of carefree play.
It is then that I Know...
How such goodness is the better way..
Whose warmth everlasting...
Does richly... bless...
The passing...... of the given day.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000


Oh daughter..
How I hold you in My Heart!.
Withing the mazes..
Of the scented garden...
How I delight..
In your moments..
And follow your path
With flowers.
In the Morning..
And in the Evening...
You are a delight...
And dearly loved.
A place is prepared for you..
And held safe...
Against the sands of time..
Hold then to your Truth..
And remember your way..
For you shall be delivered
Within the gentleness of your steps..
And within the radiance..
Of your Soul's golden eye.

copyright 2006 Twocups2000


I ask for a key..
But find it already given.
I ask for understanding...
But the language used..
Is a foreign tongue.
I ask for enlightenment..
But find only, a cloud of confusion...
Till what is known... is unknowing..
And in sadness.. all seems such vanity.
When I ask for You..
You send thorns and bitter fruit.
When I call to You..
You push me away until I am broken..
And then......... You pull me in....
With Your promises...
Till alas...I am as carded and spun wool..
And resign..
If I would have wealth..
Then send to me ashes.
If I would have Wisdom...
Send to me the darkness instead.
If I would have status and be revered..
Then make of me ... the lowest..
For in Nothingness.. do I find You.
And in Silence.. do I hear You..
And in Pain.. do I take flight..
And alight besides You...
For what in this, is lost?
In emptiness... I am not.
And into ashes.. do I dissolve..
Till Thou alone.. are enough...
And I , content.
For in despair... all seems forsaken.
And in sadness... all is mourned for..
But in Joy... in Joy..
Do I remember You...
And is this Illusion....... broken.

copyright 2006 Twocups 2000


If I would turn...
My heart around...
Would You be there...
Could You be found?

If I would turn...
From all that's dear...
Would You still be there..
For me to hear?

If I would turn
To Truth...from lies..
Would You stand by me...
When arrows fly?

Some day
Some way
Will we, forever..
Always be?

I keep on turning..... round and round...
With every turn..
I turn towards You.
If I keep turning..... round and round...
Will You be there..?
Will You be found..?

Some day
Some way
Will we forever..
Always be?

Until that time..
Then promise me...
As I keep turning...
Let me turn with thee..

One day
Some way..
I'll just keep on a turning..
Round and round..
And we, will always be...
And we, will always be.

God Bless,

copyright 2006 twocups2000


The moments we shared...
Seem not enough.
The hours of the day...apart..
Seem too long.
Each breath is as a keeping..
As they fold..
One upon the other..
In this cold.... gray Winter's day.
I long, for the coming Spring...
And Your return.
But in a heart's beat..
Suddenly...... I find You.
In the spaces between time..
I Remember...
You are there... again..
As in youth...
Always were You.... besides me.
Until the end of days..
So, are we joined.
And Love, overwhelms despair.

copyright 2006 Twocups2000

This Day

(written for someone's coming out)

This Day..
Is as a flower grows..
Each moment..
Bears its joy.
I would not be..
If I, could not become..
Nor hold to You..
Whose Blessed wings employ
To give me strength..
My dearest One..
And keep me to your path.
So, hold me to
Your gentler ways...
Till our two hearts..
As One.. be fast.
This Day...
Is as a flower grows..
But Night....
Eternal's sweet embrace....
Where flowers... ever last.

God Bless

copyright 2006 Twocups2000

The "Day" speaks of daily life... the "Night", of returning home.

When I am down

When I am down...
You raise me up.
When people scorn..
You block their darts.
When I turn towards You..
I am in Your Hands..
And in every breath..
I feel You close.......
And so, I come to Know
Your gentle Peace...
And with You..
.......Ever be.

copyright 2005 twocups2000

A Holiday Poem

Alas, all things..
Both come and go.
Like star's starlight,
In the night.
All things, my Love..
Are held, and pass..
And in a moments pleasure..
Seem not to last.
But as all things.. my Love..
Become... and fade away..
Before Your gentle Heart..
And in Your presence,
Would I stay...
Where all that is lost..
Is newly found..
Where all becomes as Naught..
And Naught, becomes unbound.
A thousand stars........
Circle round about..
Within this special night...
But Yours, my Love,
Changes our darkness... into Light.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000

There is a time

There is a time..
When tears are not enough.
Where Love..
So Blessed...
So overwhelms.. that Joy...
Pours forth a weeping..
And the Heart is carried...
As a leaf, upon a stream.
There is a time...
When wounds are undone..
And made whole and well again...
When the glow of health..
Shines forth...
From eyes surrendered....
Bright and burning .
There is a time..
When Lovers unite....
And become as One...
Each holding the other...
In Blessed Union..
As Light upon Light...
Till each dissolves into the other..
Till Joy becomes as Bliss...
And the Holy, unbounded..
And fills the cup...
And is, itself , enough.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000


Time, as gold..
The moment.... fleeting.
In a heart beat..
And dissolve...?
I call to You
And would be filled...
I sigh for embrace..
Hoping to find You...
But in this wandering...
I am as lost.... and in darkness..
Until You clothe me
In Your Light.
Till then...
I am in rags........
None other, but rags........ will do.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000

For a while...

We seem to walk apart..
For a while
Until another time?
For a while...
All seems so cold and dark...
Where life itself...does pine.
This barren journey...
Seems so forlorn..
Until I find You... by my side...
This journey... then becomes the dawn..
And You... the precious Sun that bides.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000


A Winter's sky..
Grey, with bands of silvered Sun..
Lies behind half naked trees.
Browns and Oranges become
Nature's salted cloak..
Wrapt in fallen leaves.
In the moments of the shimmering light..
Between the blowings of the breeze... (time)
Your beauty....... reaches out.. and overwhelms
As I ....... dissolve in Thee.

Copyright 2005 Twocups2000

Rose Petals

If I call to you...
Will you hear my cry?
In the hours of the storm...
Will you stay by my side?
If I call to you...
In the dark.. and alone..
Will you whisper into my ear?
Will you help...... guide me home?
If I call to you..
In the hours... filled with pain..
Will I find you standing there?
Would you even know my name?
A thousand rose petals upon the floor..
Are as my crys to you...
A thousand times you answer me..
And hold your love as true.
So.. if again.. to you... I call...
What then... shall I say..?
A thousand rose petals upon the floor...
Are as Your truth........ to all.

copyright 2005 Twocups2000

This came through today, and I put it down.. for what it is worth..Sometimes it is tempting to turn away..and try not to hear.. try to forget, but then there is so much suffering... This seems a world between heaven and hell. Why do Icons cry?


Though I call to You..
Will You hear me?
In the Darkness...
Will You become the Light?
Before me, there is deceit...
And men, are as stone.
The innocent are injured....
While pride rules the heart.
Before this..
I have no power..
But to call and wait..
For You....
Until another day.
Will the Sun rise... once again...?
Will the things of this world..
Come to pass...?
While I call and wait...
Will You hear my voice?
For I Know..
And You, Know as well.
And until then...
I wait.

copyright 2006 Twocups2000


Summer's passing...
Is like unto
Green Pines, White Clouds..
And Blue Skies...
Whose grandeur marks
The scented mountain air.
And in whose gurgle of mountain streams..
Black rocks are covered green...
Where open ponds shimmer silver..
In the Sun...
And where dragon flies
Dance their lacy wings.
Then, for a moment..
I remember You..
And would hold fast
To a greater Truth..
Than to the deceits of men.
Among the golden flowers
Of the forest floor..
You are all about.. a thousand jewels...
And I wonder why
I so easily forget
Your Presence in my heart?
For it seems..
There is no Peace without You, Dear One...
And all that is.. without You..
Is not.


I found this part of a letter I wrote years ago, stuck in the back of a sketch pad. It was to a beloved publisher, who is now long passed... and thought that before it gets lost, perhaps someone might get something out of it... who knows?:

"I thought that I would mention this to you, on the side. While at prayer, I guess that I fell asleep and heard something like a beautiful song in that dream. I really can not easily describe who was doing the "singing", but it was so moving that I tried to write down the words as best that I could. It went something like this:

It is because You have cared for me....
That I now know what love is.
It is because I have come to know your Peace....
That I would now, Yours, only be.
It is because I have come to love You....
that I now know who I am,
.....and that You have made a world for me..
....and all else desired,....... put aside.
I came to you uncertain, confused, and untrue,
and now I find, that there is only,
the simple love of You.
For in Your Presence I find such happiness...
...nothing else compares.
That I have come to sing these words,
....Your Love and Peace to share. "

It was a long time ago... an early poem of sorts..and I also mentioned in the letter that it was only vaguely what I heard.. kind of a translation..perhaps "the song of a soul to its Maker?" The words were sung in sort of a liquid light...hard to describe.. So what is the Truth of all of this?? Ah, but look within yourself, dear one..
... and listen... listen to Who you are.

copyright2006 Twocups

How would I know...
In these hours?
In these days?
When I call...
In the darkness?
When I call...
In old age?
A thousand times before...
You have always been there...
In the moment's need...
When all is fallen...
And all is broke...
Even then....
You are there...
And I ...
Never...... alone.
In this darkness....
And in this day...
You ARE...forever...
Besides me...

copyright 2006 Twocups2000

Let Go

Seems quite reverse..
Seems that, I...... cease to be.
An empty cup..
An open field..
A heartfelt "Yes!"....
Are so simple...
Yet so hard to do.
To let go...
And dissolve...
To make the leap...
And let the flames of madness... die...
Is but madness........to this fool.
And so... in folly...
Once again, I turn to You...
Knowing... Nothing is what I know...
And Nothing, is my lot...
How strange it is, this Nothing....that...
That which would be opened...
Must first.......... be let go.

copyright 2006 Twocups2000


Dave was going through an intersection, when a motorist ran a red light, and struck him. Among his injuries, both of his legs are broken in several places. His pelvis is broken. His head has two major fractures. He is now sedated in a respirator, clinging to life. So, if I ask you, please, for a prayer... would you be so kind as to say one for him? Thank you.

Be with us..
In this time of need.
When our bones...
Are broken.
When we bleed.
As we barely cling to life..
Be with us, as always...
Through this Night.
Let this darkness...
Turn to Light.
And in its time..
Let Earth's fair garden..
Be once again.......
Ever bright.

Dave Update

Thanks to all of you who have helped out with your prayers, please keep up the good work. Dave is making remarkable progress, and is off the respirator now, and has become conscious, (in and out at times) and able to speak a little.. even coherently. He is still pretty busted up...maybe he can try to walk in six months or so???.. I am hoping the "filter" they put into him, keeps the major blood clots away from his heart, as he will not be able to move for quite a while....This seems a time to hope and pray.. Each prayer is as a Light that ascends to Heaven...and each inspiration to pray, is as a Light that comes down from Heaven... along with its blessings....and so..is then Light upon Light....that in its foldings.... brings us to inner Life..

Thanks again,

Of a remembered friend

How I mourn your passing..
Whose golden days of gladness
Brought such sighs of joy........
To Summer's plaid array.
And whose evenings...
Wrapped in kind caress....
The ending of each day.
But now...
A cold, cold, casket...
Carries you away.
As I, in bitter dregs...
Am left behind.
Now sunny days..
Are all casted gray.
Now love itself..
Is turned to thorny barbs.
In days that such
Ill winds blow..
I still...... remember you....
And distant cherished dreams...
Where together..
Days would never end.
And death's illusion...
Falls away.
Till then...
Dear Love...
Abideth Faith and Hope..
And I..
With friend Patience....
Resigned, to wait.

copyright 2006 Twocups2000

The promise of pearls

Your gift is not fear...
Nor is it of shadow.
Your gift is not sadness...
Nor lack of hope.
But is, as a burning Sun..
You place into my heart.
Your gift is the Love..
You bring into me...
And is Life itself..
That springs into Joy.
It is through Your eyes..
That I now see..
In the thousand nights I stay with You...
No single night.... seems enough.
In each breath we share...
I know, You are close.
How will I need to remember You...
If You are always in the moment.. ?
So do lovers hold hands,
And never tire.
Your embrace is eternal...
Is Light emerging into Bliss...
How can I now run from You...
When You seduce me
With the oils of cedar..
And the promise of pearls?

copyright 2006 Twocups2000


That which is as dust...
Flies with the Wind...
Upon the heartbeat of the momemt...
Upon the breath of Presence.
That which is as Dust...
You make of me...
When I fall into Your arms...
When I seek Your promise.
In the fourth Watch....*
In all that appears...
I spin towards You.
How strange it is, Beloved...
That as I dissolve..
So becomes an open field?
Where with Passion and Embrace..
Is this dust, remade..
And in Your arms, again..
Does illusion, yield.

God Bless..

copyright 2006 Twocups2000

About Twocups

I have been posting poetry to the TG community for a couple of years, starting with the Love Letters of Lee Frances Heller, who passed away recently. Many of these poems, as the one below, are now on the TranSpirits@yahoogroups.com site. Some of the members there have said that they are helped by them.. that is why I write to you. If interested, please feel free to check them out, they are under the name: Twocups or Twocups2000 on that site. If you think any of these might be helpful to your wonderful web site, I would be happy to send them to you. Also, as I post poems, would it be alright to forward them to you as well?..if you could use them?...I do not charge for this in any way. Two magazines have asked to have them sent to them as I post to lists... I guess they are always looking for something to print?... I could add your e-mail address to the address list, as these poems are sent to various sites anyways.. Thank you again, for your web site, and the good work that you do.