Transsexuals of the Future

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Transsexuals of the Future

by Laura Amato

If you're a transsexual you're probably pretty good at dreaming. I mean dreaming is what we do best. We know exactly what body we want and we dream lustfully of obtaining it. Sure we do the hormones and the tummy tucks and the liposuction, the facial surgery, hair-transplants and even the genital surgery. Yet we can't get rid of the large hands and shoulders or the hips in the case of some Ftm's. So finally we're passable, but is it really what we want to look like?

Enter James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship, Enterprise. In a very old episode in the original series Dr. Janice Lester who hates her own female body gets even with James Kirk by swapping minds with him. Its a classic body swap. While Janice is happy with the changes, James is not. Don't worry Captain Kirk gets his body back at the end of the episode just like you knew he would. The hero always wins.

So think about it. Could mind swapping or body parts swapping be possible in say one hundred years? Think of the money you'd save On SRS (sex reassignment surgery). So if your an FTM (female to male) you just find an MTF (male to female) and do the old swaperoo.

You just go to the Internet Site "Mind Swap, Your Brains, Our Bodies", log in and for $99.95 (visa or mastercard accepted) you get to pick from the body model you want, put on the Internet transfer helmet and push the enter key. Now hopefully the picture matches your new body. Otherwise you could end up looking like Frankenstein the monster or Brunhilda the prison guard. Worse yet you could end up clicking on the pop-up Pizza ad and Poof you're a cheese Pizza with anchovies ..Yeech.

Now comes the tricky part. Since you are now halfway across the country and your old body is still at your computer with someone else's mind. There are all kinds of interesting possibilities.

So you're at the airline counter trying to fly back home when you realize you left your wallet and credit cards on your other body. So you call home and explain to your SO (Significant Other) what happened. She laughs and explains that's Impossible because you (your old body) is still sitting at the computer where she left you. Besides she adds the person in the computer chair is much nicer to her than you ever were, so, have a nice life.

As you leave the airport strutting your stuff you happen to see several people outside all with signs taped to themselves "Body For Sale, Inquire Within".