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Transsexual, Transgender, and Teen Predators

by Laura Amato

Let's face it. Many people see Transgendered people as sexual objects. it doesn't matter if we see ourselves as such or not. There are admirers and sexual predators who are turned on by the very thought of us. Even under our own diversified Transgender umbrella there are a few of us who are more about sex than gender. Since we tend to be more sensitive and trusting on the average we often don't see what's coming. Transsexuals and Trangendered teens are especially vulnerable. It because puberty has betrayed us and we have the body of one gender and the mind of the other. Our orientation's are often in and out of flux between the two. Many of us will be confused until mind and body become one. How then can we be expected to know what's on someone elses mind? We may be thinking they're friends while they are thinking something else entirely. Think carefully what they could do to you if you give out your home address and phone number to them. Its a potential for a nightmare.

On this site 99% of us are supportive of each other. Intentions are good and most wouldn't dream of causing you harm. Many would make good friends. However what about that 1% who have alterior motives? Do you think you'd spot a predator easily? Don't bet on it.

Its common knowledge that some online are not who they say they are. As trangendered people we know how to hide our real selves to keep us from harm. This isn't our exclusive realm. There are many others with unsavory intentions who know how to do this as well.

Ask any experienced Transgender person and they can likley give you many stories they have heard, or know of first hand about victimization by other Transgendered people, or those who claim to be TG. I was a victim here of two former moderators who insisted on my phone number and address for business purposes. All was fine until a disagreement ensued and they were fired. Then they attempted to out me and others by publishing my personal info everywhere on the Internet as well as harrassing me with phone calls at all hours.

Never give out your home address or telphone number to anyone online. No moderator here is allowed to have this personal info or ask you for it under any circumstances. Neither may they give you theirs. If anyone asks you for this information on this site please report it to a moderator or to me immeadiatly. Anyone who asks a teen for this information or solicits sex will be reported to authorities. PMing a user with sexual language or suggestions will result in a permanent ban at the very least.

In several cases users did not want to tattle or get someone else in trouble. Little did the user know that the same predator was Pming several others including teens at the same time. If you don't want to protect yourself at least help us to protect others. Remember once you let a predator into your life they are difficult if not impossible to get rid of. You could be outed or worse, seriously hurt or killed. An angry Predator is very dangerous both to you and our community. Don't let them gain a foothold.

As Transgendered people we don't always protect our own safety. It's time we started doing so. We forget that therapy, treatment, friendship and relationships take time. We often want things to happen yesterday. Take your time. Predators are impatient too. if things don't move forward quickly they usually move on. A friend will certainly wait until you are more comfortable and certain so you can share.

We're a transgender support site not a dating site. There are many sites that encourage dating when you are ready. Above all remember to stay safe. The life you save could just be your own. Please be careful out there.

Yes we are a safe site. Eventually we find the predators (within less than 24 hours) in the transcripts. This takes time. However, until then please inform the moderators of violaters immediatly. You will be not only protecting yourself, but others on the site as well. Let's stick together and keep each other safe.