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Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexuals, Version 7

Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender-Nonconforming People, Version 7

It might interest you to know almost all transgender and transsexual people are born with their Gender Dysphoria. The Document above took many medical professionals plus Psychiatrists and therapists many years to come to the conclusion that we were BORN with it. That makes it a medical condition that can be created by Surgery.. Hateful pastors are NOT QUALIFIED to pass judgement on us, much less have parishioners rip us off our toilet seats and kill us. Anyone who needs to check the facts can follow this link. About James Dobson, another hateful pastor who says he loves Jesus.

Then there's this religious Christian pastor who cheered the gay killings in Orlando, Florida. Who could make this up? Excuse me but I thought Christians were supposed to love their fellow man and woman. Some years ago a man in "Exodus" a conversion group for gays told him he was better of to commit suicide than to live as a gay man. I think we're a little tired of the "Oh it's just a few bad apples." The facts are that these people are "Legion." Their cheers for the LGBT people who died are an "ABOMINATION". No child has ever been harmed in a bathroom from a Transgender person. They are there to do their business and get out, same as you. So why can't they Pee again where they can't get beaten? Sending someone presenting female to the men's room may send some to their doom or even death. Is that what you all want? These are Human beings who are just as good as those who think of themselves as Sanctimonious.

The SOC tells us that we are not mentally ill for being transgender. It also lists health saving information for all trans groups.


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