Untreated Transsexuals

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Untreated Transsexuals

Life is Hell
by Laura Amato

What is life like for the untreated older Transsexual? After all most have known since they were 4 or 5 years old that they were in the wrong body. Many made their feelings known at the time but were ignored and dismissed as going through a phase. Isn't it strange then that many are still going through this phase years later in their 50's, 60's and seventies when "epipahanies" often strike. What happened to those earlier feelings and how were their lives affected? What happens when one is forced into the closet being forced to become someone else other than themselves.

First, many didn't make it and are no longer alive dispatched by their own hand in painful suicides by their 20th birthday. Often parents didn't even know why. Those who didn't die learned quickly as children to hide who they were creating a second persona. Some over-compensated in their born gender doing anything to hide themselves from the cruelty of other children.

For transsexuals surviving puberty was a crap shoot. What woman wouldn't freak out at growing male body hair or sporting an erection as softness gives way to muscle. For me a deepening voice change caused my second suicide attempt. Some tranwomen cut their genitals and transmen cut their breasts in mutilating fashion in their teenage years. Most parents remain unaware. While Shock therapy at the time wasn't recommended for children back then this painful practice was used in extreme cases. This happened to many of our members here years ago. "What gender are you?" ZAP! Is it any wonder successes with this method were claimed?

Those that made it beyond their teen years by this time were not their "True selves" shoving their Gender Dysphoria back in the dark corners of their minds. They married and joined the army trying to fit in. Many had several failed marriages hoping that that would cure them. Is wanting to be the person you're with attraction? No!

Then one day the "epiphany" strikes when you finally realize your true nature. However by this time puberty has already taken it's toll. Male bones have grown and will never be mistaken for female ones. Voices have changed and beards have emerged. Transmen have grown breasts which must be removed. Hormone blockers given at age ten would have helped stemmed the tide of wrong body puberty. Transmen and Transwomen would have blended in easier. All this would have been prevented with one visit to a Gender Therapist. Most don't realize that this is an inborn condition. It isn't parents faults. It's natures. It's a medical matter not a religious one. With 50% of transsexuals having at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday therapy is the least one can do.

The sad part is that almost all older transsexuals could have avoided miserable lives and suicide attempts if they were treated back when their symptoms first appeared at age 4 or 5. Treatment for the child transsexual is still fairly new. The American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have only just recently accepted The Wpath Standards of Care as the preferred treatment for transgender people. Shock treatment for transsexuals and Gays is no longer used.

The problems of the transgender community can be solved with simple "EARLY TREATMENT". This will avoid suicides and hellish lives for many. Our members prove that supression of ones true self doesn't work. If anything it makes matters worse. It is my hope that early treatment today will make the untreated Transsexuals in their 50's and 60's a thing of the past. If we treat them today when they are kids they will be the well balanced and adjusted by the time that they are that age. Better yet they'll have been themselves for an entire lifetime.