War, Hate, and the Christian Right

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War, Hate, and the Christian Right

vs. Gays and Transsexuals
by Laura Amato

If you are gay or transsexual you understand what hate crimes are. In fact you may have been a victim yourself especially if you are out of the closet. As members of the (LGBT) Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender alliance we are all the potential victims of a hate war. This war is a no holds barred, take no prisoners campaign. Unfortunately the casualties are all on one side, ours. Where did this war come from? One need to look no farther than the Christian right and most organized religions.

Wait a minute. How can this be? Most religions are based on love aren't they? Well that's what they preach isn't it? Why are gays and transsexuals excluded from their golden rule? What terrible thing did we do? Quite simply, we were born. The clergy teaches that being gay or transsexual is an evil lifestyle choice, an abomination. They claim that there is no evidence to the contrary to show that, indeed it is not an act of nature. They are wrong. There is plenty of scientific evidence to the contrary.

Actually you can trace this all back to a man named Leviticus. In fact most religions use his writings to prove their point. What is interesting as you read his words is that a sane person has to wonder about this man's sanity. His weapon of choice is public stoning that still continues in some country's to this very day. Did you know that a married man could be stoned for touching the bed if his wife was meunstrating? That would put half of today's men to death. They dropped that one but its written and still in the Bible. This puzzels me. Why are some Biblical laws followed while others or not? I'd love to see a Psychiatrists analysis of Leviticus' writings. Is he sane or merely a Schizophrenic who heard voices? His punishments in the name of God seem to be the acts of a homicidal maniac, not a man of God. The whole book seems to be a diatribe of hate for everyone except Leviticus. One wonders if anyone in his family was left alive. It did solve the problem though of what to do with a wife you were tired of. Just stone her for something. After all Leviticus said so, even if he was off of his medication. It wouldn't be the first time the masses followed an insane man with an angry crowd out for blood.

Since Leviticus claimed that We were abominations the world hasn't been safe for us. Almost daily gay and transgendered bars are burned or damaged and patrons attacked, gay couples harrassed and housing and employment difficult to obtain. Even murder of gays and transsexuals seems to be almost acceptable. Our list of dead is far too long. Heaven help those who want to make a civil declaration of committment and love to a person of the same gender. I wasn't aware that Leviticus wrote our Constitution. Some preachers though don't understand what seperation of church and state means. Civil marraige is not religous marraige.

Contrary to religous doctrine though there have been many medical advances and new studies done since the mad stoner wrote his book of the bible. These studies show that being gay or transgendered is an inborn manafestation of nature, not nurture. So its NOT unnatural to be Gay or Transsexual. Maybe the Polar Bears and fish in the rivers are abominations too for changing sex. Sex changing fish. There actually are gay animals as well. These are all products of nature, not nurture. So if its nature and a byproduct of birth and genetics, what are the hate mongers screaming about. Only a moron would fault someone with a birth defect. No, its not Gods fault it is natures. It is not a voluntary behavior. It is built in.

The Catholic Church says that there is no proof that gays or transsexuals are natural. Will that change your minds? Of course not. I don't know about you but I think its more logical to conclude that scientific studies are more credebal than a stone throwing lunatic, and Phil, Jerry and Pat combined. Hopefully they don't touch the marital bed at that time of month. "He who lives in glass house shouldn't throw stones". or "He who is without sin should cast the first stone".

Proof or not the debate will continue. Religions will continue to incite riots over the issue. Their flocks will in the meantime will feel justified to harrass, threaten, discrimainate, maim and even kill those of us who committed no other offense than to be born. Like it or not we are human beings too subject to God's love. "Love one another as you would have them love you". God, forbid, this should happen to you or one of your children. No one asks or wants to be this way. Who would choose this?

Any preacher who teaches that we are abominations thus worthy of wrath, risks perpetuating violence, discrimination, harrassment and death on us. Is a preacher who advocates suicide bombers really any different? Are they not responsible for what happens as a result of what they teach? Of course they are. If statistics were kept from Leviticus time until the present on the number of deaths caused by inspired religous zealots throughout history. The numbers would be staggering. It would likley be in the billions. If laws held preachers accountable these numbers would take a nose dive.