Transgender Mortality Rate

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Transgender Mortality Rate

Suicide, Medical, Violence
by Laura Amato

The transgender mortality rate includes not only the suicide rate but deaths due to medical issues and violence. In a survey here combined with suicide crisis transcripts over 50% of transsexuals had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday with some as young as age 7. Many had multiple attempts with one as many as 21 attempts. This is based on 78,800 suicide prevention online crises here over a five year period. These are actual numbers. Some esitmate the transgender suicide rate at between 31% to 50%.

Transgender mortality rates are difficult to estimate because families often don't report that there dead son or daughter was transgender. In addition deaths due to illegal hormone use and its complications aren't reported because they don't seek a doctor's help. Common problems are strokes, heart attacks, silicone injections and deep vein thrombosis. There are also thousands of cases of unreported violence leading to death.

Based on conversations with 9 million users and over 2 million emails I'd estimate the total Transgender mortality rate at between 60% to 70% and I'm being conservative here. This doesn't leave many of us left. Most of these deaths could be prevented with therapy and a doctor's visit. While the number of Transgendered is estimated between 1 and 3 million I feel the number is at least 3 times higher or between 8 and 10 million.