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Reparative Therapies for those who are LGBT Condemned

Reparative Therapies for those who are LGBT are condemned by therapists and Psychiatrist Associations. While it is supposed to turn Gays and Transgenders straight has caused grave harm to the psyches of vulnerable children and teens. A few claimed cures but after a few years some changed their minds.. Despite the fact that many states have outlawed this practice, a few Christian ministers have started it again. As one former Exodus minister advised one young man that he'd be better off to die then to offend God. How many young people committed suicide? Republicans are talking about starting these groups once again. .

Although The transgender Standards of care (SOC) has lessened therapy requirements for some It says that transgenderism is No longer considered a mental illness.

Laura's Playground still always supports that Transgender people should get some kind of Professional therapy if for even a little while. Some will use the therapists as their guide through their transition. In a world where changing one's gender is a life altering event It pays to have some help.


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