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The Transgender Umbrella

The public which sometimes reads this site calls us Transgender. To them we are all the same. from cd to ts. Nothing could be further from the truth . This site was created to combine those with Gender issues under one "Transgender Umbrella". These groups are Crossdressers. androgens, some Intersexxed, Transgenderists and Transsexuals. They are as different from each other as night and day. On the legacy site we have pages for each group. We include families and partners.

Transgenderists described by a Gender Therapist Gianna Israel. Who died in 2006. This is not a made up term. Few obtain therapy or an endocrinologist. It purports that a man presents female takes hormones to grow breasts. They may have facial feminization surgery and breast augmentation. Normally they prefer their original genitals. This group has to be very careful in self diagnosing themselves as transsexuals. If they obtain Gender reassignment surgery (GRS) and can't orgasm they revert to depression and suicide. In fact the death rate rivals the rate at which Transsexuals are suicidal BEFORE their surgery. After GRS real transsexuals have a ^.5 percent suicide rate

Transsexuals have feelings of being the opposite gender around ages 4 to 6 and their first memories. Their parents may tell you that .the child rejected their own gender before they could talk. Most will go through therapy, transition, take hormones grow breasts and develop the behavior of their chosen gender. They then have Laser or electrolysis to remove body and beard hair. Then the may have FFS and GRS .
Female to male transsexuals will go through therapy, take hormones grow muscles and body and facial hair and their voice deepens. Due to the imperfect bottom surgery for FTM's few go through it.

For those that don't know there is politics here. In 2004 when we started a crossdresser or transgenderist who asked a simple question at other sites were called names and showed the door. These people had done nothing wrong. In fact like others they were likely born to it as well as the rest. WE accept all people from the Transgender Umbrella. All need help not just an upturned nose at others. They consider inferior.



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