Are You a Transgenderist?

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Are You a Transgenderist?

by Laura Amato

A Transgenderist is a person who lives as a member of the opposite sex either fulltime or partime. Their original genitals are very important to them. Like a Transsexual, they may obtain electrolysis, (FFS) Facial Feminization, breast implants and take cross-sex hormones. Unlike a transsexual of course they will not "usually" obtain (GRS) Gender Reassignment surgery. "Shemales" are an example of Transgenderists but is usually a porn industry term and not respectful. Thai or Asian "Lady Boys" are also Transgenderists. There are (MTF) Male to Female and a very few (FTM) Female to Male Transgenderists.

Don't confuse FTM Transsexuals who don't get bottom surgery because techniques for them have not been perfected yet. Similarly Transsexuals who for health and other reasons don't obtain SRS are not included in this definition of Transgenderist.

Until very recently Transgenderists were treated badly by the medical industry and many in the (TS) Transsexual Community. This was brought on by a misconception that they were all potential sex workers. While this is true for some, it is not true for the majority. As a result many started to obtain their hormones and inject silicone illegally which became a death sentence for a lot of them. In addition many therapists would not deal with them causing them to keep emotional problems to themselves.

This has changed dramatically at least in the Medical Community. With saftey as a concern Doctors now prescribe hormones to Transgenderists in an effort to save lives. Hormones can have side effects and Thrombosis (blood clots) can lead to death even under a Physicians care. In addition there can be risks with Thyroid problems and liver disease. Finally the latest changes: HBIGDA (WPATH) Standards of Care address this need and now Transgenderists can obtain hormones with a prescription legally. Therapy is also recommended. If your Doctor still subscribes to the old standards show him/her the new ones. Its time all transgenders came in under the safety net.

Sometimes Gender can be very confusing for us. It wasn't long ago that the mere mention of sex or wanting to keep your genitals to a doctor, was a sure fire way to get you rejected for hormones. Many lied and set themselves up for (SRS) Sex Reassignment Surgery. This is a disaster for a Transgenderist since 30% of MTF's are not orgasmic after surgery. Such a mistake is lifelong and dramatically raises your risk for post-op suicide. Hopefully the new Standards will eliminate the temptation to do this. You just have to be honest to yourself and with your therapist. There is no shame in being a Transgenderist.

As a Transgender person you are part of the 31% suicide rate that we all face. Your problems are real and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Do yourself a favor and contact a Gender Therapist today. Only a therapist can diagnose you. If you consider yourself to be a Transsexual ask yourself if you could live without another orgasm for the rest of your life. If the answer is no, you may be a Transgenderist, and that's OK. Remember that surgery is very, very final. The life you save could be your own even by not having it in some cases. If you consider yourself to have "Autogynephilia", consider that you could be a Transgenderist. Only a Therapist should determine this.

Here at Laura's Playground you are welcome and supported. There is even a Transgenderist chat room. Join us today.